VLC is updated and improves its design on mobile and Android TV

VLC is since its launch one of the media players to recommend. Whether on the computer, mobile or Android TV, it is one of the greatest successes of free software, both in features and in software quality.

The application continues to receive news, and this time version 3.2 brings major design changes for Android TV, but also offers some improvements for the mobile application, especially with the consumption of music.

VLC 3.2 for Android: new Android TV menu and several improvements


The most important change in VLC version 3.2 is on Android TV, including a new file selection menu, which will also indicate the music that is playing if we have active music playback.


The multimedia library not only improves, but it is also integrated with the Android TV voice search engine. This means that through voice commands we can open files that are in VLC, appearing in the main window.


The multimedia playback menu has also improved on Android, showing a more careful design.


But where we can see most of the improvements is in the music player, which in addition to improving its interface has also drastically improved that of the sound equalizer itself.

Something that catches our attention about the VLC music player is that It reminds us a lot in appearance to Google Play Music (saving distances), something that might be appreciated if we consider that Google plans to get rid of that application.

Otherwise, version 3.2 of VLC It should already be displayed in the Google Play Store, although you may have to wait a few hours for that version to be deployed. If you still did not know VLC and you are looking for a quality and completely free Android player (for music or video), we recommend you install it now.