Monopoly for Android can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store

As smartphones have become popular, games have become more and more common. That has taken time for other games, such as table games. This does not imply that they are contradictory ideas, as evidenced by Monopoly for Android, a title that has come out today in the Google apps and games store.

Classic game or online game

Surely you all know how to play Monopoly, looking to buy the boxes where you fall and then charge the rest of the players. This is possible in Monopoly for Android, playing offline with up to three more people in the same room, in the classic way.

However, if we want we can play online so we don't need to gather a group of friends every time we want to play. For this we have the possibility to play online, against other players or against the machine, so that we can even play by ourselves, something that was not possible in the classic game.

A quick start option

One of the main disadvantages of the original game was that we needed a lot of time. That is no longer mandatory as a new fast game mode has been implemented, which will allow us to play more casual games.

The limit of these games is 1 hour and the end is reached when a player goes bankrupt the first time. Also, construction is faster and we spend less time in jail when we fall into that damn box.

A paid game, without advertising

One of the things that is sure for many potential players is that it is a paid game, and not exactly cheap by Android standards: 4.49 euros. However, if we are going to enjoy the long classic games in Monopoly, it sure compensates.