How to know which apps play content in a floating window

In the most recent versions of Android there have been some functions of great interest to users, such as the PiP (Picture in Picture) mode, which allows use a floating window on the screen, so that we can use a second application, while the main one remains open on the screen. A feature that enjoys popularity in the operating system since its arrival in Android 8.0.

Especially when watching videos, this floating window that is used in PiP mode is useful, although the utilities are many in this case. Although it is a popular option, not all applications on the phone have compatibility With this mode. How can we know which ones are compatible?

When it comes to knowing what are the applications on our Android phone that have such compatibility we will not have to do much. This is something that we can check in the settings themselves Of the device. We will not have to resort to third-party applications to find out, so it is especially convenient.

See which applications have access to floating window

For users on Android it is confusing to know what applications are those that have access to said floating window. In some cases we can intuit that certain applications are compatible, but beforehand, unless it has been announced as in some cases, we do not know if that application is compatible or not. Luckily, the way to verify this is really simple. We are just going to have to follow these steps:

  • Open the settings of your Android phone.
  • Enter the applications section.
  • Enter Applications
  • Click on the three vertical dots to display the menu.
  • Click on the Special Access option.
  • Choose the option Image in Image in said list.
  • This is the list of applications that have access to the floating window.

In principle, that an application is in this list It does not guarantee that this PiP mode will work with the same. This is something we have seen in the past already, because some applications only support it in certain versions of the operating system. While in other applications it is limited depending on the region.

Luckily, these limitations have been significantly reduced over time. So if an application appears in this list, it is because we can make use of this floating window option with the same. Either to play YouTube videos in one of these floating windows or to have Google Maps with the navigation mode in one. A function that we can get a lot out of on our Android phone.