the essential of the programmers

In the world of programming there are a number of tools that are essential, and the Git version control system is one of them. There are many services for this type of system, and GitHub is probably the most famous of them. If you were waiting for the official mobile application this is your moment, and finally we have GitHub for Android.

If you are a programmer you may not need to know much more and go directly to download the application. But most likely, you are not a programmer, in which case this application will not serve you at all. However you can stay, because we will tell you some curiosities about the world of programming.

Programming is a team work: now it is also mobile

The programmer's job is as simple and complicated as creating software: this includes thinking about a problem to be solved, designing a solution, creating a code that solves it, checking that it works and finally maintaining it, solving errors or evolving its capabilities.

When we think of a developer it's easy to imagine a boy sitting at home with his computer writing their applications, but have you ever wondered how programmers work as a team? No need to talk about a large multinational, even in a team of 3 people the organization is crucial.

The programmers code snippets are not sent by email nor do they synchronize them in tools like Dropbox. Often, software is an art that when you think you have developed a solution, what it does is break more things than it fixes.

Version control systems are a must in the world of programming, since they allow several people to work on the same code base, implementing changes in the form of versions, facilitating the supervision and maintenance of the code. Basically it is one of the pillars that makes a programming job not fall into anarchy.

Made the presentations on what is git and GitHub, the application is now available on Android. Obviously to enter you need your GitHub account (either free or paid) and once you log in you will be able to access your personal repositories and those of other people, read your GitHub notifications or make traces of the repos you have under observation.

GitHub has reached Android today in beta, so it is possible that you may find some errors. As expected, the application is completely free, without any ads or microtransactions (beyond any of the payment plans of the GitHub itself).



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