Save battery on your Samsung mobile and optimize it with your new apps

Samsung Galaxy Labs is a set of applications designed to improve the battery of phones, make them more secure and enhance them by software.

Samsung not only has a huge number of mobiles and accessories, it also works on the software to offer the most complete and varied experience possible to its customers. In fact, it is often too complete since their phones are characterized by a certain heavyness in software and excess installed applications. Do you want more and make them really useful? No problem.

Samsung Galaxy Labs is a set of new applications, still experimental, that are offered as a complement to all mobile phones of the brand. They work within the framework of One UI and offer different ways to optimize the overall performance of the device, especially in battery and performance . They can be installed on any Samsung Galaxy with a minimum of Android 9 Pie .

Four new Samsung applications that optimize phones

Ahorra batería en tu móvil Samsung y mantenlo seguro con sus nuevas apps

The apps are included in an experimental launcher, Samsung Galaxy Labs . Like Good Lock applications, software that aims to improve phones, Galaxy Labs is not yet available in all countries, so far only in Holland. Without that being a problem to install the Apks on your Samsung mobile, of course.

As SamMobile has detailed , this new set of applications needs a launcher to be able to use them, as is the case with Good Lock . In the case of Samsung Galaxy Labs , the application itself ( here the Apk ) and the services that make it possible to work at software, Galaxy Labs Agent ( the Apk is here ). To have the whole package you need to install these two applications, then the corresponding optimization apps: the download icon from the Galaxy Store will only work if you are in Holland.

What experimental applications has Samsung currently included in Galaxy Labs ? The following four:

Ahorra batería en tu móvil Samsung y mantenlo seguro con sus nuevas apps

Battery Guardian

  • Battery Guardian This is an app that monitors the battery of the phones and the processes that run in the background. To save battery, Battery Guardian detects battery drain and pauses those apps that are exceeding; with the drawback that this can cause notifications to be lost. You can download it from here .
Ahorra batería en tu móvil Samsung y mantenlo seguro con sus nuevas apps

Battery Guardian

  • Battery Tracker It is complemented by the previous one in terms of monitoring battery consumption; offering a very detailed record of the energy impact of installed applications. It has more complete statistics than the Battery section of the Samsung Galaxy settings. And you can download it from here .
Ahorra batería en tu móvil Samsung y mantenlo seguro con sus nuevas apps

File Guardian

  • File Guardian This is an application that serves as insurance against accidental deletion, also for all those times that we regret having deleted something. And it is separate from the recycling bin integrated in Samsung Galaxy: everything you delete from the phone can be rescued using File Guardian; and definitely eliminate from there. You can download this application from this link .
Ahorra batería en tu móvil Samsung y mantenlo seguro con sus nuevas apps

File Booster

  • App Booster As the name implies, this application is responsible for strengthening the rest of apps and games. It works as a push button without knowing what it does very well: just press the button so that App Booster optimizes all mobile applications. You can install it from here .

Once you have installed all the applications, or those you want, you can access them using the launcher, Galaxy Labs . We have tested them and they all work correctly on our Samsung Galaxy S10 + with the Android 10 beta and One UI 2.0 . They should also work on other Samsung phones with Android 9 Pie and One UI .

These are the best apps of 2019 according to Samsung

Samsung took advantage of its developer conference, the SDC 2019, to communicate which are, according to its criteria, the best Android applications of the year.

That 2019 is about to end is a fact. And it is not only enough to look at the calendar to realize that November is already showing its leg , also the latest releases in mobile phones and accessories show it. And also the compilations with the best of 2019 , like the one Samsung has made of its Galaxy Store .

Since all Samsung mobile owners have access to the company’s app and game store, the Galaxy Store, the developers’ effort to stand out in the catalog is remarkable. And Samsung rewards it annually by choosing the best applications of the year, awards that it grants in its developer conference, the SDC ( Samsung Developer Conference ).

The 2019 SDC is currently being held in San Jose, California. Thousands of developers come to it, many of them with apps and games within the Galaxy Store or with an interest in publishing their work in this store. And 25 of them were awarded the prizes for the best applications, also for the best Devs. The variety and quality is notorious.

Samsung recognizes the best 25 apps and games developers

Análisis del Samsung Galaxy Note 10: en su tamaño está la mejor virtud

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 The SDC 2019 had its opening ceremony yesterday with an event in which the state of Android was analyzed at the development level, the health of application stores and how Samsung faces the evolution in its platforms, from Bixby to televisions He also highlighted the 25 best apps, games and developers of the Samsung Galaxy Store by selecting them in 25 categories .

In what strictly concerns the best apps and games of 2019 , Samsung rewarded the following:

Free payment applications for a short time: take advantage and download them!

We have for you a good collection of free applications that will be at zero euros for a short time: do not hesitate to download them, also the rest of the offers.

Our usual review of the Google Play offers brings us the latest compilation of free applications for October. Given the proximity of Halloween , there are many apps and games that have acquired a reduction for this reason, also designs and screens inspired by the Anglo-Saxon holiday. So you know: don’t waste time and go for the sales now.

Each of the discounts you have listed below will remain active for a short time. Since they will soon increase in price, you may go to Google Play and their original cost is reflected; Hence, our recommendation is to hurry up: only then will you get the apps and games on offer .

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

The compilation of offers cannot end here, we still have discounts on apps and games that are worth checking out. And not just a glance: if you buy now you will never regret it.

Stardew valley

One of the best role-playing games for Android is on sale with a 38% discount. No presentation needed: you still don’t have Stardew Valley in your app library, you have to buy it right now. It is an excellent opportunity.

The Room Three

Third part of the successful saga The Room with more riddles, challenges and puzzles than ever. Go from room to room investigating every corner of the rooms and discover each of its secrets. Overflowing emotion with 48% less.

Braveland Wizard

A great turn-based battle game that boasts a “old school” strategy system . Addictive, loaded with fun and, unfortunately, something short. Although yes, the 80% discount dilutes any inconvenience.


Labyrinthine black and white game with a certain aesthetic of Monument Valley and full of puzzles. Fracter has received several awards for the quality and approach of the game. And you have it on offer so you can try it for almost half its price. Recommended.



This is a question and answer game that mixes Trivial mechanics with narrative. Perfect for the geeks of the place and with a level of challenge acceptable to anyone who likes movies, animation or videogames. Currently has a discount of 66%.

Beamdog games

This developer specialized in the revitalization of classics has two authentic discounted games. Half less!

IClassics Collection games

They are not games as such, but they do offer interaction within a novel style with which you will immerse yourself in the world of classical writers . They have a 75% discount.

Android applications to find clothes using a photo

Have you seen a photo of clothes that you like? You can find it all thanks to this selection of Android applications that you can download now.

On some occasion you have surely seen a picture of a piece of clothing that you like . Either a photo on Instagram or an online photo. But you don’t know what brand this garment you have seen is, nor do you know very well how you can find it. Luckily, there are Android applications that can be of our help to find such a garment.

Thanks to these Android applications, we can find clothes using a reference photo , which will serve to show results of pieces that match that. So it will be possible to find that piece that we like so much, but we don’t know what brand it comes from. There are several helpful applications in this regard.

Google Lens

Google Lens is an application that has many utilities for Android users. Thanks to it we can identify all kinds of objects in a simple way, as you probably already know. We can also use it with clothes or accessories , so that it will show us results that match and be able to find the store where the specific product we want is sold.

All you have to do is point with the camera on the phone, once we have opened Google Lens, to that product. Then we will show results of products that match the one we have in the photo. On many occasions we find the same product, so we can find it. We will also see products that are very similar in appearance, so that we can find something similar.

It is a very simple method to use, so it is one of the best Android applications in this field for many. As with all Google applications, its download is completely free and there are no purchases or ads inside it. You can download it below:


This second application on the list will work in a similar way to Google Lens . With a photo, opening the camera of our phone, we can find products that are similar or the same as the one we are looking for. So we can use it to find a piece of clothing that we have seen and liked. It does not present too many complications in terms of use, since the user interface is really simple, of the simplest Android applications in this category.

Although it is an application that works somewhat slower , if we compare it with Google Lens. It may take almost a minute to show us results that match what we are looking for at the moment. But the results it gives us are useful, since in addition to giving us the link to buy the product, we have more information. A product description, additional photos or YouTube links are provided to watch a video of that piece in question.

The download of this application on Android is free . Inside there are ads, but it is not something that bothers when using it, they are not too invasive in this regard. So it is one of the best Android applications in this field, for its ease of use and good results.


Pinterest is a website and application that for many serves as a great inspiration in all kinds of projects . It is also a means in which many people discover items that are of interest and wish to buy at some point. Because this is something that is used frequently, the application has introduced a function that is helpful in this process, a kind of camera or sensor, such as Google Lens. In this way it becomes one of the Android applications to use in these types of situations.

We will only have to use it, so that the camera opens and then points to the product in question. Products that match in this case will be shown, with purchase links for many of them. To make this possible Pinterest has partnered with ShopStyle , a well-known shopping website, where we have a large selection of products. In addition to giving links to buy products, ideas and inspiration are provided to create an outfit based on that particular garment or accessory. So you can also help many users in this process.

Downloading Pinterest on Android is free , although there are ads inside the application. In general they are not usually annoying, so we can use the application without too many problems on our Android phone. The design of the app is very easy to use, just as simple as the web. You can download it below:

Google Reverse Search

Not only can we use Android applications in this process. We can also turn to Google directly, thanks to the reverse search that we have available in the well-known browser, which we have already talked about . This search is that we are the ones who upload a photo, so that the well-known search engine will show matching results. It can be a good way to regain access to the web page in question we were looking for.

In this case, we have to have the photo of the product in question or a URL of it. We enter the Google search and in the bar we click on the camera icon there, which allows us to upload a photo or enter a URL of that photo in question. Once we have done this, the search will begin, which will show the results that match. It may show photos of the same product, which will take us to the brand or store where we can buy it. So it is a method that can also help us.

It has the advantage that we do not need to install Android applications for it . Although the reverse Google search still has enough room for improvement, since in many cases it does not give the results that users were waiting for. But it is always worth trying, especially if other methods have not given the desired result, which was to find that piece of clothing that we liked so much in this case.

Control Alexa without speaking and with shortcuts with this free app

Thanks to this application that we can download for free we can use Alexa without speaking, from the mobile quickly, with shortcuts on the desks.

Smart speakers have become a very common tool in many houses. We have already talked about its advantages many times, but today we want to focus on an application that does not come standard or in the speakers or the official Alexa application.

When we are in a room where there is an Amazon Echo, it is normal to say something out loud to obey. But what if the stay is very large? What if we are in a room where there is no Echo? What if we don’t want to talk to not wake anyone?

That’s where an application we found in the Google Play Store called Reverb comes into action.

Control Alexa without speaking and with shortcuts

This application allows you to give voice orders directly from your mobile phone, although that is something we can do directly with the Alexa Android app. The novelty of this application is that we can create a Widget in which to put shortcuts for all the orders we want to use.

Controla Alexa sin hablar y con atajos con esta app gratuita

In my case I have configured it with the most common access to home automation control, for when I want to activate or deactivate something without using my voice. For this we must:

  • Open the application
  • Display the side menu
  • Choose the Custom Commands option.
  • Click on the blue + in the lower right corner.
  • Write the command as we would dictate to Alexa.

Once that is done with the commands we want, we go to the desktop and put the largest Reverb Widget in the location we want.

We can also control Alexa from a permanent notification in the notification bar, although if it bothers us we can remove it by pressing on the x.

Free and without advertising

Reverb is a free app that also has neither integrated purchases nor advertising. For now the application is only in English, which can be an impediment for some people, although once configured the use is not a very serious problem.

Google Authenticator: what it is, how it is configured and how it is used

Do you want to use two-step verification in your accounts? Discover the way you can use Google Authenticator on your Android phone.

Two-step authentication, or two-step identification, has become a very common method with which to provide our accounts with an additional layer of protection . Many applications on Android give us the ability to activate this system at any time, such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram . In most of these cases, the method used is Google Authenticator.

The Google Authenticator name is clearly linked to two-step verification . Surely this name sounds a lot to many users, but then we tell you all about it. So you know what it is, how it works and how it can be used when you want to use two-step authentication.

What is Google Authenticator?

Google Authenticator is an application available for Android and iOS, created by Google. The purpose of this application is to provide codes that will be used in two-step verification . Therefore, it helps the user to identify or verify their identity in any application or account they have. After entering the username and password, you are asked to enter a code, which is sent to this app.

This application is compatible with many services . Of course it can be used with Google’s own, in those applications or services where it is needed. In addition, it can be used with other applications or services, such as Facebook, Instagram or Amazon, among many others. Compatibility with so many services makes it a very reliable option.

Google Authenticator is an application that we can download on any Android phone for free . The application is available in the Play Store, you can download it here below. Thus it will be possible to use it at all times in two-step authentication on various accounts or platforms.

How this service is used

Google Authenticator

The first thing we have to do is proceed to download Google Authenticator on Android , using the link above. Once we have the application installed on the phone, it is already possible to start. The steps to follow to be able to use this service are really simple, so you will not experience problems in this regard.

The first step we have to complete is to choose the account we want to protect, which in this case could be our Google account. The application gives two options in this case: Carry it out manually or scan a QR code where all the account information is. Each user can choose the desired option, although the code is much simpler and faster. Then we scan the code in question.

We can now log in to a web page or application , entering the username and password. Next, the code shown on the screen in Google Authenticator must be entered on that website or application. By entering this code the verification is completed in two steps, it is known that we are, so that we have access to said application or said web page in question.

When we use this identification service, we will see that the codes displayed on the screen change every few seconds . Therefore, there are times when when we start introducing it, it changes to a different one, the frequency is somewhat variable, but we must be prepared for this situation, since it is something that can happen to us on occasion.

How to set up Google Authenticator in other services

Facebook two-step authentication

As we mentioned, Google Authenticator works with many different services , such as a Facebook account. Therefore, many users want to have this service associated with their account on the social network, to be able to use it in two-step verification in it, allowing you to log in in a secure way, preventing someone from entering the account without permission.

To make this possible, add Google Authenticator in the Facebook account , we have to activate the verification in two steps in the social network first, which is something that we have already shown you in the past , but we remind you of the steps we have to follow in this regard:

  • Enter this link. With your Facebook account already started.
  • Choose the method to use in this verification.
  • Choose authentication app.
  • A QR code is displayed on the screen.
  • Scan that code with Google Authenticator.
  • Wait for the unification of the two accounts to take place.
  • Enter the code that appears in the app on Facebook.

With these steps, these two services have already been connected . If you want to do the same with other applications such as Instagram or services such as Amazon, the steps to follow are identical at all times, so they should not be a problem for anyone. Many services and applications are compatible with authentication applications like this, so it is an option available in your settings on a regular basis.

How to recover or restore deleted SMS messages on Android

Have you deleted Android SMS messages by mistake? Discover the best way to have a backup and to recover them on your phone.

Although we send less and less SMS, for many users in the market they are still something of importance. On more than one occasion we have something of importance in one of those messages, such as an address or a data that we do not want to forget. Unfortunately, it may be the case that we delete said message by mistake from the phone , losing that data.

If this happens, as we do when we delete a file from the phone by mistake, there are certain options to restore or recover an SMS message . So in that case that a message has been deleted by mistake on the phone, there are tools that will help us in this recovery process.

How to backup your SMS messages

The RCS is the evolution of SMS

If we want to avoid losing messages on the phone, Google has a method that allows us to make a backup copy of the SMS we have on the device. It is a good way to avoid scares, especially if we have a message where there is information that is important or has value for us. This method allows messages to be backed up, which will be saved in Google Drive.

It is a good way to always have a copy, which you can access at all times. To do this, we will have to use the Google messages application on our Android phone. The steps to follow to carry out said backup of the messages are:

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Enter the Google section.
  • Click on the Backup option.
  • Follow the steps that are requested.

A backup of all types of files is carried out in this way, including the SMS in the account . So it is a way to keep them safe. If MMS have been received, in case someone has sent a photo, they are not included in this backup. To make this possible, you must have a Google One subscription.

Third party applications

We can always use third-party applications in this case, with which we can make backup copies of SMS messages. This allows us to restore or recover them in case of loss or having deleted them by mistake. There are quite a few applications of this type in the Play Store today, whose operation is similar in general. So you will have many options to choose from.

Possibly there are a couple of them that stand out above the rest. One of them is SMS Backup and Restore . It is an application that will allow us to make a backup of the messages we have on our Android phone. In addition to making these backups, it gives us the possibility that we can recover or restore them in case something has happened with them. It fulfills two essential functions in this regard.

The first thing we will have to do is download the application on Android. It is an application that we can download for free on the device. Inside we find ads, which do not usually interfere too much in the use of the application itself. All the functions that we have available in the application are free, so we can take full advantage of this when we are going to use it.

How to use SMS Backup and Restore

SMS Backup and Restore

When we have installed SMS Backup and Restore on the phone, we will get a start screen of the application in which it says “Get Started”, so we can start using it. We are going to be asked to accept the permissions requested by the application, it does not ask for any rare permission, so we can grant them in this case. Then we are already on the main screen within the application itself.

The first thing that is asked of us or the first option that is given to us is to make backup of the SMS messages and the phone calls . It shows the number of messages, and calls that are in the registry, of which we can make this backup. We can choose what we want to include in that copy, whether it’s just messages or calls or both. In addition, if we use the advanced options in the application, we can also choose the type of messages we want to save. Just follow the instructions of the application to generate this backup.

When we have made the backup, we will have it available for the case in which we have to restore or recover deleted SMS. This function is available on the home page of the application. In this home page we have a side menu, that when we display it we will see there is an option to Restore . We are allowed to choose the location of that copy that we wish to restore, so that we have the available messages.

SMS Backup and Restore will ask us if we want to restore only messages, calls or both . We choose what we want to restore and that process begins then. It will ask you a couple of things, such as using this app temporarily as the message app on the phone, so that it is possible to restore them. We accept and change it. After a couple of minutes we will have restored these messages.

Try on shoes without leaving home: this mobile app makes it possible

With augmented reality you can hunt Pokémon, draw in the air and even try on shoes. Yes, without going to a store: download the Wanna Kicks app.

The passion for sneakers or sneakers knows no boundaries and goes far beyond what could be considered its purpose: sport. Since manufacturers know that passion, all brands renew their designs frequently to include even limited ranges. And how to try on all those shoes? You don’t have to do sports until the store, that’s what the Wanna Kicks app is for.

The first thing we should say about this app is that it is still in tests , so it may not work as it should. We have downloaded Wanna Kicks and, as perceived, its operation is correct: choose some shoes, aim at your feet and you will have the new model as if by magic.

Wanna Kicks uses augmented reality to try on your shoes without having to take off your shoes

Pruébate zapatillas sin salir de casa: esta app móvil lo hace posible

The mechanics of the application is simple: choose a shoe model included in your catalog (at the moment it includes very few models), aim with the phone camera at your feet and Wanna Kicks will recreate the 3D look of the shoes you want as if Virtually you wear them. You can stand up, on tiptoe, try them while you remain on the sofa … And you do not need or barefoot: the RA will cover your shoes with the virtual model.

The application is extremely curious, both for the purpose and the result, it is also effective: it gives the feeling that the shoes are real. The recognition engine does a very good job, also the three-dimensional recreation of the models included in Wanna Kicks: once you install it you will not stop trying on new shoes. It even works with pets : do you want to see what your dog looks like with some Nike?

Pruébate zapatillas sin salir de casa: esta app móvil lo hace posible

Wanna Kicks allows you to try on your shoes without going to a store and offers links to the websites so that the shoes reach you home by messenger. At the moment the included stores are from the United States, but nothing prevents you from trying on your shoes virtually and then ordering them in a physical or online store in your area .

The application is in beta through the Google Play Store, but you can try it without any complications. It is extremely curious, it is also very well done. And it is perfect for all addicted sneakers.

This awesome photo editor turns your selfies into works of art

Gradient is a free photo editor that allows you to customize images with a multitude of filters and options to create professional selfies.

The pressure exerted by social networks has made us take more photos than ever with the phone. And the funny thing is that we tend to be the main objective of these photos: the rise of selfies is unstoppable. Therefore, the logical thing is that photo editors have become very downloaded applications, something that happens to our protagonist: Gradient is a relatively recent app (seven weeks old) that is triumphing in Google Play.

We have decided to highlight this application because it offers a huge amount of editing tools and filters to get authentic works of art with the photos. But it has a serious problem that is made bet: the developers have created an interface that invites to subscribe to use the application . Do not press, it is not necessary to pay to use it. You can do it if you think it is convenient, of course.

Gradient is an application that not only improves photos with filters, it also allows you to edit them thoroughly

Este impresionante editor de fotos convierte tus selfies en obras de arte

Usually, most of us take a picture and share it using the platform’s own editing tools. Instagram has its own editor, for example, also Twitter . Given its limitation in benefits, betting on an external application usually broadens horizons when it comes to customizing images. Gradient is a good sample.

Este impresionante editor de fotos convierte tus selfies en obras de arte

Despite some criticism for the intentionality of the developers in the subscription (Google Play complaints remain patent), Gradient works perfectly without paying a cent . To do this, the following must be done:

As soon as you start the application, press the back button of your mobile to exit the payment screen

Once you leave the payment screen, you will see that you can edit any of the images in your gallery. You have 11 different categories of filters with a multitude of variations in each of them; and 17 editing tools to adjust the image to your needs. Once the image is to your liking, you can share the result with your social networks or save the edited photo in the gallery.

Este impresionante editor de fotos convierte tus selfies en obras de arte

As an addition, Gradient offers a curious way to know which celebrity you look like. Thanks to the Who’s your Twin mode you will know who you look like thanks to a transformation collage. It is a simple curiosity that does not go much further.

Gradient is a great photo editor, he is also very careful. Offer subscription advertising, but you don’t have to subscribe: remember to avoid it with the back button.

Try these new Google applications: Special Digital Wellness

Google has unveiled five new experimental applications that are aimed at improving our use of the smartphone. You can download them now!

Since Google is the one who maintains the development of the Android operating system, it is logical that you also know how to take advantage of your ins and outs with applications for your phones. At the end of the day, having or not having Google apps is a value that can jeopardize a purchase, ask Huawei . And they are always experimenting with new ideas.

Digital Weelbeing or Digital Wellness is the culmination of the effort put by Google to create a way to control bad habits with the phone. Surely you use your cell phone every day; and you may not appreciate the excessive number of hours you spend looking at your screen, nor do you know how to stay away from it. Google has thought about it.

Digital Wellbeing is integrated into the base of Android 9 Pie and above. It is a use and notification center that records everything we do with the phone. But it is not the only way to manage its use since Google has developed five experiments in the form of an application with which to enhance the responsible use of Android.

Unlock Clock

Unlock Clock

This is an animated wallpaper that tells you how many times you have unlocked the phone. The same as Digital Wellbeing , but much more visible: having the number as wallpaper you will become truly aware of how much you use the phone. You can download Unlock Clock from the following link.

Post box

This experimental Google application retains all your notifications for delivery at a specific time. This way you will not be overwhelmed by the ads and you will have a centralized way to see what you have pending: Post Box is like a mailbox for all your apps.

We flip

This new Google application follows the usual mechanics of meetings between friends: leave the phone aside to focus on the conversation. We Flip allows you to create groups to enable the meeting; which will end when someone unlocks your mobile.

Desert island

What applications would you take to a desert island? This is the idea behind the Desert Island application: enter the essential applications for you and the app will let you use it for 24 hours. In this way you will focus only on what is important.


With this app you can choose which essential applications are part of different environments. Work, leisure, home… Select these apps and Morph will adapt your phone so that, depending on whether you are in one environment or another, you have only the essentials within reach.