What to do if you have coverage problems at home with your mobile

At present, being connected is a must. Whether for work or personal matters, being able to be available to other people is very important. Although there are times when this can be problematic, since we can find that mobile coverage gives us problems. Especially at home it is a matter that happens to many.

In your home or in your office you may you find coverage problems. This prevents you from having good communication with other people when you have to make calls or to receive messages on your Android phone. There are some things we can do to reduce this problem.

Is it a coverage or mobile issue?

One of the first aspects to check is if this coverage problem is really from the network or if the problem is in our phone. It may be the case that the phone has problems connecting to the network, but we have not realized it. Out of doubt in this regard will be the first thing to do.

A simple way to check it is to restart the phone, to see if when we restart it it connects to the network normally or not. If there are problems with data coverage, then it is possible that APNs have not been configured correctly. The way to configure these APNs is simple, as we have here.

Other checks we can perform is change the phone network from 4G to 3G or 2G. The type of network is found in the phone settings, in the mobile networks section, where we can switch from 4G to 3G. Switching from one type of network to another can show us if there are problems in such coverage or if it is a telephone problem.

Airplane mode

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A solution similar to the previous case, which also helps us to check if it is a network or telephone problem, is to use the airplane mode briefly. We activate airplane mode on Android, we can do it from the quick settings of the device and deactivate it again after a few seconds. We can then see if the phone has problems or not when connecting to the network.

In most cases, when we do this, the phone it will connect to the network again and it will work fine. So we can end this annoying coverage problem this way. Unfortunately, it will not always work, although it is usually a very effective method.

SIM card

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The problem on the phone itself can have several origins, or the device itself has a fault, or the SIM card is damaged, which is preventing you from connecting to the network normally. Checking the status of said SIM is a good idea, at least to rule out that this is the cause of the problem with coverage.

Remove the SIM from your phone and put it on another, to see if in that other model you have the same problems. If after having tried, we can see that this problem still exists, it is very likely that the SIM is responsible for this failure. We will have to go to our operator to ask them to make a duplicate of it, which will put an end to this problem.

Home or office location

This is a topic known to most users. Depending on where you are at home or in the office, coverage is better or worse. Surely you have noticed it already with the passage of time, seeing how there are areas in your house where you have less problems in this regard. In my house, for example, the kitchen is where there is better coverage, it is where I go when I have a call.

Try to move at home or in the office, to see which sites are those where the signal is better. Since the problem may have its origin in that location, where for some reason there is worse coverage. Those outdoor areas, such as balconies or terraces, usually have fewer problems in this regard. If there is one in your house, you can go to see if there is good coverage or if the problem remains.

Are you the only one with the problem?

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Maybe be a problem that affects your operator, something that happens sometimes. If there are people who have the same operator as you and are suffering from the same problem with coverage, then you can understand that it is a fault or breakdown that affects this operator and its antennas.

To get out of doubt, you always you can contact the operator, to know if it is a fault that is affecting locally, in your city or area, or if it is a problem of greater scope. It can help you know more about this coverage problem that you are suffering and thus know when you can use the phone without worrying about it.

Attention when choosing operator

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The selection of operators in Spain is quite wide, with various types of operators in addition, which causes that there are quite a few rates to choose from. One aspect that should be decisive when choosing a rate is coverage. Depending on your place of residence, coverage may be worse With certain operators.

Compare what each one offers in this regard, to reduce the chances of problems of coverage in your case. Since this choice can be decisive. The good part is that many of the younger operators use the existing Movistar, Vodafone and Orange network, but there may be differences in some cases. Check that in your area of ​​residence you will have a good signal at all times.