Distractionless Mode comes to Android 9 and Android 10 officially

Digital Wellness has been incorporating new features over the months, for a more complete use of the application on Android. The so-called Focus Mode was launched in August (Mode without distractions) to the application in beta form. This mode now leaves the beta and is officially launched for all users. It will help us to work without distractions on the phone.

This Focus Mode on Digital Wellness It is designed to optimize the use of the phone, oriented to productivity, therefore. It will help us to focus on the most important tasks at all times, avoiding falling into distractions.

Goodbye to distractions

This Digital Wellness Focus Mode will allow let's pause or stop applications on Android, making us focus on a specific task at a given time. It is allowed to choose which applications we consider a distraction (games, social networks, messaging, etc.) and then during the time that this mode is activated, these applications are inaccessible, as if they were blocked. A function that reminds others like the Do Not Disturb Mode, for example.

Also, for as long as the mode is active, we will not receive notifications of these applications. We can use the phone without any distraction therefore focusing on that task that is important at a given time. During these months the beta has worked on new functions for this mode, which have arrived with its release now.


Source: Digital Trends

The possibility of programming this mode in Digital Wellbeing is introduced automatically, very convenient to use on a day-to-day basis, such as when we are at work, for example. The possibility of taking a break, which lets you leave this Focus Mode for a while. In addition, if you have finished your tasks ahead of time, it is allowed to unlock this mode ahead of time and thus use all mobile applications.

Set the Distraction Mode in Digital Wellbeing


In order to use this function we will have to set it up first to our liking on Android. It has already been launched for users, so in principle if you have Digital Wellbeing on your phone, you should be able to use this feature. To configure it, the steps to follow are:

  • Enter the settings of your phone.
  • Access Digital Wellbeing and parental control.
  • Find the No Distractions Mode.
  • Enter this option.
  • Choose which applications you want to block when it is active.
  • Set when to use this mode.
  • Click on accept.

Once established, the No Distractions Mode will take effect on the specified times and dates. At that time it will not be possible to use the applications that we have blocked, so we are going to focus on our most important tasks on Android, avoiding distractions. This function is already launched for users with Android 10 and also for those with Android 9 Pie. This update is already being deployed, so you may not have it available yet.