The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G will have up to 16 GB of RAM and more

It is clear that today is not a good day for Samsung, at least for its leakage control department. The same XDA editor that has told us how the Galaxy S20 Plus camera is, we also show some data that we didn't know about Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

The good news for the Korean company is that, after the leaks, we have even more interest in being able to try it. The S20 will not be mobiles of the heap, keep this very clear.

A lot of internal memory and a lot of RAM

Let us start from the base that we are going to talk about the most powerful, and surely more expensive, model of all the Galaxy S20s that are presented on February 11. We say this because the amounts of internal memory and RAM of the S20 Ultra 5G are quite spectacular.

There will be three versions with respect to internal storage, with 128, 256 and 512 GB of internal memory. In addition, all will have a microSD slot of up to 1 TB. The RAM versions will be 12 and 16 GB. This is much more than expected.

108 Mpx and 10x zoom

When we talked a few hours ago about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Pus, we stressed that this model would not have a 108 Mpx sensor. The S20 Ultra will have it, in addition to another of 48 Mpx with a 10x optical zoom, something that no terminal has achieved so far. It remains to be seen if it is not a 5x zoom with magnification up to 10, that is, a 10x hybrid zoom, something we have seen before.

The wide angle will be 12 Mpx, and other sources suggest that you will also have a ToF in the back area.

A huge battery with a fast beastly charge

One of the most relevant sections in mobile phones with such high performance is the battery. It takes a lot of energy to move high resolution screens, many Mpx cameras …

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra seems not to disappoint, with a battery of nothing less than 5000 mAh and a fast charge of 45 W You can fill it in less than 75 minutes, that is, an hour and a quarter. Samsung finally gets serious in this regard.

As always, we may know more data before February 11, when this model becomes official as well as the S20 and S20 Plus of which we have spoken on other occasions.