This application to make GIFs is amazing: and you will be the protagonist!

When Google publishes the listings with the best applications of the year, we often run the risk of reading it above and not looking deeply at what each application does. But when we do we find jewelry like this application to make GIFs.

Morphin It is a simple app that allows us to become the protagonists of the most famous GIFs in the world. An example is enough:

As you can see, the result is improvable but good enough to want to send the final GIF to a friend or upload it on social networks.

How Morphin works

This application has an extraordinarily simple operation. When we boot it the system asks us, in a conversation that mimics a chat, that we take a photo similar to what we would do for a passport. That is, neutral face, white background, good light …

Once we do the system will make us a figure created in 3D which can be animated to replace the protagonist of a GIF. And if we want to repeat it, or make one of our friends, we can do it in the settings section of the app.

Once we have taken the photo we simply have to choose the GIF we want, and wait for the process to finish. Here is the only drawback and is that a moderately powerful mobile is needed. The process takes a few seconds and to make the wait more enjoyable, the application shows us assumptions related to the movie, program or series from which the original GIF comes.

When the system ends, it offers us a quite acceptable result of that same GIF but starring us. We can download it on our mobile or send it by any of the applications we have installed. And before that, if we want, we can put a short text to get a full-fledged meme.

Watch video

The resolution of the GIF is not especially high (it is always 420 px wide and the height that corresponds to each scene). Of course, in return does not take up too much, something that is appreciated when sharing.

Morphin is a free app that has no in-app purchases, no advertising or even a watermark. You have to try it even to have a laugh with friends.

Morphin – CGI GIF Maker & Editor


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