These have been the best brands

The smart watch market has been unimportant for years, but lately it is starting to grow at a dizzying pace. This is confirmed by the latest study by Canalys, where they have analyzed the smart watch market during the third quarter of 2019, observing a growth of 65 over the same period last year.

In addition to analyzing market trends, we can also see which have been the most important brands of smart watches during this period. We tell you what they have been and what they have to make them special.

Smart watches continue to grow: 45 million units this quarter

The smart watch market has been slow to take off, but it seems that it is finally taking hold. As Canalys latest report shows, during the third quarter of 2019, 45 million smart watches / activity wristbands were sold worldwide, 65 more than the 27.6 million sold during the third quarter of 2018. Specifically in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) a total of 10.3 million units were sold.

And what have been the main protagonists of this boom in sales? This is the top 4:

  1. Xiaomi: 27 market share (approximately 12.5 million units).
  2. Manzana: 15 market share (6.75 million units approximately).
  3. Huawei: 13 market share (5.85 million units approximately).
  4. Fitbit: 8 market share (approximately 3.6 million units).
  5. Samsung: 6 market share (2.7 million units approximately).

Xiaomi's domain

New improvement for the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4: fund customization

It is very difficult to ignore the success of Xiaomi in the wearable sector, and that is that products like the Mi Band arrived at the right time, with the basic functions that many asked for at a price that is really low.

If we consider that many users did not want wearables for its high price or low battery but if they valued the functions, the success of this product (which is already in its fourth generation) came alone. Perhaps the best Xiaomi product in the right context.

Apple Watch: King in Benefits

For a while Apple was a market leader, until it was advanced by Xiaomi, and everything indicates that, in number of sales, it will be advanced soon by Huawei. The reason is more than obvious, and the Apple Watch is a product focused on offering the highest possible quality at the price that is necessary.

However, that is losing market share it also doesn't seem to be a problem for Apple, since they are selling a huge amount of watches at a very high profit margin, something that they will continue to maintain as long as they can continue to innovate in the field of health.

The Huawei Watch GT have been a success

Huawei has been in the smart watch market since the beginning of Android Wear (in fact, the original Huawei Watch of 2015 was my first smart watch), but it has not been until they have developed their own operating system that they have made a leap of quality in sales.

Huawei watches are not that they are the most complete in functions, but they have added a great health tracking system in a watch that feels very elegant at an intermediate price. We are looking forward to seeing what he is capable of.

Fitbit in difficulties will it improve with Google?

Fitbit is a pioneer brand in the sector, and although as a company it is not going through its best moment, it has managed to maintain a decent fourth place. Products like the Versa have worked very well, although at the moment we do not know what the future of the company will be since it will be bought by Google.

Samsung keeps its constant

Samsung was another of the big companies that bet on Android Wear, although it was also the first to leave the ship to achieve a perfect integration between hardware and software, looking for the same success that Apple achieved with the Apple Watch, but in the Android ecosystem.

Samsung has some wearable affordable, but their most important watches usually bet on a more sector premium, with high quality products that gradually offer a better experience, such as the Galaxy Watch Active 2.