Free movie streaming with ads in Plex for Android

In an unexpected movement we have seen how a video service that seemed to stay away from the current trend of mass streaming has wanted to make the leap in a way we had not seen so far. Plex de facto becomes a free video streaming platform.

An important movement, but contained

Given the current war that exists in terms of investment and growth among giants such as Netflix, Amazon or Disney, among others, it is striking that Plex has managed to close an agreement with the distributors of many films to allow them to stream their titles to Advertising change somewhat away from your traditional business model.

This model, so common in free television, seemed to have been relieved by the monthly payment in the form of a subscription.

Of course, let's face it, Plex currently has a rather poor catalog in which known proposals are referred to, although there are some classic films such as Terminator.

An application that works well, but is slow

We have updated the application and have been using the movie service that skipped us a few hours ago.

The interface is the same as the application had before, but in the right side menu we will have a new section called Movies & TV. That's where the movies we can watch for free are, although sometimes ads will appear.

In my experience this has not been a problem. In fact they have not always appeared but I have had to wait a bit since I pressed the Play button until the movie started.

Chromecast compatible, with a but

Since Plex is an application compatible with Chromecast, it should be noted that it is not with integrated devices. That is, I have been able to send the movie to any of the Google devices that I have, even to some sound Chromecast integrated in an LG speaker, but not to an Android TV or a decoder, both with integrated Chroemcast.

For now it is not in Spanish

But the biggest drawback of this service, today, is that does not have content in Spanish nor does it have subtitles, although perhaps it is something that is gradually being solved. Especially since if the economic model of free streaming with ads consolidates and is profitable, Plex will not be the only one to do so.