will be the first with Snapdragon 865

At the moment Qualcomm is presenting the most important processors that will launch during 2020, the Snapdragon 765 and 865. The latter is destined to be among the best Android phones of the year, and little by little we will see mobile phones that integrate it.

Xiaomi has had the honor to make its next flagship official during the Qualcomm event. His name is Mi 10, something we already expected but is finally official. The company has not given many details about the mobile, beyond the name and date of presentation.

Xiaomi makes the Xiaomi Mi 10 official and many more interesting data

In recent months Xiaomi has managed to become the fourth brand of smartphones globally. Part of that achievement comes from a consistent career launching mobile phones with a great relationship between features and price.

In the presentation of the Snapdragon 865, it was Lin Bin himself, co-founder and vice president of Xiaomi who has left some interesting facts about his good relationship with Qualcomm and the future of the company.

A key point in which they have influenced, is that for Qualcomm, Xiaomi has already become its most important partner, having distributed 427 million Xiaomi phones with Snapdragon.

Xiaomi has made memory, indicating that since its first flagship, all its models have used the best Qualcomm processor available, and that the future will not be an exception. Without a doubt a great show of commitment between both brands.

And because of this, the company has made the Xiaomi Mi 10 official, a mobile that they have not wanted to reveal many details. We only know that it will be the first mobile with Snapdragon 865 processor and that it will be presented during the first quarter of 2020, probably in the Mobile World Congress.

10 mobile phones with 5G by 2020

Are you also tired of Xiaomi presenting too many phones? Well, in Xiaomi they think they can present mobiles more frequently, and they plan to launch more than 10 mobiles with 5G during 2020.

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