Samsung shows on video its new folding mobile?

Samsung has published an official video of its developer conference, which shows what its second folding mobile looks like.

A developer conference created by Samsung is currently taking place in the United States. In SDC19 the use of some of the company’s services and platforms is encouraged. There has been talk of One UI 2.0 , the new interface that will arrive with Android 10 to the mobile phones of the Korean company, or of Bixby, the assistant who presented a novelty a year ago.

But the most striking has been that Samsung has made a video in which it invites developers to keep in mind the folding screens, screens that need a series of modifications in the applications, as we tell you in the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Fold .

In that video you see the first Samsung mobile … next to what appears to be the second model.

A new Samsung mobile phone, or so it seems

If you look at the video, you can see how the first model is a carbon copy of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, with a small external screen and a huge screen inside, which behaves differently.

Samsung muestra en vídeo ¿su nuevo móvil plegable?

In the second part of the video you can see a new device, which fits with what has been rumored for a long time that Samsung is preparing, a folding mobile similar to Motorola Razr, which by the way will also have its version renewed shortly .

In this new device it can be seen that it uses only one screen, along the entire length of the terminal, and that it folds on its larger side, leaving a fairly compact smartphone.

Samsung muestra en vídeo ¿su nuevo móvil plegable?

In addition, the interface allows you to use the device itself as a support, as Samsung has shown in the video, reducing the operating area in the videos, for example, to the upper half of the screen.

This idea, and others, is what Samsung wants developers to implement in their applications, supposedly so that when their new smartphone is announced in a few weeks, or months, there are the most compatible apps already on the market.

The Orange operator bank already has an opening date in Spain

Orange telecom operator has announced that it will open a bank for its customers in a few days. Orange Bank will be similar to its French namesake.

Mobile phone operators have gone through many stages since they were founded at the end of the last century, usually as subsidiaries of telecommunications companies. Since then we have seen how they have gone from controlling the user’s relationship with brands to being providers of data and calls.

In recent years, companies dedicated to this have been evolving, entering new territories, such as security or home automation . And also the banking.

Orange Bank will open in Spain in November

El banco de la operadora Orange ya tiene fecha de apertura en España

The French operator has announced today in an event that will open Orange Bank in Spain at the end of November , and that will be exclusive, at least in principle, for the clients of the operator in our country.

You can hire in a few minutes, through the company’s website or the company’s physical stores. In 2020 an account can also be opened in stores that sell Orange products and services that are not from the company itself and will be opened to anyone later.

Mobile payments, biometric identification …

El banco de la operadora Orange ya tiene fecha de apertura en España

Orange has confirmed that the bank will be 100% online and will focus on offering products of interest to its customers, such as mobile payments or biometric identification in all operations that can be done from its application.

Orange Bank will have an application for Android and another for iOS, and aims to offer a simple experience, without commissions, up to what is expected of banking in the 21st century.

In France, Orange Bank has been operational for two years , having obtained more than 340,000 clients and having granted more than 120,000 loans, figures that are not negligible. In Spain, the operator intends to get 10% of its customers to contract this service with them, which would mean more than 1.5 million users.

The Google Pixel 4 is a great smartphone for deaf people

Google has made the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4XL highly recommended terminals for deaf people. And we have a first hand example.

Today, practically everyone has a mobile phone. And yes, it is true that we hardly use them anymore to talk, at least if we compare it with other uses, but it is still the tool with which we perform this type, and another, of tasks.

But not everyone has the same capabilities. In a reddit thread we have seen the story told by a user who suffers from deafness. In it, he explains why he has opted for a Google Pixel 4 over an iPhone or a Samsung, and that his previous mobile was from Apple.

Live Transcribe and Live Caption

As we said when we tell you the news of Android 10, Google has put the batteries with accessibility in this version, directly and indirectly. One of the most useful functions of Android is Google Live Transcribe , a system with which we can see written what happens around us, from noises to conversations.

This application is available for many Android phones, but the author of the thread on reddit also mentioned Live Caption , the new feature of the Pixel 4 that is capable of putting real-time subtitles to any video, audio file, etc. Of course, this is not useful for voice calls, but we can transcribe them with Google Live Transcribe if we put the phone in hands-free mode.

New voice recorder ideal for deaf people

It also mentions the new voice recorder that comes standard in Pixel 4 and which we have already talked about . In this app we can see written text that has been extracted from an audio, and even perform searches.

For the user who wrote the thread on reddit the mobile is certainly not perfect, as we already told you in his analysis .

Nevertheless, we hope that all these functions, which are software, end up being standard on all Android phones, even from the current version, Android 10.

The INE will have access to the location of all Spanish mobiles

For 8 days, the INE will have access to the location of all Spanish mobiles to study citizens’ movements.

In recent years, mobile devices have become a hole for our privacy. However, sometimes this information can be valuable. And that is what they seem to have thought of the National Statistics Institute (the INE).

For 8 days during the next year , the agency will have access to one of the largest data banks that it could access: the location of each Spanish mobile.

Why do they do it? How will they do it? When will they do it? Is it legal? How can I avoid it? We tell you the key aspects.

Access to the location of almost all Spanish mobiles for 8 days

The INE’s job is to collect information about the Spaniards, something they usually get by conducting surveys. It is worth mentioning that conducting a survey of all users in the Spanish territory is practically impossible.

But thanks to technology, the INE will be able to carry out one of the largest statistical studies in its history, obtaining the location of almost all Spanish mobiles for 8 days. This information will be obtained thanks to a collaboration with Movistar, Vodafone and Orange.

The main reason is to study the movements of the Spaniards in certain circumstances : a typical week, a weekend, a very important holiday and a typical summer holiday week. With these data, they hope to get a better idea of ​​how the average Spanish moves through Spain. This information will be useful to improve the country’s infrastructure more effectively.

When will they do it? In the following days:

  • From November 18 to 21: displacement flow through studies or work.
  • November 24: displacement flow on a Sunday.
  • December 25 : Christmas travel.
  • July 20 and August 15: trips for summer vacations.

Is this legal? According to the INE, the information collected will be completely anonymous, so they should not include data protection laws.

What can we do to prevent them from registering our information? If you are dissatisfied with this study, the easiest way is to remove the SIM from your mobile and turn off the phone during those days. Although if you really care that nobody knows where you are with absolute probability, theirs is that you disconnect it permanently.

Beware of Android 10 on the Galaxy S10: the beta has a serious error

If you have updated your Samsung Galaxy S10 to Android 10 with One UI 2.0 you must be careful: there is a serious error that can block your phone.

The owners of a Samsung Galaxy S10 , also a Note 10 , in any of its versions do not yet enjoy Android 10 in its stable version, but they can try the beta with this system version and also One UI 2.0 , the new custom layer . We have installed the second beta, the current one, and it works very well. Although now a very serious authentication error has been discovered that can block the phone.

As SamMobile emphasizes , the owners of a Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 who have installed the second beta of Android 10 and One UI 2.0 can be deprived of access to their phone due to an error with the authentication of security services. If this error is activated, the mobile would reject any attempt to enter the phone using the registered methods, such as fingerprint, PIN, pattern or facial recognition.

If you have the second beta installed on your Galaxy S10 or Note 10 activate the Search my Samsung mobile service

Cuidado con Android 10 en los Galaxy S10: la beta tiene un grave error

So you can make sure you have the remote option to restore your phone

First of all, we must clarify that the error is not widespread , so it does not mean that you suffer if you are in the risk group (a Samsung mobile with the second beta of Android 10). We have been using this software version from day one and we have not encountered any problems, but it never hurts to prevent: you can run out of phone access . We must remember that, like any trial version, it is not without failures.

The only way to avoid the problem is to have a way to restore passwords remotely so that you can enter your Samsung mobile in case you suffered the authentication error. If you have the beta on your phone, be sure to follow the steps below:

  • Access the settings of your Samsung Galaxy and go to Biometric data and security .
  • Enter the Search my mobile menu.
  • Make sure that you have registered your Samsung account, that Search my mobile is activated and that the Remote Unlock box is checked.
  • From that moment, if the Android 10 and One UI 2.0 error blocked your Samsung Galaxy, you could unlock it from the web by accessing this page with your Samsung account registered on the phone.
  • Additionally, you can remove the locking systems as long as Samsung does not release an update to correct the problem. Remember that this makes your phone accessible by anyone : do not remove the lock if you are not in a safe environment.

The risk of testing beta versions is always latent, it is something we must assume. Even so, the truth is that the second beta of Android 10 with One UI 2.0 for the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 works very well in terms of stability and energy consumption . If you have not installed it yet and you feel like it, remember our advice and activate Search my mobile .

Qualcomm will finally have a processor at the height of Wear OS

A filtered Qualcomm document details the Snapdragon 3300, a new processor for watches and other wearables that will be manufactured in 12 nm.

How many watches with the Google operating system do you know? It is not that there are too tremendously popular, but a large catalog of different brands that replicates features with different designs and finishes . And among these features there is usually a common denominator: a Qualcomm processor, usually outdated.

Although Qualcomm has been updating the range of processors for smart watches, the latest generation Wear was developed on a Snapdragon 400 , 2013 processor. With this huge gap in a sector as competitive as that of smart watches, manufacturers demanded a high-level processor, something Qualcomm would be about to unveil with the future Snapdragon Wear 3300 .

Qualcomm would update its range of processors for wearables with the Snapdragon Wear 3300, based on the Snapdragon 429

Qualcomm tendrá por fin un procesador a la altura de Wear OS

Kernel of the Snapdragon Wear 3300 platform. Image of XDA Developers

As we said, it is true that the Wear OS watch catalog is nurtured and varied. There are manufacturers like Mobvoi , Casio , Michael Kors, Fossil … It even seems that Xiaomi will end up joining Wear OS with its own watch. And when choosing a processor for the wearable there are not too many options apart from Qualcomm .

As XDA Developers found in the Code Aurora Forum , Qualcomm has uploaded the Linux kernel code of a mysterious Snapdragon Wear 3300 (SDW3300 device) . According to the kernel data, the new platform would be based on the Snapdragon 429 , a qualitative leap with respect to the platform used by the Snapdragon Wear 3100, the 400 .

The new SoC for smart watches and devices suitable for clothing would be manufactured in 12 nm (the previous Snapdragon 3100 has a 28 nm manufacturing process) and would have 4 ARM Cortex-A53 cores at 1.95 GHz . In addition, Qualcomm would include a second low-power processor for less demanding device tasks; thereby achieving greater autonomy, something vital in a smartwatch.

We do not know when Qualcomm will present the new platform for smart watches, but its launch should not be too far since the company will soon reveal its most powerful SoC of 2020, the Snapdragon 865 . It would not be strange if both processors saw the light in the same event .

Controversy for the Huawei P30 Pro at 139 euros that FNAC sold “by mistake”

A Huawei P30 Pro at 139 euros is an offer that flies in minutes. This happened at FNAC, with a fatal outcome: buyers saw their order canceled.

Following the promotions that happen every day in all online stores is as economical as it is exhausting. Given the enormous competition of the stores, all bets to offer more or less aggressive offers . With a counterpart since there are often errors in prices that trigger complications, both for the store and for the buyer.

Yesterday there was a succulent offer in the FNAC Spain online store: a Huawei P30 Pro for 139 euros; further lowering the price if the client was a member of FNAC , to only 124.90 euros. The offer was published in a huge amount of media related to promotions, also on websites such as Computer Hoy . Logically, the offer was so juicy that sales multiplied in minutes.

The notable drops in the price of a phone are not strange, that a recent mobile has a discount of almost 75% in a Spanish store is rare. The huge difference between the real price and the offered price draws a lot of attention, but it is also the main argument against which those now affected by the purchase have to face.

FNAC canceled all orders for the Huawei P30 Pro claiming price error, lack of stock and computer problems

Polémica por el Huawei P30 Pro a 139 euros que FNAC vendió "por error"

Aspect of the offer in FNAC. Computer Image Today

Online orders canceled for too cheap prices are the order of the day. In general, and always following the law, all stores must comply with the provisions of the contract . Therefore, if a customer has purchased a product at any price, and that price was stipulated in the terms of the contract, he must send it according to what said contract dictates. Although there are statements in favor of trade: if the price difference between the actual cost and the one published on the web is ridiculous, the customer should understand that it is an error, so the store could cancel the order unilaterally by returning the amount to the client.

If the price difference between the actual and the offered cost is ridiculous, the law covers the cancellation of the order

This aspect is not too clear and is always qualified , so there is scope for the claim. In Spain there are cases in which the stores and consumers also won, a sign that there is no single way to act. However, FNAC would have, at least in principle, the law on its part.

Those affected by the FNAC offer are organizing through the hashtag #AfectadosFnac , they have also created a Telegram channel . Joining is a first step to get the phone number offered, also to file a claim: FACUA highlights this when asked by Twitter .

Although the disproportionate offer could be the cause of an error, what is strange is that FNAC has canceled the orders alleging three different causes depending on the client: price error, lack of stock and computer problem . In addition, since many customers took the opportunity to buy the Huawei P30 Pro and become members of the FNAC club so that the mobile would be even cheaper, the company should have canceled both products, the mobile and the membership card. But it is not like that: only the P30 Pro has been canceled , a detail that has ignited those affected even more.

Nvidia Shield TV 2019: new cylindrical design and new remote control

The new Nvidia Shield TV 2019 draws attention for its cylindrical design and for the new remote control with programmable button.

Together with the new Nvidia Shield TV Pro, the brand has presented a renewal of the normal model with a new design. The Nvidia Shield TV 2019 offers a different aesthetic section to the set top boxes that we usually see, almost integrating it into the HDMI cable.

A cylindrical design

This new design is designed to be placed on the ground, as a connector between the power cable and the HDMI cable. This way it will not take up space next to the TV.

The Shield TV 2019 has an Ethernet port in case we do not want to connect it via Wifi, as well as a slot to put a microSD card. It does not have USB ports, unlike the Pro model.

The internal memory is 8 GB, and it has 2 GB of RAM, lower figures than its older sister. We have Wifi ac and bluetooth 5.0.

It has support for 4K HDR resolution and intelligent image rescaling, similar to the Pro model.

A redesigned remote control

One of the biggest changes of this model is the remote control, which happens to be an element with many more buttons, among which one dedicated to Netflix and another that serves for the menu but that can be customized to launch any application.

Like the Pro model, this set top box has no video game controller, something that Nvidia has decided to control the cost. However, we can buy it separately , or use a compatible one, such as the XBox, PS4 and more models.

Price and availability of the Nvidia Shield TV 2019

The price of this device is $ 149.99 and its sale has been confirmed both in the United States and in Europe, although there are still no availability or specific markets.

The bible of alarm sounds: files with the 250 sounds of Google

If you want to change the alarm sound of your mobile attentive to the 250 sounds that have been extracted from one of Google’s apps.

Although many users believe that Pixels offer the purest Android experience, reality indicates otherwise. Google has been customizing its terminals little by little. Yes, it is true that he has not done it like other brands, aggressively and visually, but there are more and more modifications within these devices, which take them away from other models.

One of the changes is that Google introduces some functions and, from time to time, some applications that while they are useful, do not work on other models. One of them is Google Sounds , an app that goes through its second version, and second revision, in which the company hosts all the sounds related to notifications, alarm sounds or ringtones.

La biblia de los sonidos de alarma: archivos con los 250 sonidos de Google

Download the alarm sounds from Google

The problem is that this application, as we say, is designed for Pixels and although it is true that it can work on some phones, it does not work on everyone. That’s why in Android Police they have extracted more than 250 sounds and categorized them into files so you can download them and use the one you like best.

When you download them and unzip the corresponding file, you have to go to the settings and choose the sound you like best. If they do not appear, you should surely move it to the System Notifications folder, which is where the predefined sounds are housed.

However, before downloading these files you can try to download the Google Sounds 2.2 application in APK Mirror in case it works on your specific model.

Google has accelerated the share menu on Android 10, and much

Through a change in programming APIs, Google has managed to make the Android 10 share menu much faster than in previous versions.

In the war between iOS and Android there used to be an element that was always in favor of the latter: the share menu. The possibilities in the Google system used to be greater than in Apple’s. This has evolved in both environments but it is true that in the case that matters to us, Google, we have seen how Android 6 introduced a noticeable change in the way this menu behaved, and slowed it down a lot.

The change in Android 6

Google ha acelerado el menú compartir en Android 10, y mucho

The reason for this decrease in speed is that in that version the most common contacts were introduced in shareable applications when sharing something. That way we could choose to send a file to a person via WhatsApp, with just one click, for example.

The problem is that scanning all the options and displaying them, which is what the Direct Share function of Android 6.0 Marshmallow did, took the system too long.

Android 10 changed the APIS

In Android 10 we have seen how this has changed since Google has stopped using Direct Share and has implemented new application programming interfaces (APIs) to share elements, called Sharing Shortcuts API .

In theory, this should make the menu of this version of Android, when we are going to share something, go much faster, and Google has proven it.

Google ha acelerado el menú compartir en Android 10, y mucho

In the image above you see a comparison of how fast Android 9 (in green) and Android 10 (in black) is when it comes to displaying target items in the share menu.

As you can see, with Android 10 almost 100% of users see the share menu within 0.1 seconds of pressing the button and half of them see it four times faster. In Android 9 it took practically four times as long to display that information.

Obviously, these Google calculations are applied in a general way since each case is specific for the number of installed apps, their type and many more factors.