The thief cats have returned: new KleptoCats Cartoon Network

The famous game of thief cats, Kleptokats, has a new installment in the Google Play Store, now based on the Cartoon Network characters.

There are many cat games on Android, but there are not many thieves cats. The best known, also the original, is KleptoKats , a game developed by the Mexican studio HyperBeard Games that already has several deliveries under its belt. Even with other pets, which also have games of dogs and unicorns, for example. Not only that, the studio opens a new KleptoKats in association with a super-known animation studio: Cartoon Network .

The mechanics of KleptoCats is maintained in Cartoon Network : we will have a series of thief cats that will recover objects as we send them away from home. Collecting is the basis of experience, also in-app purchases: as the game progresses, the time the cats will execute the theft tasks will increase. And the best part is that they will bring figures and objects from much of the Cartoon network series.

Gumball, Jake, Finn … Collect all the Cartoon Network figures and enjoy their scenarios

Los gatos ladrones han regresado: nuevo KleptoCats Cartoon Network

It is not that it is very difficult to play this KleptoCats Cartoon Network since the mechanics cannot be simpler: take care of the cats and send them to steal. Of course, with this we do not mean that it is a simple game because it offers more complexity than it seems. From collecting a large number of objects to traveling to a collection of worlds drawn from the best animated series of Cartoon Network .

Los gatos ladrones han regresado: nuevo KleptoCats Cartoon Network

The combination of KleptoCats with the most popular animated series of Cartoon Network makes the game much cooler and also addictive. Because, will the cat return with the figure of the panda we are missing? In addition, KleptoCats Cartoon Network incorporates different mini-games to ease the wait between thefts; and maintains the Tamagotchi style to take care of the different kleptomaniac cats. We can feed them, caress them, customize their appearance and also give them a shower. To know where they get to steal all the objects …

Los gatos ladrones han regresado: nuevo KleptoCats Cartoon Network

The pressure on purchases is important, although it is not a game that should be played for a long time. It is valid to hang out and check with some frequency what pets are bringing. You don’t want to wait that long? You can always pay with gems, the second currency of the game and also the scarcer.

KleptoCats Cartoon Network is now available in the Google Play Store. If you like games of this type, and you are excited about such popular animation series as Gumball or Adventure Time , we recommend you try it.

The new Nvidia Shield TV Pro leaks by mistake on Amazon

The renewed Nvidia player with Android TV has appeared by surprise on Amazon showing a new remote control: this is the Nvidia Shield TV Pro.

As a lucky holder of an Nvidia Shield TV for more than three years, I can confirm that this little Android TV is one of the best TV players that you can buy. Not only that, it is also a powerful game console; while maintaining an update policy worthy of praise. What have you not done with your Shield TV? You better wait for the new model.

Rumors pointed to a renewed Nvidia player with Android TV , and so it was: the device appeared by surprise in the Amazon store in the United States. Intentional or not it was a mistake that the company did not take long to solve; leaving behind captures and technical data that XDA Developers managed to save for posterity .

The Nvidia Shield TV Pro will include Dolby Vision and a renewed remote with more buttons

La nueva Nvidia Shield TV Pro se filtra por error en Amazon

XDA Developers Image

My Shield TV remains in perfect condition even though they spent several years on it. In both hardware and software, Nvidia has done an excellent job with this device . But it was a renewal, as it happened with the first model: certain improvements in hardware, also in software.

La nueva Nvidia Shield TV Pro se filtra por error en Amazon

XDA Developers Image

As captured on the Amazon page, the essence of the new Nvidia Shield TV Pro remains intact as it hardly changes the hardware: the player offers 3 GB of RAM, includes 16 GB of storage, has two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output, network connection via RJ45 or WiFi cable and also has Bluetooth. The main improvements are two:

  • New NVIDIA Tegra X1 + processor with 25% more processing power than the previous generation. It is the same processor of the Nintendo Switch.
  • The control is renewed incorporating more control buttons , it is larger and changes the button battery for two AAA batteries. It is not rechargeable, but at least that type of battery is more common. In addition, it now includes an infrared transmitter to control other devices (TV, speakers …).
La nueva Nvidia Shield TV Pro se filtra por error en Amazon

XDA Developers Image

The main software improvement is that the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is compatible with Dolby Vision HDR , a software item that should improve the playback of compatible multimedia content.

The player has been removed from the presale, but not before leaving the date of availability and price: the Nvidia Shield TV Pro would be presented on October 28 at a price of $ 199 . Hopefully, Nvidia will sell the device globally since it has been so far. We ignore if there will be a special pack for games with the physical control included, also if the brand has renewed this accessory.

For Google it is not yet time to buy a 5G mobile

The vice president of the Google product division clarified why the Pixel 4 is released without a 5G version: “It’s not the time.”

After years of reading about 5G , and after attending a multitude of events and fairs related to this new wireless mobile connectivity, we all knew that 2019 would be the starting point for the commercial launch of the technology. So it was: we can not only buy 5G phones , also use them in Spanish networks. Of course, after making intensive use of 5G, we have found that there is still much to succeed among the general public.

5G is still a minority (in Spain only Vodafone has included it in its rates), it has not been deployed with the promised features (initially it is NSA , so it is supported by 4G) and compatible mobiles are scarce and expensive . With this scenario, Google’s vice president of product, Brian Rakowski , confirmed what was already known: it is not yet time to buy 5G phones. Therefore, neither to manufacture them.

«We will take out a phone when we think it is a good time for users, but now is not the time»

Para Google aún no es el momento de comprar un móvil 5G

5G on the LG V50 5G

Brian’s words are categorical and make it clear what Google thinks of implementing 5G in today’s phones. This was explained by the vice president of product to PC Mag during the presentation event of the Pixel 4 . As previously filtered, neither of the two models (the normal and the XL) has a version with 5G technology.

Brian Rakowski does not close the door to technology because he says they are working on it, but it is not a priority for the Google product division. And it gives other compelling reasons:

“It will come, but now is not the right time to buy a 5G mobile. From the perspective of implementation and also from the perspective of hardware and telephone »…« [The 5G] is not yet ready for consumers ».

Although it is clear that 5G has at least a year or two left to reach a certain maturity , it is also true that Google should not lag behind in the implementation of cutting-edge hardware technologies. Although the Pixel 4 include a remarkable amount of innovation, with developments in software and hardware, both phones are somewhat outdated in general terms of power and performance. With an increasingly aggressive competition, especially in the range of 300 to 600 euros, Google should not be allowed to walk behind .

Pay to make a call from WhatsApp, the new Lebanese tax

Lebanon has approved a measure as curious as controversial to raise funds: charge for the first daily WhatsApp call of each Lebanese.

If you are one of those who have been using a smartphone for a few years, especially Android , surely remember that before you had to pay to access WhatsApp . On iOS you paid for the download, on Android for each year of use . The company ended up giving in to the pressures making the use of WhatsApp 100% free, but it seems that this will not be the case for everyone.

Lebanon, a country in the Middle East characterized by tremendous political instability, approved on Thursday a measure that has put its citizens on a war footing. The new tax created aims to tax the use of WhatsApp calls and any other application that uses VoIP . The Government has especially addressed the Facebook application as it is the most used in the country.

This controversial measure revives the old ghost of the application: pay to use it . And it is doubly controversial: first, because it intends to charge users for a use they already pay with the bill to their Internet provider; second, because WhatsApp clearly specifies in its terms of service that no one can charge or rent their services without express authorization.

Lebanon will increase collection by charging $ 0.20 for each first daily call of WhatsApp and other VoIP applications

Pagar por hacer una llamada de WhatsApp, el nuevo impuesto del Líbano

As we said, the new collection measure was approved yesterday Thursday in Beirut , as reflected in the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar . It is a measure that seeks to increase the coffers of the state by taking advantage of the majority use of applications such as WhatsApp . It is not yet clear how the government will be able to register the use made of the applications since this should be private. Experts consulted by the newspaper theorize about the option of separating WhatsApp data traffic from the rest of the rate : this would be feasible for the operators since they control the use that each user makes of the contracted data. At least as long as they don’t use a VPN.

With a daily cost of $ 0.20 for each user who makes a VoIP call, the State would pocket an average of six dollars a month per citizen or use of such communications. It is a much higher cost than WhatsApp itself charged years ago: $ 0.99 per year (or 0.89 euros).

The tax just approved by the Lebanese government goes against the rules of use of all VoIP services . According to WhatsApp conditions :

«You must not»… «sell, resell, rent or charge for our Services in an unauthorized manner»

Lebanon intends to start charging WhatsApp and other VoIP applications from January 2020 .

Xiaomi confirms which phones will upgrade to MIUI 11 in Spain

After a first international list, with approximate update dates, Xiaomi Spain now confirms which phones will update to MIUI 11 and when.

In terms of updates to Android 10 , we go from confirmation to confirmation. Usually, and whenever we talk about Chinese mobiles such as Xiaomi , brands usually offer dates for their country first; then confirm them internationally; and, finally, each brand headquarters provides definitive dates and models that will be updated.

Yesterday we learned the Redmi mobiles that Xiaomi planned to update in India . Being global models, we assumed that the dates corresponded to an international update. Among the models mentioned, many of Xiaomi remained absent; So we went to the MIUI English page to get an approximation. Now, we already have all the verified and confirmed data since it has been Xiaomi Spain itself that has been responsible for confirming them.

43 Xiaomi and Redmi mobiles will upgrade to MIUI 11, also the Pocophone F1

Xiaomi confirma qué móviles actualizarán a MIUI 11 en España

As we knew, the update to MIUI 11 will occur in different phases and always depending on Xiaomi’s internal priorities. And we will not have to wait long for the first wave to begin: from October 22 the first models will start receiving MIUI 11. Among them the Pocophone F1, one of the best sellers since the end of 2018.

As we always emphasize, although MIUI 11 is associated with Android 10 , this does not imply that all mobiles that update the custom layer have a new stable system version. Xiaomi keeps the layer separated from Android updates , something that has a positive and a negative point: on the one hand, the new versions of MIUI reach mobile phones with some age in the market; on the other, only the most powerful and current models update to a new Android.

Next you have the models confirmed by Xiaomi Spain and the different phases with which they are ordered.

  • Phase 1, from October 22 to 31 : MI 9 SE, Redmi K20 / Mi 9T, Redmi Y3, Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 7S, Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi 7, Redmi 7A, Mi 8 Pro, Mi 8, Mi 8 Lite, MI MIX 3, MI MIX 2S, POCO F1 / POCOPHONE F1.
  • Phase 2 (November 13-29 ?) : Mi 9, Redmi K20 Pro / Mi 9T Pro, Mi 9 Lite, Mi MIX 2, Mi MIX, Mi 6, Mi Note 3, Mi Note 2, Mi Max 2, Mi Play, Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi 6, Redmi 6A, Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Note 5, Redmi S2 / Y2, Redmi Note 5A Prime / Y1, Redmi Note 5A / Y1 Lite, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi 5, Redmi 5A , Redmi Note 4x, Redmi 4X.
  • Phase 3 (December 18-26 ? : Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi 8, Redmi 8A, Redmi Note 6 Pro, Redmi 7A.

All phones have been confirmed by Xiaomi, also the dates of the first phase. The other two phases should correspond to the waves marked by Xiaomi India yesterday, we will surely have all the phones updated before the end of 2019. Of course, this list is likely to change , both in dates and in models suitable for the update: that your mobile is not in it does not imply that it runs out of MIUI 11. Yes it will have less possibilities.

You can now buy the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro in Spain

Were you waiting to buy the latest OnePlus phones? The wait is over: you can now buy the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro in Spain.

OnePlus decided to change strategy this 2019 to renew its range of smartphones twice . Following most manufacturers, the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro saw the light; offering different features and prices so that users could choose. And of course, when it was time to renew this range, there were also two models presented; models that can already be purchased in Spain .

It took less than a week to go on sale: the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro are already in stores so that anyone who wants one of these phones has the opportunity to take it home. Or that they take it, that the online purchase usually prevails for OnePlus. No invitations and no waiting: add them to the cart and you’re done.

The new OnePlus 7T starts at 599 euros; with a true evolution for the most content

It’s nothing new that mobile prices climbed within the high range. This is notorious in the case of OnePlus since the new OnePlus 7T starts from a high figure : 599 euros. They are still high-performance phones that can rival much more expensive models, but touching 600 euros greatly limits any budget.

Ya puedes comprar los OnePlus 7T y 7T Pro en España

OnePlus 7T

Both the OnePlus 7T and the 7T Pro are already on sale. The one that will still take is the OnePlus 7t Pro McLaren Edition , the mobile powered by the car brand that changes in design with respect to its brothers while integrating the largest amount of 12 GB RAM.

Next you have the characteristics of the two mobiles that are already on sale, first the OnePlus 7T :

  • Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus eight-core.
    • 4 Kryo 485 Gold cores at 2.96 GHz (Cortex-A75).
    • 4 cores Kryo 485 Silver at 1.80 GHz (Cortex A55).
  • RAM memory: 8 GB.
  • Storage
    • Internal: 128 GB
  • Graphic : Adreno 640.
  • Screen .
    • Size: 6.55 inches.
    • Resolution: FHD + (2400 x 1080 px).
    • Fluid AMOLED technology.
    • 90 Hz
    • Aspect ratio: 20: 9.
  • Rear camera.
    • Angular 48 Mpx Sony IMX586 with aperture f / 1.6, optical stabilization.
    • Wide angle of 16 Mpx with f / 2.2 and viewing angle of 120 degrees.
    • 12 Mpx telephoto with 2x optical zoom, f / 2.2 aperture.
    • Others: LED Flash, PDAF, CAF …
  • Front camera.
    • Resolution: Sony IMX471 16 Mpx sensor with f / 2.0, EIS
  • Ports:
    • USB 3.1 Type C connector.
    • On-screen optical fingerprint sensor.
  • Others : dual band WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, dual band GPS …
  • Battery: 3800 mAh with fast charging of 30 W.
  • Weight: 190 g
  • Dimensions: 160.94 x 74.44 x 8.13 mm
  • System:
    • Android version: Android 10.
    • Manufacturer layer: Oxygen OS.

And the technical details of the OnePlus 7T Pro :

  • Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus eight-core.
    • 4 Kryo 485 Gold cores at 2.96 GHz (Cortex-A75).
    • 4 cores Kryo 485 Silver at 1.80 GHz (Cortex A55).
  • RAM memory: 8 GB DDR4X.
  • Storage
    • Internal: 256 GB UFS 3.0.2-LANE.
  • Graphic : Adreno 640.
  • Screen .
    • Size: 6.67 inches.
    • Resolution: QHD + (3120 x 1440 px).
    • Fluid AMOLED technology.
    • Support sRGB and Display P3.
    • 90 Hz
    • Aspect ratio: 19.5: 9.
  • Rear camera.
    • Sony IMX586 48 Mpx angular sensor with f / 1.6 aperture, optical stabilization.
    • 16 Mpx wide angle sensor with f / 2.2 and 117 degree viewing angle.
    • 8 Mpx telephoto sensor with 3x optical zoom, f / 2.4 aperture, optical stabilization.
    • Others: LED Flash, PDAF, CAF, macro mode, super stabilized recording …
  • Front camera.
    • Resolution: Sony IMX471 16 Mpx sensor with f / 2.0, EIS.
    • System: pop up mechanic.
  • Ports:
    • USB 3.1 Type C connector.
    • On-screen optical fingerprint sensor.
  • Others : dual band WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, dual band GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo dual band …
  • Battery: 4085 mAh with 30 W fast charge (WARP Charge 30T).
  • Measures : 162.6 x 75.9 x 8.8 mm.
  • Weight: 206 g
  • System:
    • Android version: Android 10.
    • Manufacturer layer: OxygenOS 10.

The price of the OnePlus 7T is 599 euros ; The OnePlus 7T Pro is 799 euros . Both are available in the manufacturer’s online store , also on Amazon . And if you want to try it and take it the same day home, in MediaMarkt stores you can do it.

Get the OnePlus 7T here on Amazon

Your new OnePlus 7T Pro is on Amazon

The new Amazfit Nexo with eSIM and 4G can now be purchased in Spain

The new Huami watch promises to bring 4G connectivity to wearables at a more affordable price. Its name is Amazfit Nexo and you can buy it in Spain.

In recent years, Amazfit has managed to build a great reputation in the smart watch market thanks to its excellent models that usually reach really competitive prices. Today we know the arrival of a new watch called Amazfit Nexo, which arrives in Spain with LTE connectivity.

The Amazfit Nexo with eSIM and 4G can now be purchased in Spain

Smart watches are gradually becoming independent from our mobile, although to some extent they are still there. The last generations have 4G connectivity to be able to receive notifications and calls even if we leave the mobile at home. They are still an accessory, but they offer us a greater degree of freedom.

The Amazfit manufacturer has joined the trend of 4G watches by launching the new Amazfit Nexo in Spain, a version of a watch that had already been released that now incorporates this connection.

It is a watch with great design and an AMOLED screen. It has GPS and allows us to record up to 10 types of exercise, in addition to measuring steps, sleep and heart rate continuously.

It is a watch made so that we are more independent of the smartphone, since although it is still connected to it, it is no longer necessary that we physically carry the mobile phone with us to receive calls and notifications.

It also has 1 GB of internal storage to store music, which we can listen to on the speaker (not recommended) or by connecting a bluetooth headset. It is a shame not to have a voice assistant and applications like Spotify, that would have already added much value.

Can I buy this phone and directly enjoy mobile data? Today this type of connection is not so established, and surely you will have to initially contact your operator to know if the service offered.

We understand that when arriving officially in Spain it should be compatible , but since if you want to use 4G you will have to contact your operator sooner or later, almost better to do it before and avoid buying a watch that is incompatible with your operator .

The new Amazfit Nexo arrives in Spain at an official price of 199 euros for a version that includes LTE through the eSIM. It is available through Amazon and PC Components as of today.

Technical characteristics

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 processor .
  • Screen : 1. 39 AMOLED, Resolution 454 x 454, PPI 326, Corning Gorilla 3 reinforced glass + anti fingerprint coating.
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • ROM : 4 GB (1 GB of free space for the user.
  • Compatible with 22 mm bracelets (silicone bracelet included.
  • Weight : 49 g (without belt).
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.2 / BLE, WIFI 802.11 b / g / n, TD LTE / FDD LTE, WCDMA, GSM
  • Operating system : Amazfit OS based on Android.
  • Battery : 420 mAh lithium polymer battery. Up to 5 days.
  • Waterproofing degree: IP68 certificate.
  • GNSS satellite positioning : GPS / GLONASS / BDS multiple positioning.
  • Sensors : BioTracker PPG, acceleration sensor, geomagnetic sensor, ambient light sensor.
  • Audio : speaker and microphone.

The fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S10, fooled by a screen saver

The ultrasonic fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a significant security problem, being able to be fooled by a simple protector.

In the last hours a new security hole has been discovered that would allow any attacker to unlock our fingerprint only using a specific screen protector.

A gel protector that can cancel the ultrasonic fingerprint reader

In the last hours a woman seems to have noticed that the gel protector she had bought for her Galaxy S10 was generating a security problem, and that is that after applying it, any finger could unlock her mobile.

Without a doubt it is a serious security problem (at least until it is solved), since as the woman herself indicates, if anyone can access her mobile, they could transfer funds from her account, a risk that nobody is willing to take .

The fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10 has been highly criticized for its speed . This was because ultrasonic technology is slower than optics, but it also offered an extra layer of security. This discovery leaves more doubts about technology.

Samsung is aware of the problem and will launch a security update to fix the problem. Biometric security is based on confidence margins, so surely when the patch arrives, the reader may lose some of the speed he has gained in the latest updates.

What to do if I lose my mobile

Although Samsung has clarified that it is already working on solving this problem in an upcoming security patch, it never hurts to have some extra security considerations.

It is unlikely that in the home environment someone buys a specific screen protector to skip the security of your mobile, but this could be complicated if we lose or steal our mobile.

For this case, what we recommend is to enter the option to find my Samsung device . From this section we will have the option to block the device. This lock allows us to enter a new 4 to 8 digit PIN and display a phone number and a message for anyone who finds it.

Additionally, this option will block our Samsung Pay cards, in addition to preventing the phone from being turned off (provided it has a battery).

Motorola has created the perfect wireless headphones

Motorola has created what could be the perfect wireless headphones, including accessories that allow us to use a neck strap and 3.5 jack.

One of the latest trends in the market is that of completely wireless headphones. A fashion that began with the Airpods and that little by little has been adopted by virtually all manufacturers.

In recent months we have seen completely wireless headphones of all kinds. We have seen them ultra cheap as those of Xiaomi or Soundpeats , with an extraordinary noise cancellation such as Sony or focused on sound and battery quality, like the latest Creative that we tested recently.

In Motorola they have had several approaches in regards to wireless headphones, but with their latest product they have hit the code. They have simply created the most versatile headphones on the market.

Fully wireless, wired or sporty: this is the new Motorola headset

The completely wireless headphones are great, as they provide incredible comfort and freedom. However, despite their virtues they are headphones that also have a number of drawbacks. In our daily use, there would be two main ones :

  1. Only wireless bluetooth sound : Although bluetooth is extended, it is the only option they offer, and if you run out of battery, you run out of headphones.
  2. Fear that they fall while doing sports : Although in recent months I have used headphones of this type in my sports sessions without any problem, I do not cease to distrust that one day it will fall to the ground.

In Motorola they have thought very well about these inconveniences, and therefore they have patented a technology called TriX that consists of specific ports for the headphones. In this port you can connect a rope so that they are hung on the neck in case of fall, or a headphone jack port . Maximum versatility

For the rest, we have headphones with 7 hours of autonomy, expandable up to 18 with the battery included in the charging case (which is charged by microUSB, perhaps the only counterpart of these headphones). They have IPX5 protection for sweat and rain, and we can call Google Assistant or Alexa from them.

Motorola Tech3 will reach the Spanish market next December at a price of 99 euros , positioning itself as a rival to be taken into account in the wireless headphones market.

The Galaxy M30s with 6000 mAh battery arrives in Spain

Samsung introduced a few weeks ago the Galaxy M30s, a mobile that stands out for its 6000 mAh battery and that arrives in Spain at a great price.

What a year of launches for Samsung, and between the renewal of the Galaxy A and the new M series, the South Korean giant seems to have taken a big step forward in the mid-range. The last to arrive is the Samsung Galaxy M30s, a mobile phone we met a few weeks ago and is already available in Spain.

The Galaxy M30s is a terminal that receives several improvements over the Galaxy M30 , a mobile that was presented at the beginning of the year and did not end up arriving in Spain. The renovation does, and it comes with very good features to highlight.

The new Galaxy M30s arrives in Spain: the biggest battery in a Samsung mobile

The new Galaxy M30s has many reasons to convince you as the next mobile if you are looking for a good mid-range, but there is one that stands out powerfully. It has a 6000 mAh battery , the largest battery ever seen on a Samsung mobile and probably the largest battery in a reasonable weight mobile. And it is that its 188 grams, without becoming a featherweight, are in the line of the rest of the phones in the range.

It is not the only virtue of the Galaxy M30s, since it has an Exynos 9611 processor, a refined version of the processor that we saw on mobile phones such as the Galaxy A50 , in this case accompanied with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, expandable by microSD card.

Samsung redefines its cheap phones with the Galaxy M10S and Galaxy M30S

It is a mobile with triple camera configuration, with a main sensor of 48 Mpx, accompanied by an ultra wide angle sensor of 8 and a third of 5 to measure the depth. We also have a large 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen to finish the configuration.

Samsung redefines its cheap phones with the Galaxy M10S and Galaxy M30S

The Galaxy M30s arrives in Spain at a price of 259 euros, and it is already possible to buy it in stores like Amazon, a very competitive price and with very competitive specifications regarding rivals such as the Redmi Note 8 Pro or the Realme X2.

Samsung Galaxy M30s for 259 euros on Amazon.

Galaxy M30s Features

  • Processor – Exynos 9611.
  • RAM memory: 4/6 GB.
  • Storage
    • Internal: 64/128 GB.
    • MicroSD: yes, up to 512 GB.
  • Graphic : Mali G71.
  • Screen .
    • Size: 6.4 inches.
    • Resolution: 2340 x 1080 pixels.
    • AMOLED technology.
    • Aspect ratio: 19.5: 9.
  • Rear camera.
    • Resolution: 48 Mpx the main one, 5 Mpx booster and 8 Mpx the wide angle
    • Opening: f / 1.9 the main one and f / 2.2 the other two
    • Others: LED Flash
  • Front camera.
    • Resolution: 24 Mpx.
    • Opening: f / 2.0.
  • Connectivity: 4G / LTE, Dual SIM, Bluetooth 5, WiFi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, NFC …
  • Ports:
    • 3.5 mm jack
    • FM Radio.
    • Rear fingerprint sensor
  • Battery: 6000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 159 x 75.1 x 8.9 mm
  • Weight: 174g
  • System:
    • Android version: Android 9 Pie.
    • Manufacturer’s layer: Samsung One UI.