Gboard's absurd mistake and why its dark mode doesn't work for you

Gboard is the best example that Google as a software company is capable of the best and the worst at the same time. For many, Gboard is the best keyboard you can have on Android, while many users are unable to use it. That excellence is sometimes accompanied by catastrophic errors, such as a few weeks ago that gave massive failures to Android users.

Today I am going to tell you a story that exemplifies how excellence and the ability to err come together continuously, specifically in the dark mode of Gboard. Because yes, it turns out that Gboard has a dark mode.

The genius and dark secret mode of Gboard

The 9 of older than 2019 Android Police published a very interesting novelty about Gboard, as was the ability of the keyboard to adapt to the theme of color in the beta versions of Android Q (since September 3 known as Android 10). This keyboard was able to take the color theme of the Google Pixel to adapt, a great idea We do not rule out that it is a future feature of Android (that any application can adapt the color scheme as Samsung already does with its One UI applications, for example).

Gboard is so cool that it syncs even with the color themes of the Google Pixel.

The important thing about this whole thing is that GBoard has a dark mode integrated with Android 10. If your mobile goes to light mode you will have the keyboard in clear, while if you activate the dark mode it will become dark. This is great in layers of customization that allow you to vary the dark mode depending on whether it is day or night (for example, Samsung's One UI), but there is a small problem.

When Android 10 arrived at the Galaxy S10 + I realized that depending on the mode I had, GBoard took that color, but not in my Pixel. When the update came to the Galaxy Note 10+, I went back to testing, thinking that it was still a feature of Samsung. The GBoard keyboard changed color in the S10 + but not in the Note 10+, and I never got to know why.

And in turn it is so terrible that to access the dark mode of Android 10 you have to do absurd tricks.

A few days ago I read on Reddit the trick that a boy had used to make Google's keyboard work, and it's absurdly simple. The reason he is not going is because you have a chosen topic, and the solution is as simple as going to Settings -> Themes -> Choose the theme you have chosen -> Press on the trash can to delete it. So you happen to have the «Default theme», the only one that integrates with the dark mode of Android 10.

Google with Gboard has been able to create the most sophisticated color scheme, with a perfect integration of the dark mode of Android 10. In turn, it does not tell anyone how it works or leave a setting or clue so that the user can activate it. A great piece of software with a terrible design decision of user experience.



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