All the secret Android games you can still play

Do you want to discover all the secret games that Google has on Android? We tell you all that are currently available below.

Google hides many games or Easter Eggs on Android or its applications and services. Thanks to them we can entertain on more than one occasion and for many it is fun and interesting to have access to all these games on your phone. Therefore, we leave you below with all the secret games that we can still play from the phone. Since there are enough.

So, if at some point you get bored or are curious to know these secret Android games , it will be very simple to have access to them. There is a fairly wide variety of them, so surely some are of your interest. In addition, Google is releasing new ones over time.

Most of these games are accessible both on Android and from the computer , so they don’t have too many problems in this regard. While the controls may be somewhat different if played from the phone, but in general they are usually adapted for both situations.

Dino T-Rex Runner

The Chrome dinosaur is already like a game on Google Play

Possibly the best known secret game for users , which we can play on both Android and the computer, as long as we use Google Chrome. It is a game that comes out when we run out of Internet connection. When we want to access a website or we are doing a search and there is no connection, we will have access to this game.

The game is very simple, we have to jump obstacles with this dinosaur . Although as we jump more, the speed is increasing significantly, making it difficult to jump or to anticipate such obstacles. A very popular game and which you have surely played on some previous occasion.

Play PacMan

Another option that we can access from Android or the computer is to play some classics, such as PacMan . The only thing we have to do in this case is to search the game on Google, and under the name of the game we will get a button that says play. When we click on it it will take us to the game and we will be able to play the classic game normally.

The operation of the game has not changed anything in this case, so it is presented as a good option for the most nostalgic, who want to enjoy a game like this at any time. In order to play on this occasion we are going to need to have an Internet connection on the phone or computer.

Classics like Solitaire, Tic-Tac-Toe and Atari Breakout

Not only can we access PacMan in this way, since other classic games and known by most, such as Solitaire, Tic-Tac-Toe and Atari Breakout , are also available on Google. All of them can be accessed on an Android phone or tablet, as well as from the computer. Just look for the game in the Google search engine.

Under the name will be the option to play, on which we click, to enter a game in that game . In all cases, the operation of the game does not present changes with respect to the originals, only that the controls may be a little different on the phone from the computer, but there are not too many problems in this regard.

Super Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog is another well-known game, thanks to which we have a character as legendary as Super Sonic. Google also leaves us with a surprise in this case, when we search for Sonic in its search engine . When we do this, we see that several pictures of the character appear on the right side of the screen. Just below the photos comes his name in large letters and next to these letters there is a small icon of the character.

If we click 25 times in total on this little icon , we will see how it ends up transforming into Super Sonic. A curious surprise from Google, that many users did not know. We can access it from both Android and Google Chrome on the computer.

The Flappy Bird in the Google app

Similar to the first case in which we have the dinosaur game, Google leaves us with another game that we can enjoy without an Internet connection in its Google application. When we perform a search in the application, but the Internet connection has been dropped, a cloud icon will appear, which is where we have to press to access the game.

It is a game inspired by Flappy Bird, although it is not the same, but does not present many changes in terms of operation. In this case we have to make the cloud fly as long as possible , without falling or crashing into obstacles. We have to tap the screen to control this cloud.

Zerg Rush

Another curious game that can be accessed from the Google search engine is a game called Zerg Rush . This game has been inspired by the classic Starcraft, so those who know this game can already get an idea of ​​what we can expect. As in other cases, what we have to do is search Zerg Rush in the Google search engine.

When we search for this term in the search engine, small balls will come out that will destroy the search results if we do not act quickly. To prevent this from happening, we will have to press three times on each of these balls. By doing this the health of each of them will get worse, they will weaken and then they will disappear from the screen. Another entertaining game that you can access both on an Android phone and on your computer.

Repair a broken phone: When it’s worth it

Do you have doubts about whether you should repair a broken phone? Discover the main aspects that we have to take into account in this situation.

Most of us have met at some point in a situation in which to decide whether to repair our broken phone or suffer a failure or buy a new one. There are cases in which we can consider taking it for repair, while on other occasions it is no longer worth it and it is better to buy a new phone instead.

How to know if it’s really worth it or not? If we consider a number of factors, we may find it much simpler to know if it is worth repairing a broken phone or not . Thus, being able to make this decision will be something simpler and that we carry out having all the necessary information for it.

Warranty and insurance


One of the first aspects to consider in this regard is to check if the phone is still under warranty or not . It makes a big difference in case you want to repair this device, because the costs can be lower in many cases, and depending on the failure even free, if we are not responsible for the failure or breakdown in the mobile. Therefore, it is always recommended to check this first. Especially in case of a reconditioned phone.

If it is a fault or breakdown that we are not responsible for and the mobile is under warranty , then we will take it to the manufacturer’s technical service. It is they who have to repair a broken phone in this type of situation, without incurring a cost for us (it may only cost us the shipping). But it is not something we can resort to if the screen has broken because we have misused the phone or it has fallen, this type of breakdown is not covered.

There are users who bet on insurance for their phone . It is a fairly popular option, especially in phones within the high range. A priori it sounds like a good option, which gives additional protection for the device, although in practice the situation is not always ideal. Since many times they do not cover certain failures, causing the user to have to pay money for such repair, in case they want to do it.

If you have insurance and are thinking of repairing a phone that has broken down, check if said insurance covers this repair for that particular problem you have. In the case that you are thinking of insuring your phone, because you just bought one, it is important to read what kind of problems or breakdowns it covers, to know if it really compensates you to pay for it.

Telephone Age

Old phones

It is common for us to question whether we should repair a broken phone. Especially if it is a phone that we have been using for a while and we are very satisfied, but seniority plays a decisive role . It may be an Android phone that you have been with for a couple of years, that you have used a lot already and that you don’t even receive updates anymore. Is it really worth repairing?

We have to ask ourselves if it compensates us to pay for such repair , since a phone that has already a time is not in guarantee. So that cost may be higher than desired, causing you to not compensate for such repair. Also ask us if a new phone can give us something better or new, it can be a decisive factor. Since a phone that is a couple of years old may not have certain functions, such as a fingerprint sensor or its cameras are worse, for example.

Seniority can also influence the repair itself . Repairing a phone that has been on the market for a few months may be simpler, because all the components will be available. In the case of a phone that is already a couple of years old, it may happen (it is not always certain) that there is a piece that is more complicated to obtain. So it involves a risk in such repair, in addition to a possible additional cost.

If we also have data on said repair cost, it is an aspect that will help us decide. A repair too expensive for a phone that has already completed its cycle is not something worthwhile. We may be more compensated to buy a new mobile in this case.

Type of fault

Of course, another aspect to consider when you want to repair a phone is the type of fault . The problems that a phone can experience are very diverse. Although there are usually certain problems or breakdowns very common, especially with the screen of the device (from bumps, breaks or stop working) and the battery is another aspect that also usually generates problems among users.

There are breakdowns whose repair can be simpler and will take less, while others are more complex. The more complex the repair in question, the greater the cost we have to pay for it. Something that can make us think twice if we really want to repair the phone. There are all kinds of rules and recommendations in this case, about when we should really repair a broken phone or not.

Knowing the cost of repair in advance is possible in many cases. This will allow us to make a more informed decision and see if we are really interested in paying for it. If repairing a broken phone is going to cost you half or even more than it costs you to buy a new mobile, it may not be the best option, especially in the case of a phone that has already fully complied for a couple of years .

Phone type

Before we talked about the age of the device, which is a decisive factor, but we can not forget the type of phone we have. Since it is something that can clearly determine the cost of such repair. Especially if you have a smartphone that can be submerged or is water resistant, which are usually more complex to repair.

There are phones that are very easy to repair , something that we can see in many cases thanks to pages like iFixit. If we suffer a problem in a model of these, then we already know that the repair would be simple and that the cost would be less, in addition to taking less time to be ready. But not all phones stand out for being easy to repair.

Therefore, depending on the mobile you have and its specifications or additional functions, you may find yourself surprised that such repair is especially expensive or complex . If other issues like seniority add to this, it may cause you to make the decision that repairing such a phone is not really worth it.

How to know what song sounds: 4 ways to know with your mobile

Do you want to discover the name of the song that is playing at that moment? Discover these four methods that we can use for it on Android.

A situation in which you have found yourself on more than one occasion: On the radio or somewhere a song sounds, you like that song, but you don’t know the name of it. Luckily, there are several methods that can help us discover the name of any song, thanks to our Android phone.

Then we leave you with these methods that we can use on the Android phone to discover the name of a song that we are listening to at the moment. All of them will fulfill this task, so it will depend on what seems most comfortable to you which one you end up choosing.


We start with what is probably the best known method among users. Shazam is an application that has been with us for many years , both on Android and iOS. This application is dedicated to helping us discover the name of a song that is playing at that time. Whether a song on the radio, or a disc that someone is playing, will work at all times to give us that name.

Shazam is an application that works very quickly, since in a matter of seconds we have the name of that song already available. In addition, the artist who interprets this song will show us and will give us access to the lyrics of it. This way we can discover more about this artist, in case this song that we were listening to at that time has been of interest to us. It gives us additional functions in this way, as well as helping to discover the name of a song.

The application interface is also very easy to use, which makes any type of user able to use it. When we want to discover the name of a song, we just have to open the application and let it do its job. In a few seconds, the name and the artist who plays the song will be shown. Very easy to use in this case.

Downloading Shazam on an Android phone is completely free . In addition, inside the application there are neither purchases nor advertisements of any kind , so we can make use of it without distractions of any kind. You can download it from the Play Store in this link:

Google Assistant and Bixby

Discover which song is playing without using any application

While an application like Shazam is very popular among users on Android, the reality is that we do not need to install third-party applications for it. Google Assistant also has the ability to discover the name of a song that we are listening to at a given time. This is one of the most recent functions of the assistant, although many users do not know it, and the truth is something that can be taken advantage of.

The way we can make use of this function on an Android phone is really simple. So if you use the wizard regularly on your phone, you can use this function at any time. The steps to follow in this case are the following:

  • Open Google Assistant on your phone.
  • Ask him to identify the name of that song, using a command for it. The possible commands that can be used in this case are: “OK, Google, what is the name of this song?” Or “OK, Google, what is the name of the song that is playing?” Or “OK Google, What song is playing now? »Are some of these possibilities. Any command that makes me listen to that song.
  • The wizard will start searching for that song (a wave icon will be displayed on the screen).
  • See the result on the phone screen.

This method is also very fast , since in a few seconds the name of the song is shown on the screen, in addition to the lyrics of the song. Google Assistant also makes it easier to access more information about that artist or to play the song on YouTube. If we want to know more about the artist in question, it will be very simple in this way, in addition to being able to discover the name of a song in a very short time.

Also Bixby , the Samsung assistant, has this same function available, with which to know what song is playing at a given time. It is a function that we have already talked about in the past , therefore, you can use it if you have a Samsung phone in your case.



MusiID is another application that follows the steps of Shazam in terms of operation and whose purpose is that we can discover the name of a song that we are listening at that time. It works quite accurately , so it is another good option to consider in this case, if we want to be able to find the name of the song in question.

When we have installed the application on Android, you will only have to give permission to access the microphone , something essential for the operation of the same on the phone. If there is a song playing whose name we want to know, we just have to click on the top of the application, so that music detection starts working. In a few seconds the name of that song and the artist who plays it will be displayed.

They also give additional information such as the lyrics of the song or more songs by that artist, to learn more about them. In addition, all the searches we do remain in the app, so that we can see all the songs we have been looking for using the same, along with the date on which we search for that song.

MusicID can be downloaded for free on Android phones . Inside the application there are no ads or purchases of any kind, which greatly facilitates its use and allows you to discover the name of a song without distractions. If you want to download this application on your phone, it is possible from this link:


Finally we have a more daring option, but it works very well if you have a good sense of rhythm and a good memory. Midomi is a web page where you can discover the name of a song by singing it . The search this time works by voice, so we can sing or hum that song and will start looking for results that match in its huge database.

When we enter the web, possible on the phone or on the computer, we see that there is a microphone at the top. To be able to search for songs we press and hold on that icon and we will have to sing for about ten seconds . They are enough for the website to look for those results that match what we have sung. On this occasion, it is very important to vocalize well so that the results will be much more precise.

Midomi is another good option to know which song is playing at a given time. It may be a less ideal option if we want to quickly know the name of that song at that particular moment, but more if there is a song that we are humming or singing whose name we can’t guess or don’t remember. There are situations in which it can be a good help. You can enter the web in this link .

VoLTE calls: what they are, what advantages they have and what operator they have

Have you ever heard about VoLTE calls on occasion? We tell you all about these types of calls and what operators they are in.

An action that remains essential in the use of mobile phones is to make calls. Also in this field there have been many improvements over the years, being one of the most important VoLTE calls , of which you have heard on some occasion heard or read something. For many people it is something totally unknown.

What are VoLTE calls and how do they work? Here we tell you all about it, so that we can know more about their importance. We will also tell you the operators that currently have these types of calls available in the case of Spain.

What are VoLTE calls


VoLTE calls are also known with 4G calls or voice over LTE . This is an improvement in calls, thanks to an improvement in the mobile network. This provides voice calls with higher sound quality, which is the main feature in this case. In addition, a faster call establishment is also obtained in this case.

On the other hand, users are given the ability to navigate in 4G + at maximum speed , even while calls are being made. This is something that operators allow, being Orange one of the first operators in Spain to have introduced such calls in the market.

Before the arrival of VoLTE calls, operators made use of GSM or UMTS networks to transmit voice communications between phones. While the 3G and 4G network was responsible for transmitting this data over the Internet. The development of this technology allows data to be transmitted with greater speed. Thanks to this technology, the operators give us a service capable of transmitting the voice in compressed packets over the Internet.

What advantages do these calls offer?

Waiting tones on calls, how many types of beep are there?

Being an improvement, we can see that VoLTE calls leave us with a series of advantages that are of importance. They allow users to enjoy certain changes, which those who have experienced the change from one technology to another have probably experienced. The main advantages that leave us this type of calls are:

  • It is possible to make clearer calls with high definition voice, even in noisy environments.
  • 4G + data rate is maintained during calls.
  • It is possible to dial a phone number and contact it almost instantly.
  • You can make WiFi calls using your home WiFi network and continue the 4G network call when there is no WiFi.
  • Battery consumption is lower using VoLTE calls.
  • Rich conversations: During the calls, services known as RCS (Rich Communications Services) are offered, including functions such as video calls, data transfer, location or images.

The advantages in this case are clear , so we can see the many improvements that have been introduced in this case in VoLTE calls.

As for the inconveniences we find in this case, they are quite few, but many of them have been corrected over time. At first, when VoLTE calls were launched, it was common for calls to be disconnected . In addition, they were something that was only possible to use in calls between the same operator. So they are limitations that over time have been corrected, allowing them to function properly.

Compatible phones with VoLTE calls

One of the most important limitations was that in the beginning very few phones were compatible with VoLTE calls. Luckily, this is something that has been corrected over time, so there are more and more Android phones that have compatibility with these types of calls. Although there are still a few brands that make use of them.

In Android it is Samsung that is betting more on VoLTE calls , since a large part of its mid-range and high-end phones have such support. Some of the signature phones with support are:

  • Galaxy A50
  • Galaxy A40
  • Galaxy A70
  • Galaxy A10
  • Galaxy A80
  • Galaxy Note 8
  • Galaxy Note 9
  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S8 +
  • Galaxy S9
  • Galaxy S9 +
  • Galaxy S10
  • Galaxy S10e
  • Galaxy S10 +
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy A9 2018
  • Galaxy A20E
  • Galaxy Xcover4
  • Galaxy A8

Other brands that are leaving us with this support are Sony, LG and Huawei . The three have several devices that support this type of calls, also among their most recent models, so we can find phones in Spain that have such support, if you have interest. Models we can find are:

  • Huawei P30, P30 Pro and P30 Lite
  • Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20 Lite
  • Huawei P20 and P20 Pro
  • LG Q7
  • LG G7
  • LG G8S ThinQ
  • LG K30
  • LG K40
  • Sony Xperia XZ1
  • Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact
  • Xperia XZ3
  • Sony Xperia 1
  • Xperia XA1, XA2

Operators offering these calls

As we mentioned, Orange was the first operator in Spain to support VoLTE calls . With the passage of time, new operators have been added, although the pace with which they are advanced. It is also in the case of Orange where we find the largest catalog of compatible phones with this function.

Vodafone is another operator that has supported VoLTE calls . Four years ago the operator included this option in Spain, as we told you in its day. Until recently, they were the two main operators that supported this technology. Although a few days ago Movistar was the last to join this list, supporting VoLTE calls and WiFi calls.

In this way, the three main operators in Spain already have support for this type of calls. It would be normal for others to add up over the months, although the speed with which this has advanced is being much slower than expected. But we do not doubt that it will soon reach new operators in Spain.

To access these VoLTE calls you just have to have a compatible phone and a fee with that operator . None of them charge money to make use of them. So you will not have problems or additional costs for using them on your phone.

Pre-registration on Google Play: What it is and how it works

Have you ever used pre-registration in games on Google Play? Find out all about this method to know how it works and what it is for.

It is increasingly common for a developer to publish a game on Google Play, but downloading it is not yet possible. In these cases, use is made of the previous registration for said game . A term that we are encountering with increasing frequency in the application store, although not everyone knows what it means.

What is really the previous registration of a game or application on Google Play? What is this system for? Then we answer these questions, so that you can understand more about this system and the reasons why so many developers currently use it.

What is pre-registration on Google Play

Google Play Store

Pre-registration is found in all the games that will arrive soon on Google Play, but are not yet available for download. Typically, this game cannot be downloaded in any market in the world. If this game in question is of our interest, then we can sign up for this pre-registration in the store, so that we will have access to it when it is finally officially launched.

This system can be affirmed as a kind of reminder . When a game is already in previous registration in Google Play, it is expected that its launch will take place soon, although there have been games that are months in this system in the store. They are games that usually have quite hype around and that many users on Android are waiting with great interest to be officially launched in the store.

When we click on the previous registration button in Google Play, we are activating a reminder. Therefore, when the game is finally released in the store, a notification will be issued on our Android phone . It indicates that this game is already available and that if we want we can proceed to download it on the device. Although we have to accept, because in this case the download is manual in this case. So we can do with this game or application.

How this system works

For developers it is a good way to know the level of interest that there is towards a game , since they will see that there are many users on Google Play who access this previous record of a game. So to know if there really is a great interest or expectation before the launch of said game on Android officially.

For users it is also a system of great interest, because they do not have to be entering Google Play from time to time to see if this game is already available or not. At the moment in which this game is launched in the country of residence of this user, you will have access to it at all times, since you will be notified on your Android phone that this game can already be downloaded to the phone. In addition to showing the steps to proceed to said download.

As we mentioned before, this system works as if it is a reminder . The user presses the button of previous registration in Google Play and then it is established that he will be informed at the moment in which this game, are mostly games in this case, is already available to download on Android. The day on which this occurs, said reminder is issued in the form of a notification on the phone.

How to watch games in previous registration on Google Play

Pre-registered games

It is possible that many of you are interested in seeing what games are already in previous registration , or if a game about which you have read something is finally available in this case on Google Play. Many do not know how to search if the game is already available or not, although in this sense Google provides us with help. Since they have created a section for it in the app store. So access is simple.

In Google Play there is a section of pre-registered games , which is quite extensive on many occasions. You can access it in this link , and you can see in it all the games or applications, although they are usually games almost always, which are already in previous registration in the application store. Therefore, if there is a game that interests you in this case, you will be able to join this previous registry to have access to said notification on your phone when the game is going to be launched.

In this previous record, the launch dates of the games are never shown. There are times when the developer has not even set that date, so it is a matter of waiting. There have been games on Google Play that have been months in this previous record , until finally its official launch has taken place.

How to join the previous registration

This is very simple and we will not take anything in this regard. We have to enter the profile of that game on Google Play , either on the computer or on our Android phone. We will see that on the right side there is a green button that says «previous registration, which is the one in which we have to press in this case. Then a warning box will appear and click on accept, to confirm that we want to join the previous registration of this game.

With these steps the process has been completed and we will only have to wait until the notification is sent to the phone saying that it can be downloaded and installed on the phone.

What to do if your phone has fallen in salt water

Did you drop your phone in salt water? Discover the steps that we must follow in these types of cases to avoid damage to it.

The fact that our mobile is wet is a concern for many, although there are always certain tips that we can follow in these types of situations, to prevent the problem from going further. But there is also a very important aspect to consider and it is the type of water in which it has fallen , since this has a great influence.

Many phones have IP68 certification , which makes them resistant to water or drops in water. This certification is not effective if the phone falls in salt water, since most devices do not have resistance to salted water. If your phone has fallen into salt water, it is advisable to follow some tips.

First steps to follow

When a cell phone falls into the water, the first thing to do is extract the water and dry it . In the case of salt water, the first concern is precisely the salt in the water, as it can cause damage to the components inside the phone. We must therefore look for a way to extract the salt that has been cast into the device. In these situations there are a couple of options available.

The first option is to immerse the mobile in distilled water , which we will be able to buy at gas stations, for example. This type of water will allow us to extract the salt that has been cast inside it. It is important to do it quickly, in order to avoid damage from it due to this salt. Therefore, you have to immerse the phone in distilled water and move it well, so that the salt moves and can leave the interior.

Once this has been done, proceed to dry the phone . It is very important to dry the phone carefully, but very precisely, we can use napkins or something that absorbs water well (refrain from using vacuum cleaners or similar). You can also use the classic option of rice, which will absorb all possible remnants of water left in the device, if there is anything left. The two options will help us in this case.

If the option of distilled water has not been possible, because you had nothing nearby, you can use a second method. A liquid that can help us in this case is 99 degrees isopropyl alcohol . It is a liquid that is responsible for displacing water. This is what allows the phone to be submerged in it for a few seconds, then proceed to dry it as we have shown in the previous paragraph. If we have used alcohol in the mobile, it is important to then pass a cloth to remove all the remains that may have been left of it.

Drying the mobile

Samsung Galaxy S8 water

After having resorted to any of the above methods to extract the salt from the mobile, the time of drying is important. We have already shown some option, but the reality is that this process has to be carried out with extreme care. Since you have to remove all the remains of water and salt that were in it.

To dry it in a way that is effective, it is best to use absorbent napkins , which can extract up to the last remaining water that is inside it. Cloths that help us can also work well, especially if they have a good ability to absorb moisture. This must be done in a conscientious way, to ensure that there is no water left inside. Normally, the salt has already been removed with distilled water.

Once the phone has dried, it is recommended in many cases to wrap with several paper napkins and then put it in a plastic bag , of those used for cooking. You have to be attentive to its evolution and notice if the napkins get wet. If this happens, then it is necessary to change these napkins every time they get wet. It may take several hours until it dries completely.

Many people also resort to the option of rice in these types of cases . Put the phone in a bag or tupper with rice for hours, so that it is the rice that absorbs the remaining water remains of the device. It is a method that is still popular, but that continues to give good results in general in these types of situations. The time it takes to dry completely is variable, although it is always recommended to leave it at least 24 hours.

If you are looking to make the most of this drying process, you can use it after having the mobile on napkins or rice, a dehumidifier , where to put the phone for a while. Something that helps to absorb the moisture that may remain in it, which in many cases should be too little, but to avoid scares in this regard.

Why salt water is dangerous for mobile

Although many Android phones currently have certifications such as IP67 or IP68, none of them can withstand salt water . If the phone falls to the sea, it is a problem that we must solve as soon as possible, following the steps that we have shown you in these two previous sections. Why is it so harmful?

In this case, as you may have already imagined, salt is to blame. Since the salt causes the corrosion process inside the phone to be carried out more quickly . It can cause the device components to deteriorate in a short time. It takes much less than fresh water to create damage to the device. It therefore forces users to take action as soon as possible, too.

That is why users are asked to take precautions when they go with the mobile to the beach , since it is a common problem that occurs with relative frequency, that users end up with a damaged mobile, because salt or sand has been cast inside it.

Digimon ReArise: this is the official game of the legendary Pokémon rival

After much waiting we finally have a complete and interesting game of the Digimon, which were once the alternative to the Pokémon.

Pokémon has been one of the greatest global experiences in entertainment at the end of the last century. What started with a video game later made the leap to television and marketing at all levels.

The success was so overwhelming that in 1997 the Digimon were created , beings that embraced the technology although they had the same essence as the Pokémon, being able to fight and evolve. And as you will remember those who are over thirty years old, there was also a popular cartoon series.

When Pokémon came to smartphones with Pokémon GO, many of us wondered if the Digimon would do the same, and although it has been, we are not facing a direct alternative to Pokémon GO.

Digimon Arise, a very complete game

The title that can already be downloaded from the Google Play Store is called Digimon Arise and has a different format than Pokémon GO. It seems that we have to gather a large number of characters, make them evolve and move forward in the plot, but we are not facing an augmented reality game.

The proposal is both much more traditional and more complex at the same time. The amount of options and resources in the game can be overwhelming in a first contact.

This does not help that, at the moment, the game is only in English, in addition to Japanese and Korean (it is clear what the focus is for its creators). Despite that, it is fully playable and although the dialogue texts may be difficult to follow for some of the options within the game they do not use much text.

A very logical aesthetic

One of the things that has caught my attention is that the graphics of the game was very inspired by the aesthetic 8 bits. It is not that the designs and the imagery were bad or with low resolution, it is that the title plays with the idea that the Digimon are that, digital monsters (Digital Monsters).

In the main menu we will have a kind of base of operations, where we can train the Digimon, make them evolve and feed them.

We can also create groups to go out to fight and follow the story mode or any of the missions that are proposed to us.

Turn-based fighting with many options

When we start a fight we will have actions to be taken by each of the Digimon of our team, as well as a special attack that will do more damage to our opponent but that will need some time to recharge.

In addition, we can pause the fighting and, if we want, accelerate them so that they are not so heavy, something that is much appreciated.

A free proposal with in-app purchases

Digimon Arise embraces the philosophy that, today, gives more benefit to developers, that is, a free download game that allows you to make purchases in the application to move faster. These purchases are not mandatory and there are no ads, so we invite you to try it.

How to set an alarm on Google Home with your favorite music

We tell you how you can set an alarm with the Google assistant on Google Home speakers with your favorite music. Fast and easy.

Google smart speakers have become a really practical product. Many use it only for a few things but their chances are very high. One of them is to use it as an alarm clock, setting an alarm.

This is not new and we told you this function in the video in which we collected the best commands for the Google assistant.

What you may not know is that we can set alarms with the music we want, although there are some restrictions.

How to set an alarm with your specific music

To activate an alarm we must use the conventional command but asking for the song we want. This estructure is the next one:

  • «OK Google, set the SONG NAME alarm within two hours».

In the NAME OF THE SONG we have to say the song we want, although we can also choose a specific group or the album that we like the most. But there is a limitation.

As you know, to request specific music in the Google assistant we need to have a paid subscription to Spotify or the streaming system that we prefer since the free versions do not allow it.

However, if we do not have a premium plan, the assistant will indicate it to us but will also tell us that he will set the alarm with music similar to the one we have requested.

Of course, we can also modify the second part of the command, to put it at the time that is convenient for us, choosing the time, day or time we want, as with any other alarm.

Google Home

How to remove the alarm

To stop the alarm we can use the same method as with normal alarms, saying:

  • «OK Google, for the alarm».

As you can see, they are very simple commands that may help us get up in a better mood with the most appropriate music.

«Instagram emails»: this is the new social network security function

Instagram launches a new feature called “Instagram Emails” in which we can check if they are trying to steal the account.

The growing importance of social networks has caused many criminals to use them to try to obtain data and private information from users. On many occasions they send mails posing as large corporations to confuse us, what we know as Phishing.

To try to secure our accounts and let us know if we are being a victim of such attacks, Instagram has launched a new function in its application.

This is how Instagram Emails works

In an update that is already being sent to users, a new section called Instagram Emails has been incorporated in which we can see the emails we have received from the company in our mail.

In this way, when we receive an email to our mailbox, we can go to the application and check if it really comes from it. It will save the emails of the last 14 days, and there will be two columns.

In the first one we can see the emails related to security, such as those we receive when we have made a new connection. In the second we will have other different emails, but also received from the service.

If we have received an email that claims to be from Instagram but it is not from this platform, it will not appear here so what we have to do is look in this new section every time we receive an email that seems to come from this service.

If, despite everything, someone has managed to enter our Instagram profile and take control, what we must do is go to the security section and follow the steps detailed there.

Virgin's success at the hands of Movistar, Orange, Vodafone and MásMóvil, but there is still hope

Since the arrival of MVNOs in 2006, the telecommunications market has undergone major concentration operations. Among the main ones, Vodafone bought ONO in 2014, a year later Orange Jazztel would buy and in 2016 the fourth largest operator was formed after the acquisition of Yoigo and Pepephone by MoreMobile.

After a period of relative tranquility in the sector, the 2020 aims to be another year of special relevance, which awaits the expansion of Euskaltel beyond its traditional borders to disembark in the rest of Spain, predictably under the brand Virgin, in the form of fifth major operator.

He Euskaltel group, in addition to the Basque operator, the Asturian telecable and Galician R are integrated, has been immersed in its expansion through Navarra and Catalonia for some time. But the intention of Zegona, British fund that controls it, is a rapid expansion that accelerates the desired profitability that the fund seeks.

The hidden war that Vodafone, MásMóvil and Orange keep to snatch low cost customers

To do this, he put in charge José Miguel García, recognized in the sector for taking Jazztel off until he sells his sale to Oange. Just what Zegona seeks to repeat with Euskaltel. But neither the market is the same as it was then, nor its rivals will make it so easy.

A market used to react at low cost

Multi-brand strategy Movistar Vodafone Orange Masmovil

With MásMóvil leading the monthly portability and multitude of independent MVNOs gaining recognition and ground, Movistar, Orange and Vodafone have long been forced to respond with their own low cost white brands, reaching to accumulate several brands under the same group, which have helped them adapt to different demand profiles, making Teleco much more agile when responding to rivals.

Despite the aggressive promotion of Euskaltel, the operator loses more lines than usual

Such is the tension in the sector, that the months of August and September in which Euskaltel launched one of the most aggressive capture promotions in its history, ended up being the months that the most cable lines have lost this year. Something that would be explained both by the influence of official promotions of other operators, and by private offers, not so official and aimed at minimize the effects of such strategies.

Movistar, Orange and Vodafone may not be willing to maintain an aggressive low-price policy for too long after experiencing the negative effects of the return campaign last 2018. But in low-cost terrain, MásMóvil will have greater responsiveness and will not let the throne be easily removed.

Without own net, Virgin has the wings cut

The first thing to make the national leap is to reach an agreement with a wholesaler that rents the networks to Virgin to provide its fiber service and also improves the agreement that Euskaltel already has for the mobile service. Without own networks and without a good agreement, Virgin will have its most limited room for maneuver, especially if the intention was to bet on throwing prices.

In the sector, Vodafone already held Orange responsible for the success of MásMóvil for its network agreements. But it is a double-edged sword in which on the one hand the wholesaler increases his income, but on the other hand he fosters more competition that also hurts him.

Does fiber come to my house? How to know if there is coverage of Telefónica, Orange, Vodafone and other operators

Strike a balance When it comes to reaching agreements, it is the key and with the experience acquired, it is expected that seeing the progress of MásMóvil, Euskaltel will not be so easy initially. On the other hand, juicy extra wholesale income is at stake that Movistar could not use after losing priority in his national roaming contract with Yoigo. Vodafone, with a fixed network that does not reach 13 million homes, would be the least likely option to seduce Euskaltel.

What can we expect from Virgin?

Without a lot of room for maneuver and with the main European giants willing to stop the feet of those who continue to attack with "too" low prices, the idea of ​​seeing Virgin become a free or three Spanish with prices below the actual cost, loses strength, but it is not impossible.

If Virgin makes cheap television a reality, it will be an incentive for white brands such as O2, Bit or Amena to add pay TV.

Another option could be to enter to compete in the field of low cost pay TV. It would be his main way to differentiate himself from a Yoigo television that is light years away and could do so with prices lower than the rest of the rivals without disturbing too much since each platform would have more differentiated content.

We can get an idea of ​​the television service that Virgin could offer if we attend to the service they offer from Euskaltel.

Virgin Television