Google Authenticator: what it is, how it is configured and how it is used

Do you want to use two-step verification in your accounts? Discover the way you can use Google Authenticator on your Android phone.

Two-step authentication, or two-step identification, has become a very common method with which to provide our accounts with an additional layer of protection . Many applications on Android give us the ability to activate this system at any time, such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram . In most of these cases, the method used is Google Authenticator.

The Google Authenticator name is clearly linked to two-step verification . Surely this name sounds a lot to many users, but then we tell you all about it. So you know what it is, how it works and how it can be used when you want to use two-step authentication.

What is Google Authenticator?

Google Authenticator is an application available for Android and iOS, created by Google. The purpose of this application is to provide codes that will be used in two-step verification . Therefore, it helps the user to identify or verify their identity in any application or account they have. After entering the username and password, you are asked to enter a code, which is sent to this app.

This application is compatible with many services . Of course it can be used with Google’s own, in those applications or services where it is needed. In addition, it can be used with other applications or services, such as Facebook, Instagram or Amazon, among many others. Compatibility with so many services makes it a very reliable option.

Google Authenticator is an application that we can download on any Android phone for free . The application is available in the Play Store, you can download it here below. Thus it will be possible to use it at all times in two-step authentication on various accounts or platforms.

How this service is used

Google Authenticator

The first thing we have to do is proceed to download Google Authenticator on Android , using the link above. Once we have the application installed on the phone, it is already possible to start. The steps to follow to be able to use this service are really simple, so you will not experience problems in this regard.

The first step we have to complete is to choose the account we want to protect, which in this case could be our Google account. The application gives two options in this case: Carry it out manually or scan a QR code where all the account information is. Each user can choose the desired option, although the code is much simpler and faster. Then we scan the code in question.

We can now log in to a web page or application , entering the username and password. Next, the code shown on the screen in Google Authenticator must be entered on that website or application. By entering this code the verification is completed in two steps, it is known that we are, so that we have access to said application or said web page in question.

When we use this identification service, we will see that the codes displayed on the screen change every few seconds . Therefore, there are times when when we start introducing it, it changes to a different one, the frequency is somewhat variable, but we must be prepared for this situation, since it is something that can happen to us on occasion.

How to set up Google Authenticator in other services

Facebook two-step authentication

As we mentioned, Google Authenticator works with many different services , such as a Facebook account. Therefore, many users want to have this service associated with their account on the social network, to be able to use it in two-step verification in it, allowing you to log in in a secure way, preventing someone from entering the account without permission.

To make this possible, add Google Authenticator in the Facebook account , we have to activate the verification in two steps in the social network first, which is something that we have already shown you in the past , but we remind you of the steps we have to follow in this regard:

  • Enter this link. With your Facebook account already started.
  • Choose the method to use in this verification.
  • Choose authentication app.
  • A QR code is displayed on the screen.
  • Scan that code with Google Authenticator.
  • Wait for the unification of the two accounts to take place.
  • Enter the code that appears in the app on Facebook.

With these steps, these two services have already been connected . If you want to do the same with other applications such as Instagram or services such as Amazon, the steps to follow are identical at all times, so they should not be a problem for anyone. Many services and applications are compatible with authentication applications like this, so it is an option available in your settings on a regular basis.

How to update WhatsApp: versions, methods, problems …

Do you need to update WhatsApp on your Android phone? Discover all the ways there are for it today and choose the best one for you.

WhatsApp is one of those essential applications for millions of users on Android. The vast majority of us have it installed on the phone and we use it frequently too. For most, the use of the application is very simple, as well as updating it when a new version of it is available. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all people.

It is likely that your parents or a family member who is older use WhatsApp on your phone. At some point you may need to update the application on the device , but you don’t know very well what you have to do. Here are all the steps and methods to update it.

How to know what version of WhatsApp you have


When a new WhatsApp update arrives, it is common to talk about the number of this version. When this happens, it is possible that there are many users who do not know what version of the application they have installed on Android , so they do not know if this new version is something they can install. Checking which version of the application is installed is something simple, which we can do in the app itself. The steps to follow in this case are:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the settings option.
  • Enter the Help section.
  • Go to the section called Application info.

Upon entering this screen we will see a WhatsApp icon and just below it shows the version we have installed at that time. So we will be able to know if we can update or not to the new version of the application that has been launched on Google Play.

Update WhatsApp from Google Play

The most normal thing is that you have downloaded WhatsApp on your Android phone from Google Play . We will then use the app store to update the application every time a new version is available. In these cases, our Android phone will issue a notification when updates are available for the applications we have on the phone. But we can also look for updates, in case that notification has not yet arrived. For this to be possible, we have to follow these steps:

  • Open Google Play Store on our phone.
  • Click on the icon of the three horizontal stripes in the upper left.
  • Enter the section of My applications and games.
  • Click on the first tab that is the updates tab at the top.
  • Search WhatsApp in the list of applications that are on the screen.
  • Click on the update button next to WhatsApp.
  • Wait for the update to install.

With these steps we have proceeded to install the new version of WhatsApp on our phone, allowing us to enjoy the new functions that the messaging application has to offer in that case. I use simple steps, but that allow us to enjoy at all times any news that the application has left us.

Alternative stores

Many Android phones do not only have Google Play as an app store, but they have their own stores (brands like Samsung or Huawei have their app stores). It may also be the case that we have used another store to download WhatsApp in the past. In these cases, when updating the application we have to resort to these stores again, to have access to the new version of the application.

In those stores that are not official, think of examples like UpToDown or Aptoide , we always have access to the APK of an application, so with each new version of it the APK of this new version is released. Our task is therefore to update the application in question, WhatsApp in this case, with this new version by downloading the APK that has already been released.

It is another method, which also has no problems, although it is important to use only sites that are reliable. Unfortunately, in many of these stores we may encounter malware or other threats. So it is important to choose well the store in which to download these files in APK. Although we also have tools that help us before downloading a file in this format, to avoid scares in that regard.

From the WhatsApp website

If we are looking for a reliable site to download said APK, the best option is to use the WhatsApp website itself . The application makes the APK available to users on its website, allowing it to be downloaded to an Android phone at any time. Each new version of the application that is published is updated on the web, which means that we can have it whenever we want. It is an option that many do not know, but it works well.

We only have to enter this link , where we can download the WhatsApp APK directly on its website. It is a very safe option, since we know that there will be no malware or any hidden threat in it, which allows you to download the APK in question at all times.

So we can update as new versions of this APK are released on its official website. These versions usually coincide with the new version of the app that is released for other users on Android. So when talking about a new version of WhatsApp available, we can go to its website and download this APK, which will be available with the new version of the application.

How to register in the beta version of WhatsApp

Try WhatsApp news before anyone else and from Google Play

If you want to try WhatsApp news before anyone else, you can always join the application’s beta program . Being able to be a beta tester is a way to have access to these new functions, before they are launched in the stable version of it. It is an option of interest, although in a beta there can always be certain operational problems. It is a risk to which we are exposed.

In the case of WhatsApp, being a beta tester is possible, although there is an important limitation. Since the app only makes 10,000 places available to users, which means that in many cases there is no site. This link is where we can join this program at any time. Just enter and click on the option to Become a beta tester.

The process takes several minutes, but after a while it shows that we are already beta tester of the application . We will then be asked to update WhatsApp, so that we can already enjoy the beta of the application. Being part of this program gives us access to functions before they arrive stably in it.