The best Google application to free memory from your mobile

Not many years ago, smartphones had an insufficient amount of internal memory. Currently it is normal to see mobile phones with adjusted prices with 32 and 64 GB of internal memory, but there are still many terminals in use whose memory is filled too easily.

To try to free up as much space as possible Google launched a while ago an application that has been updating little by little but is not yet well known. It is called Files and in addition to managing our files it allows us to clean the mobile memory, in a complementary way to how Google Photos does.

So you can free memory easily

The best Google application to free memory from your mobile

This application can be downloaded for free from the Google app store and is valid for any Android. When we open it, a first section appears in which we are invited to free up space by deleting unnecessary files.

If we click on the Trash Files section we see that it opens a window that indicates the amount of space that we will free. If we do not want to press directly but see what we are going to eliminate, we have an option for so. Basically these are temporary app files that we have used.

Deleting downloads

If we want to delete more files, we can go to the lower central section, which has the text of Explore, and see what is in the Downloads section, which is where all the files, videos or photos that we have downloaded while browsing or that we are They have sent.

There we can sort the files by size, in case we only want to delete the ones that occupy the most.

WhatsApp videos

The best Google application to free memory from your mobile

As personal advice, I recommend that you look carefully at the section of WhatsApp Multimedia Files, especially the videos, because it is one of the folders of any phone that can occupy more.

In my case the first one occupies more than 16 GB and the second almost 11 GB, so if I wanted to delete information from the mobile phone I would start there without a doubt.



Requires Files from Google is a file management app that helps you do the following: ✨ Free up space with cleanup recommendations🔍 Find files faster with simple searches and browsing↔️ Share files offline with other people, fast and without using data ☁️ Back up data to save space on your device FREE MORE SPACE Free space faster and easier than ever: Delete photos, memes, duplicate files and apps you don't use, clean the cache, etc. CHECK YOUR STORAGE Use Files to See how much space is left in your phone and SD card. Easily transfer files from the app to an SD card and free up space. Use the integrated file cleaner to free up more space. YOU HAVE THE CONTROLS You always know what you are deleting, we don't hide conditions or complicated phrases. Select only what you want to remove and keep the rest. They are your files, you are in charge. IMPROVES PERFORMANCE Use Files to have enough memory and keep the phone running smoothly. You will receive a message periodically to remove unwanted or temporary files, and recover space immediately. SMART RECOMMENDATIONS Get useful suggestions on files that you can delete before running out of space. The more you use the Files app, the better the recommendations. FIND FILES FAST Search for photos, videos and documents faster. Files use filters, not folders, so that your content is organized more intuitively. Google Files is the file manager and storage explorer that helps you find what you are looking for. ADMINISTRAY FILES EASILY Search for files or access them, change their name, view them, delete them, move them and share them using categories and filters. Sort them by size to see what occupies more. Look at the GIFs you have. Search for a video and share it. SHARE FILES WITHOUT CONNECTION Synchronize your phone with people who have the Files app to share images, videos, documents or apps. With a speed of up to 480 Mbps, the app is fast, free and works without the Internet, without spending mobile data. SHARE ENCRYPTED FILES Files offers WPA2 encryption, which allows you to transfer files more securely offline. Use Bluetooth to establish a fast, encrypted and direct Wi-Fi connection so you can transfer the APK of an app or large files in seconds, and send videos or images to your friends in a secure way. FILE SECURITY COPY IN THE CLOUDS if you want Keep a file forever without taking up space on your phone, select it in the Files menu and make a backup copy in Google Drive or another app in the cloud. FILE SECURITY COPY ON THE SD CARD If you run out of phone space , you can transfer large files or videos to the SD card. With a few clicks, you can clean the phone and use the SD card to free up storage and make the phone work faster. EFFECTIVE STORAGE MANAGEMENT The Files app occupies less than 10 MB and does not contain malicious or inflated software that affects its performance. THREE IN UNOFiles takes up little space and offers three functions in an app: 1) Free up space: Optimize smartphone performance, eliminate unwanted files and cache to free up memory space and improve performance. 2) Find files quickly: Search in storage and find what you are looking for without needing to be an expert in file management. 3) Share files: Send images, share videos, transfer large files or APK apps with a speed of up to 480 Mbps on a direct Wi-Fi network and encrypted. More information Hide Updated December 12, 2019 Size 11M Downloads 100,000,000+ Current version 1.0.284012288 Requires Android 5.0 and later Classification of content For over 3 years More information Interactive elements Users interact Permissions View details Report Mark as inappropriate Offered by Google LLC Developer Visit website Privacy policy 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View 94043 December 12, 201911M100,000,000 + 1.0.2840122885.0 and later versionsFor those older than 3 years More information Users interactView details Report Mark as inappropriate Flag as inappropriateGoogle LLCVisit website Privacy policy 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View 94043 © 2020 Google Site service conditionsPrivacy DevelopersGoogle information | Location: Unknown regionLanguage: E When buying this item, a transaction is made with Google Payments and you accept the Terms of Service and the Google Payments Privacy Notice.