This is the four sensor camera of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Once Samsung confirmed that the new Galaxy would be presented on February 11, it was a matter of time before the leaks began to occur at a much higher rate than seen so far.

The Galaxy S20 will be very relevant terminals for the company, especially in the photographic section, where in recent years it is not that it has faltered, but that it has lost advantage over its rivals.

In XDA have been able to test a unit of Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and they have shown us what their camera will be like.

This version will not have 108 Mpx

The first thing that attracts attention when seeing the list of specifications of the four rear sensors is that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus will not have the new sensor of the brand with 108 Mpx:

  • Main camera: Sony IMX 555.
    • 12 Mpx with a pixel size of 1.8μm.
  • Secondary Camera: Samsung ISOCell S5KGW2.
  • Wide angle camera: Samsung ISOCell S5K2LA.
  • Extra camera: ToF.
  • Front camera: Sony IMX 374

Some of these data have not come out of the XDA article, but from another source what else has he told us, more briefly, what will be the sensors of the three models:

  • S20 : 12 Mpx + 64 Mpx + 12 Mpx.
  • S20 Plus : 12 Mpx + 64 Mpx + 12 Mpx + ToF.
  • S20 Ultra : 108 Mpx + 48 Mpx + 12 Mpx + ToF.

3x optical zoom without macro mode

This model will have a three magnification optical zoom with a digital zoom of up to 30 magnifications, similar to that of the Huawei P20 Pro, but far from the P30 pro, at least in scope, we do not yet know how it will be in quality.

There is also no macro mode, although it could be something that is implemented by software if the hardware is already prepared, but it is more likely that Samsung does not want to put all the possible options on your mobile, although it would be ideal.

8K recording

As expected, at least the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus can record video in 8K quality, although the frame rate per second will be locked at 30 fps, not being able to change at 24 fps.

In XDA they have not been able to use slow motion recording because the software failed but it sure is present. It remains to be known if it will be at 960 fps with HD quality as in most phones or in FHD, and even if they can reach the spectacular slow motion of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Both front and back we can record 4K video at 60 fps, although in no case it seems that we can do it in HDR.

Front camera with wide angle

Although the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is expected to have only one camera in front, the software shows us an option for group selfies. It is very likely that the reality is that the only camera is a wide-angle cropped for normal photos and that it uses all its capacity to take group photos when necessary.

It is a good solution as long as the photos do not always appear with the typical deformity on the faces caused by the wide angle.

New software options

There are also new features in the camera application, such as the function called Single Take that automatically takes photos when we focus on a lens. The video shows the operation.

We will also have news such as Pro mode applied to video, not only to photos, and the ability to record sound focused on the object to which we zoom is maintained, something very practical especially now that we have a larger zoom.

Less than a month to know everything, but surely there will be new leaks before.