What is and how to use EMUI safe on Huawei phones

EMUI is a personalization layer that has many functions of interest to users. Thanks to them, you can make better use of the phone, taking full advantage of its possibilities. Users with Huawei and Honor phones have access to a function called Safe in the customization layer.

Probably You have seen this function if you have a Huawei or Honor phone, but do not know very well what is this function of Safe. Here we tell you all about this function in EMUI, from what it is to the way it can be used on the phone and take advantage of this personalization layer.

What is the EMUI Safe

Safe is a function present in the latest versions of EMUI, for Huawei and Honor phones. The purpose of this function is to protect files on the phone. Sand responsible for encrypting these files that we put in it, preventing someone from having access to them. It is possible to do this with files such as photos, videos or audio, among other formats. It is another way to hide files.

When using this function on the phone, what is done is to create a kind of Safe, to which only the user who owns the phone, who created it, will have access. All files saved in it they remain in this way unattainable for other people who have access to the phone Typically, to access this box you must use either a password or your fingerprint.

It is therefore a safe and private space, that users who have EMUI will be able to take advantage of to save those files that they consider sensitive or private, preventing someone from seeing or modifying them. This secure space is stored on the phone or on the microSD, but it will not be visible to other people and so it will only be the owner of the phone who has access to it. Since your access is protected with a password or fingerprint.

How this function is used

Safe is a function that we find in the phone settings. We won't have to do too much to be able to use it, although first we will have to enable it In order to start configuring it and select which files we want to be saved in it on our phone. The first steps are:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Enter the Security and Privacy section.
  • Descend until you reach the Safe option.
  • Enter it.
  • Click on enable.

First of all we are going to be asked to choose where we want to store it, which will be in the phone's memory. Although if you use a microSD, you can also use it as the place where the box is located. Next we will have to Create a password access to enter when we want to said Safe on the phone.

After creating a password, a couple of security questions are asked. We fill both, so that EMUI provides us with an additional layer of security in this function, to prevent someone from having access to it on the phone. Once we have responded to them, we already have access to the EMUI Safe.

Next we can choose what files do we want to be part of of it, whether photos, videos, audio or other types of documents. Everything will be stored in that box. Although if you want, EMUI allows you to create several boxes, so you can have different boxes depending on the type of files or if you need to have several separate spaces. The processes to create new boxes are the same as we have followed.