you can now use any launcher

As a user of a Google Pixel I am usually happy with the Google update policy, but nevertheless there is a theme that in the last two versions of Android had been bothering me a lot, and it was Google's obsession because we used yes or if the Pixel Launcher.

Yes, it is a launcher that is not bad, but the option to customize my home screen to the maximum is one of my favorite features of Android. While Google still does not give all the love it deserves, at least the gestures of Android 10 do not force you to use the Pixel Launcher by obligation.

December update fixes Android 10 gestures

Google seems to have an obsession with users of a Pixel using the official launcher, or at least that is what the facts make us think. With Android 9 they created a system with a dock and shortcuts that we loved, but it only worked with this launcher. With Android 10 they introduced a new gesture navigation system, which only worked with the Google home screen again.

Pixel Launcher

These facts have only pissed off many Android enthusiasts who are forced to use the Google home screen if they wanted to access the new system. At first we thought it was a problem of the beta versions, but last September 3 the official version arrived and it was still not fixed.

In the same way that the problem of Android 9 with multitasking was never corrected, many already assumed that, although Google promised to fix it, it would end up disregarding. Fortunately it has not been so, and that is that a few weeks ago they solved the error in Pixel 4, while with the December security patch they have applied the correction to all Pixel phones. I can finally use the gestures of Android 10 and Nova Launcher without having to choose between them.

A concern that comes to mind is what will happen with the rest of mobile phones that update to Android 10. In my case I have performed tests with a Galaxy S10 + with which it is not possible to use native gestures with home screens that are not the default ones. In the case of a OnePlus 7T Pro that we have also checked, here it is possible to have a launcher and the gestures of Android 10, but the behavior does not seem to be completely polished.