The Samsung Galaxy A 2020 already have a presentation date

For many years we have been seeing how Chinese manufacturers have increased market share in many countries. Others, such as Samsung or Apple, have designed different strategies to deal with that.

The Korean manufacturer's was boost the Galaxy A, that at the end of last year it was known that they were going to become the spearhead of the firm in terms of innovation. In fact, they absorbed the Galaxy J.

In 2019 we have seen how the Galaxy A have been the most visible of the brand. It is not that the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note has been neglected, but it is true that advertising, marketing effort and other aspects have been more placed in the mid-range than in the high.

The Samsung Galaxy A2020 will be announced shortly

That is why when Samsung has announced that there is a presentation date of the new models of this family, we have noted the date on the calendar.

It was the Vietnam subsidiary that published that day December 12thTwo days after the presentation of the Redmi K30 in China, the models of this family will be made public. Well, we know that some will be announced, but not which ones.

In the video a brief review of the latest Samsung mid-range models is made and in the end we can see a silhouette that suggests that the new models will have a front camera cut in the central part of the screen, as seen on the Galaxy Note and how it is expected to have the Galaxy S11.

Galaxy A71, Galaxy A51 …

The Samsung Galaxy A 2020 already have a presentation date

At least there are two models that we assume will be presented that day, the Galaxy A71 and the A51, devices that have been filtered quite completely, and that fit with what is shown in the video. Both are mid-range smartphones and use a new design line, which until now we have only seen in the Samsung Galaxy M30s.

In addition, this family is expected to expand with several more models, such as the Galaxy A91, Galaxy A21, Galaxy A31, Galaxy A61 and Galaxy A81. Of course, it would be strange to see them all announced at once.