Google Assistant will show you vegan or gluten-free recipes

One of the biggest differences between smart speakers and smart speakers with display is the latter's greatest utility for certain tasks. The most obvious are the ones that involve watching videos since, as is logical in the former, we cannot.

But there are other occasions when the screens are practical. One of them is in the kitchen, when we are following a recipe.

We already tell you that smart speakers are very practical in this room of the house but those that have a screen even more, for topics like this. On models such as the Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, some of Lenovo and more, the recommended recipes can be filtered.

Filtering the recipes according to our tastes

Today the Google assistant begins to receive an update that improves the recipes it offers us.

As we see in Android Police, some users are getting a new section in the Google assistant in which we can establish what type of recipes we want to appear when we ask for one.

Google Assistant will show you vegan or gluten-free recipes

What the smart assistant will do is search its database and give us only those that match our criteria. For now we will have three options:

  • Without gluten.
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

It will also affect Google Maps

As indicated in the Google Assistant section, this choice will also apply to other Google services such as Google Maps, so it may affect restaurant search results in this application.

For now this novelty has not reached everyone. We have checked it on several accounts and have not yet seen it. It will be necessary to see if it is something that is put into operation at international level or, as in other cases, is first in some countries like the United States.

And if we want more recipes of this type, you can always go to Cocinillas, which has a section exclusively dedicated to this.

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