The Google Play Store will abandon your most annoying notifications

The Google Play Store is the default store on almost all current Android devices (unless you have a mobile without Google services), a store that in its latest reforms is abandoning some of its annoying updates. A few weeks ago many users began to perceive how some Google Play notifications disappeared.

It was a matter with a lot of mystery, since there was no awareness about whether it was a novelty that Google was testing or simply a programming error in the application itself. It seems to be the first, since Google has confirmed that it is a new feature of the application.

The Google Play Store will abandon its annoying notifications

Notifications from the Google Play Store are often hated by users. They usually appear to warn us that we have to update not how many Applications, then confirm that all these applications have been updated. That information that seems useful in the first instance becomes annoying when you get dozens of notifications every day (which also arrive all at once, since they are automatically updated when we connect the charger and have Wi-Fi).

In recent weeks we have seen how these notifications disappeared, reappeared and disappeared again for some users. And it seems that it was not a mistake, but tests by Google for a new function.

This has been confirmed by a Google spokesman for Android Police, indicating that the absence of the notifications that have been updated is a novelty of the Google Play Store, without leaving many more details about whether those who want to keep these notifications can continue to use them.

Today, if we go to Google Play settings -> Notifications, we have the possibility to deactivate or reactivate the notifications of Automatic Updates. It is expected that with the passing of days, the default behavior of this function will become unchecked. We still do not know if Google will permanently remove these updates or we can reverse them from these settings, although notifications lately no longer appear even if we have it active.