The best Google camera for 48 and 64 megapixel mobiles

Ultracam is one of the many modified versions of the Google camera, a version that is designed specifically for mobile phones with 48 Mpx cameras. Of course, not just any camera, but the Sony IMX 586 or the Samsung GW1 64 Mpx, one of the most popular cameras of 2019.

2019 is a year in which we have seen countless mobiles with 48 megapixel cameras with the Sony sensor, even in extremely cheap mobiles such as the Xiaomi Mi A3 (which today costs less than 175 euros), or of excellent quality as the Oneplus 7T Pro.

UltraCam, the modified version of the GCam for 48 Mpx cameras

All those phones with the 48 megapixel tag are not exactly the same, but there is something safe in them. Or they have the Samsung GW1 photo sensor, or the Sony IMX 586 of the highest quality. Whatever the choice does not matter, this modified version of the GCAM is for you.

Ultracam is a modified version of the GCAM of Urnyx05, developer of one of the best versions of the GCAM. What this GCAM stands out is that it uses specific libraries for the Samsung GW1 64 Mpx and Sony IMX 586 48 Mpx sensors that we talked about earlier.

A problem that I usually have very common with this type of cameras is that they do not usually offer good results as standard unless you start modifying parameters. In this case, it has been downloaded to the OnePlus 7T Pro and start enjoying, working from the first moment without incident.

From the first moment we notice in the sky itself a better dynamic range, offering a more realistic scene.

In the foreground the results are sharper and the colors more real. The OnePlus series camera saturates the red color too much.

In night photography we also see a scene closer to reality. Again, the OnePlus camera exaggerates the blue color of the sky.

And in portraits with selfie the difference is abysmal. It is important to note that the Oneplus bokeh here is more natural, but the Google camera turns out to be much more effective when it comes to showing the imperfections of my face and the effect of the light on my face.

If you are curious to see the photographs in higher resolution, you can do it in this gallery of Google Photos.

If you want to try this camera we recommend you to go to the XDA Developers thread, where you can download and install the APK file on your mobile. It is important to mention that these types of applications, being unofficial, may not work on your mobile and that if you are looking for the Google camera experience, the ideal thing is to get a Pixel. But if you already have a compatible mobile with this camera, Why not try it?

What if I don't know if my camera is compatible? You can always try it and if it does not work uninstall it, since although it is specialized in these sensors does not mean that it is not incompatible with others. You also don't lose anything to try.