How to recover a deleted Google account

The Google account is something essential to be able to use the many services and applications of the company, essential in an Android phone, therefore. You might have several accounts open or at a certain time decide to delete that account you use. After a while, you regret your decision. Is it possible to recover that account?

We can recover a Google account that we have deleted. We may have remembered that it is the account in which we receive certain emails or have something of importance there. There is a process that allows us to recover said account, although we will have to prove that we have owned it.

Recover Google Account

Although we have deleted a Google account, there is always the possibility of recovering it. Keep in mind that the time that has elapsed since we deleted that account is decisive. If a short time has passed, we will most likely be able to recover the account and its contents without problems, returning everything to the original state.

On the other hand, if enough time has passed, like a few months, it is possible that the content stored in the account is not recoverable. It is a real risk, which increases as time goes by since we delete the account. So if you were thinking of recovering your account, it is best to allow as little time as possible to reduce the chances of losing data or content stored in it.

Recovery assistant

To facilitate this process, there is the account recovery wizard, a tool with which to recover your Google account. In this wizard we will have to follow a series of steps to be able to access the account again. The steps we have to follow are the following:

  • Enter the recovery wizard, in this link.
  • Enter the name of the Google account to recover in this case.
  • Answer the questions asked by the assistant to confirm that you were the owner of this account.
  • Log in to the account using the last password you used.

It is advisable to perform these steps in it computer you normally used to log in in that account, using the main browser. Most of the questions asked are related to the activity of the account, such as the creation date, a recovery email, etc.

If we have answered the questions correctly, Google will understand that we own that account. We can recover access to it in this way. When you have entered again, change the password and then check if all the content is in the account or not. It may be the case that we are not given access to the Google account, if we have not responded to everything well. In that case, there are no more possibilities to access it again.