These are the six mobiles that have marked the year 2019

Once the year is over, we wanted to compile the models that have most influenced the sector in recent months, for various reasons. We have made two selections based on whether the impact has been massive or if it has been relevant to the sector or to its parent company.

The first three have been very relevant models, which many of you will have. The last three are terminals that we believe will mark how 2020 will be in different aspects.

Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung changed its policy with the Galaxy A at the beginning of the year, and since then the company has introduced several models. The one we have chosen for this article is the one we think is more balanced, the Samsung Galaxy A50.

Samsung has managed to make its mid-range direct competition from Chinese manufacturers, and that didn't seem easy. And in 2020 we will see more movements in this regard.