The dark mode of WhatsApp is getting closer and will be magnificent

The dark mode is one of the fashion features in recent months. It is one of the «Android 10 news», although there are many ways to enjoy it on mobiles with previous versions.

The grace of the dark mode is not in the fact that the application simply inverts the colors (trick: you can use the accessibility tool to invert colors, although I do not recommend it), but in a cautious choice in the color palette, and a perfect integration with the system.

Until all our applications have no dark mode, we cannot say that the system has a dark mode. And so that inconsistency disappears, WhatsApp is that application that everyone is looking at. How long is it for WhatsApp to have dark mode?

WhatsApp and the dark mode, getting closer every day

As our fellow Omicrono commented a few weeks ago, WhatsApp has many ways to reinvent itself by 2020, and the dark mode is the first step that everyone has been waiting for.

WaBetaInfo, a blog specialized in WhatsApp and that analyzes the news of each beta has been informing us for months of each novelty that WhatsApp is implementing with this mode. Something that according to many people is as simple as changing white to black is getting too long.

The latest beta version 2.20.8 of WhatsApp has revealed a change that seems silly, but that is more important than you might think. You can see this change in the image above, and in the dark mode the alert messages of the chats will have yellow text.

And why is it good news? As we have commented, the dark mode is not as simple as a color change and that's it, but it is a new dimension in the design of each application.

Not all colors match the same in light and dark mode, since the contrast It's fundamental. Google has a design guide in which it talks in depth about all these concepts and all the factors that must be taken into account when designing the dark mode of an application.

It's been several months that WhatsApp has been working in its dark mode, but seeing how it progresses with each small change we know that when it arrives it will be a way that will make the wait worthwhile.



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