How to adapt an Android mobile for your grandparents

Do you want to make an Android phone easier for your grandparents? Discover some tricks and launchers that we can use to make it possible.

It is increasingly common for our parents or grandparents to have a smartphone. Android is an operating system that is generally easy to use for most. Although for older people it is not always as simple, so we can use some options that simplify the use of the operating system for these people and so they can use the phone in the best way.

There are a number of tricks, in addition to being able to resort to launchers , which help transform the appearance of Android on the phone. This will help our grandparents or any older person to use the phone in the best way, being able to take advantage of the functions that are essential in their case.

Simple mode in EMUI

For those who have an Honor or Huawei phone, which uses any of the recent versions of EMUI, there is an option to simplify the use of the phone without having to resort to third-party applications. This is the so-called Simple Mode , which it does is transform the phone interface by a much more basic, with less elements, which we have already talked about . In it, the main functions of the device (call, messages …) are made available to users so that their use is much more comfortable for these people. To activate this mode, follow these steps:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Enter the system section in these settings.
  • Enter the Simple mode option.
  • Click on the button that says Enable.

We can see that when the simple mode is activated on the phone, the icons become larger. They are much easier to see and the text can be read more easily, something very comfortable for the elderly. In addition, the number of elements on the screen is significantly reduced, giving prominence to several main functions in each case.

This simple way can be a good way to help older people use the device. So those with Huawei or Honor phones, which use EMUI 9 or EMUI 9.1, can use this simple mode at any time.


If the phone does not have a function like this simple mode, it is always possible to use a launcher, which makes the Android interface much simpler to use. In the Play Store we find a lot of different launchers, called to make the use of the phone comfortable for older people, such as grandparents or our parents. So there are options that may be of interest in this case. We leave you with several launchers to consider.

Simple launcher

The name itself already gives us clues about what we can expect from it. It is a launcher that makes the interface on the device as simple as possible , with few elements in it, making the use very simple. It gives prominence to the most basic functions of the phone, such as calls or messages. So a person can access these applications or functions very quickly.

The icons used in Simple Launcher are large , as well as the text, which makes it easy to read. In addition, it gives us many customization options. On the left side you have the possibility of placing a bar with a series of shortcuts, to enter certain applications or have some functions always at hand. It also has an emergency button, which contacts emergency services in case something happens.

Simple Launcher can be downloaded for free on Android . In addition, there are no ads or purchases of any kind inside, which allows a much more comfortable use at all times. A highly recommended option, because it facilitates the use of the phone clearly. You can download it below:

Big launcher

This second launcher makes the Android interface even simpler than in the previous case. It is committed to a very basic interface , with flat colors at all times. A key aspect in this case is that the icons and text have a large size, with large blocks, making reading simple when the device has to be used. In fact, it is advertised as a launcher most suitable for older people.

Big Launcher does not show the names of the applications, but differentiated icons are used, so that each person knows which one they must use at a given time. The interface is reduced in this case to a single screen, where we have six large blocks : Telephone, SMS, Camera, Gallery, SOS and all applications. It allows the use to be as simple as possible for many people, in addition, there is the possibility of editing this at all times, so that each one determines how many applications or icons you want to display.

Big Launcher is a quality option, which also gives us many customization options. So it is possible to adapt the use to each person, depending on the agility or knowledge that person has about Android. It can be downloaded to the phone for free . Inside there are purchases, which are to obtain the premium version of this launcher, which gives us a series of additional functions. Although in many cases the free version is more than enough. You can download it below:

Simple Mode

This last option is a launcher that is partly inspired by the simple mode we have in Huawei. Like the two options above, it is responsible for simplifying the telephone interface . So it leaves us with a series of icons, which give access to the main functions on the phone, so that users will move more comfortably when they have to use the device. It has a lot in common with the previous options.

The applications are presented in large blocks , which makes them easy to read for those with vision problems. It gives access to applications such as calls, SMS, contacts or the camera of the phone. If desired, users can customize the icons displayed on the screen at all times, for better use of this launcher. Also depending on which applications are used most on the phone.

This launcher can be downloaded for free on Android . Inside it there are neither purchases nor advertisements of any kind, which makes its use especially comfortable for users. There is no premium version, so the features offered are those found in this version. You can download it below:

How to update WhatsApp: versions, methods, problems …

Do you need to update WhatsApp on your Android phone? Discover all the ways there are for it today and choose the best one for you.

WhatsApp is one of those essential applications for millions of users on Android. The vast majority of us have it installed on the phone and we use it frequently too. For most, the use of the application is very simple, as well as updating it when a new version of it is available. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all people.

It is likely that your parents or a family member who is older use WhatsApp on your phone. At some point you may need to update the application on the device , but you don’t know very well what you have to do. Here are all the steps and methods to update it.

How to know what version of WhatsApp you have


When a new WhatsApp update arrives, it is common to talk about the number of this version. When this happens, it is possible that there are many users who do not know what version of the application they have installed on Android , so they do not know if this new version is something they can install. Checking which version of the application is installed is something simple, which we can do in the app itself. The steps to follow in this case are:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the settings option.
  • Enter the Help section.
  • Go to the section called Application info.

Upon entering this screen we will see a WhatsApp icon and just below it shows the version we have installed at that time. So we will be able to know if we can update or not to the new version of the application that has been launched on Google Play.

Update WhatsApp from Google Play

The most normal thing is that you have downloaded WhatsApp on your Android phone from Google Play . We will then use the app store to update the application every time a new version is available. In these cases, our Android phone will issue a notification when updates are available for the applications we have on the phone. But we can also look for updates, in case that notification has not yet arrived. For this to be possible, we have to follow these steps:

  • Open Google Play Store on our phone.
  • Click on the icon of the three horizontal stripes in the upper left.
  • Enter the section of My applications and games.
  • Click on the first tab that is the updates tab at the top.
  • Search WhatsApp in the list of applications that are on the screen.
  • Click on the update button next to WhatsApp.
  • Wait for the update to install.

With these steps we have proceeded to install the new version of WhatsApp on our phone, allowing us to enjoy the new functions that the messaging application has to offer in that case. I use simple steps, but that allow us to enjoy at all times any news that the application has left us.

Alternative stores

Many Android phones do not only have Google Play as an app store, but they have their own stores (brands like Samsung or Huawei have their app stores). It may also be the case that we have used another store to download WhatsApp in the past. In these cases, when updating the application we have to resort to these stores again, to have access to the new version of the application.

In those stores that are not official, think of examples like UpToDown or Aptoide , we always have access to the APK of an application, so with each new version of it the APK of this new version is released. Our task is therefore to update the application in question, WhatsApp in this case, with this new version by downloading the APK that has already been released.

It is another method, which also has no problems, although it is important to use only sites that are reliable. Unfortunately, in many of these stores we may encounter malware or other threats. So it is important to choose well the store in which to download these files in APK. Although we also have tools that help us before downloading a file in this format, to avoid scares in that regard.

From the WhatsApp website

If we are looking for a reliable site to download said APK, the best option is to use the WhatsApp website itself . The application makes the APK available to users on its website, allowing it to be downloaded to an Android phone at any time. Each new version of the application that is published is updated on the web, which means that we can have it whenever we want. It is an option that many do not know, but it works well.

We only have to enter this link , where we can download the WhatsApp APK directly on its website. It is a very safe option, since we know that there will be no malware or any hidden threat in it, which allows you to download the APK in question at all times.

So we can update as new versions of this APK are released on its official website. These versions usually coincide with the new version of the app that is released for other users on Android. So when talking about a new version of WhatsApp available, we can go to its website and download this APK, which will be available with the new version of the application.

How to register in the beta version of WhatsApp

Try WhatsApp news before anyone else and from Google Play

If you want to try WhatsApp news before anyone else, you can always join the application’s beta program . Being able to be a beta tester is a way to have access to these new functions, before they are launched in the stable version of it. It is an option of interest, although in a beta there can always be certain operational problems. It is a risk to which we are exposed.

In the case of WhatsApp, being a beta tester is possible, although there is an important limitation. Since the app only makes 10,000 places available to users, which means that in many cases there is no site. This link is where we can join this program at any time. Just enter and click on the option to Become a beta tester.

The process takes several minutes, but after a while it shows that we are already beta tester of the application . We will then be asked to update WhatsApp, so that we can already enjoy the beta of the application. Being part of this program gives us access to functions before they arrive stably in it.

How to prevent your Google account from being stolen: tips and tricks

We find out how to secure your Google account so that nobody can steal it. Follow our advice and avoid security problems in the future.

Your Google account is essential . You use it from your Android phone, also for emails. And you store a huge amount of personal data or photos, in short: information of great importance to all. That is why we must try to protect this account to the fullest, to prevent it from being stolen or that they have access to it.

The good news is that there are certain guidelines that can be helpful in improving Google account security ; preventing in this way that someone can steal it. We have some tips to improve the security of the account in a simple way.

Two step verification

Google two-step verification

One of the best options to improve the security of your Google account is to enable two-step verification . Thanks to this method, the chances of someone hacking your account are significantly reduced. What this system does is to introduce an additional step when logging into the account; which requires that a code be sent by SMS, access is verified on another phone and more options. The steps to activate it are:

  • Enter this link having logged into your Google account.
  • Click on the Start button.
  • Choose the method you want to use for two-step verification: send an SMS to the smartphone or make a call.
  • Activate notifications that inform if someone wants to enter the account.
  • Exit the page.

In this way, we already have two-step verification activated in the Google account . It is a good method to prevent someone from entering without permission. In addition, having activated the notification of access, we will know when someone tries to access the account without our permission.

Use a recovery email and a phone number

If in the worst case someone has had access to our account or we do not have access to it, we can use a recovery email or a phone number. Therefore, setting up these two aspects in the Google account is a good help. For added security, it may be advisable to use both a recovery email and a phone number. The steps we have to follow in this case are:

  • Enter your Google account, in this link.
  • Go to the Security section, located on the left side of the screen.
  • Go to the “Methods to verify your identity” section.
  • Enter a recovery email.
  • Enter a phone number.
  • Give to accept.

With these steps we have an additional email , which must be different from the Gmail account we use regularly. The same goes for the phone number. They are a good way to recover access if in the worst case someone has entered it.

Third party access

There are times when, when we use applications, web pages or extensions, we are giving them access to our Google account . In many cases it is not something serious since it may be part of their operation, but it is important to consider what applications or extensions have access to the data. Reviewing it with some frequency is convenient: we must take away access to those that we do not consider appropriate or are no longer useful to us. The steps in this case are:

  • Enter your Google account, in this link.
  • Go to the security section, located on the left side of the screen.
  • Swipe to the section called Third-party applications with access to the account.
  • Click on the button that says “Manage third-party access”.
  • Remove access from those applications or services that you do not consider appropriate.

It is a good way to be clear about which applications or services have access to the Google account since in many cases we are not aware of it. There may be an application that does not have clear intentions and to which we are facilitating access to our account. Removing it from the list is the way to avoid it.

Control what you are sharing on Google

The personal information that we are sharing in the Google account can be very useful for some hackers or for those who want to steal our data or identity. That is why it is essential to have control over what we are sharing in the account as far as personal information is concerned. The steps we have to follow this time are:

  • Enter your Google account, in this link.
  • Go to the Contacts and Shared Information section, located on the left side of the screen.
  • Scroll down to “Choose what other users see.”
  • Enter this section.
  • Manage the data that other users can see about you.

This section helps us discover how our Google account looks from the outside and the data we are sharing with other people. There are times when we forget this information or do not give it too much importance, but we should review this to avoid sharing too much data, especially personal and those that can be used against us.

If we want a better experience and more privacy we can click on the Privacy Review button at the end of this section. It takes us to a screen where we can modify certain aspects of the Google account for greater privacy in it.

Repair a broken phone: When it’s worth it

Do you have doubts about whether you should repair a broken phone? Discover the main aspects that we have to take into account in this situation.

Most of us have met at some point in a situation in which to decide whether to repair our broken phone or suffer a failure or buy a new one. There are cases in which we can consider taking it for repair, while on other occasions it is no longer worth it and it is better to buy a new phone instead.

How to know if it’s really worth it or not? If we consider a number of factors, we may find it much simpler to know if it is worth repairing a broken phone or not . Thus, being able to make this decision will be something simpler and that we carry out having all the necessary information for it.

Warranty and insurance


One of the first aspects to consider in this regard is to check if the phone is still under warranty or not . It makes a big difference in case you want to repair this device, because the costs can be lower in many cases, and depending on the failure even free, if we are not responsible for the failure or breakdown in the mobile. Therefore, it is always recommended to check this first. Especially in case of a reconditioned phone.

If it is a fault or breakdown that we are not responsible for and the mobile is under warranty , then we will take it to the manufacturer’s technical service. It is they who have to repair a broken phone in this type of situation, without incurring a cost for us (it may only cost us the shipping). But it is not something we can resort to if the screen has broken because we have misused the phone or it has fallen, this type of breakdown is not covered.

There are users who bet on insurance for their phone . It is a fairly popular option, especially in phones within the high range. A priori it sounds like a good option, which gives additional protection for the device, although in practice the situation is not always ideal. Since many times they do not cover certain failures, causing the user to have to pay money for such repair, in case they want to do it.

If you have insurance and are thinking of repairing a phone that has broken down, check if said insurance covers this repair for that particular problem you have. In the case that you are thinking of insuring your phone, because you just bought one, it is important to read what kind of problems or breakdowns it covers, to know if it really compensates you to pay for it.

Telephone Age

Old phones

It is common for us to question whether we should repair a broken phone. Especially if it is a phone that we have been using for a while and we are very satisfied, but seniority plays a decisive role . It may be an Android phone that you have been with for a couple of years, that you have used a lot already and that you don’t even receive updates anymore. Is it really worth repairing?

We have to ask ourselves if it compensates us to pay for such repair , since a phone that has already a time is not in guarantee. So that cost may be higher than desired, causing you to not compensate for such repair. Also ask us if a new phone can give us something better or new, it can be a decisive factor. Since a phone that is a couple of years old may not have certain functions, such as a fingerprint sensor or its cameras are worse, for example.

Seniority can also influence the repair itself . Repairing a phone that has been on the market for a few months may be simpler, because all the components will be available. In the case of a phone that is already a couple of years old, it may happen (it is not always certain) that there is a piece that is more complicated to obtain. So it involves a risk in such repair, in addition to a possible additional cost.

If we also have data on said repair cost, it is an aspect that will help us decide. A repair too expensive for a phone that has already completed its cycle is not something worthwhile. We may be more compensated to buy a new mobile in this case.

Type of fault

Of course, another aspect to consider when you want to repair a phone is the type of fault . The problems that a phone can experience are very diverse. Although there are usually certain problems or breakdowns very common, especially with the screen of the device (from bumps, breaks or stop working) and the battery is another aspect that also usually generates problems among users.

There are breakdowns whose repair can be simpler and will take less, while others are more complex. The more complex the repair in question, the greater the cost we have to pay for it. Something that can make us think twice if we really want to repair the phone. There are all kinds of rules and recommendations in this case, about when we should really repair a broken phone or not.

Knowing the cost of repair in advance is possible in many cases. This will allow us to make a more informed decision and see if we are really interested in paying for it. If repairing a broken phone is going to cost you half or even more than it costs you to buy a new mobile, it may not be the best option, especially in the case of a phone that has already fully complied for a couple of years .

Phone type

Before we talked about the age of the device, which is a decisive factor, but we can not forget the type of phone we have. Since it is something that can clearly determine the cost of such repair. Especially if you have a smartphone that can be submerged or is water resistant, which are usually more complex to repair.

There are phones that are very easy to repair , something that we can see in many cases thanks to pages like iFixit. If we suffer a problem in a model of these, then we already know that the repair would be simple and that the cost would be less, in addition to taking less time to be ready. But not all phones stand out for being easy to repair.

Therefore, depending on the mobile you have and its specifications or additional functions, you may find yourself surprised that such repair is especially expensive or complex . If other issues like seniority add to this, it may cause you to make the decision that repairing such a phone is not really worth it.

What to do if your phone has fallen in salt water

Did you drop your phone in salt water? Discover the steps that we must follow in these types of cases to avoid damage to it.

The fact that our mobile is wet is a concern for many, although there are always certain tips that we can follow in these types of situations, to prevent the problem from going further. But there is also a very important aspect to consider and it is the type of water in which it has fallen , since this has a great influence.

Many phones have IP68 certification , which makes them resistant to water or drops in water. This certification is not effective if the phone falls in salt water, since most devices do not have resistance to salted water. If your phone has fallen into salt water, it is advisable to follow some tips.

First steps to follow

When a cell phone falls into the water, the first thing to do is extract the water and dry it . In the case of salt water, the first concern is precisely the salt in the water, as it can cause damage to the components inside the phone. We must therefore look for a way to extract the salt that has been cast into the device. In these situations there are a couple of options available.

The first option is to immerse the mobile in distilled water , which we will be able to buy at gas stations, for example. This type of water will allow us to extract the salt that has been cast inside it. It is important to do it quickly, in order to avoid damage from it due to this salt. Therefore, you have to immerse the phone in distilled water and move it well, so that the salt moves and can leave the interior.

Once this has been done, proceed to dry the phone . It is very important to dry the phone carefully, but very precisely, we can use napkins or something that absorbs water well (refrain from using vacuum cleaners or similar). You can also use the classic option of rice, which will absorb all possible remnants of water left in the device, if there is anything left. The two options will help us in this case.

If the option of distilled water has not been possible, because you had nothing nearby, you can use a second method. A liquid that can help us in this case is 99 degrees isopropyl alcohol . It is a liquid that is responsible for displacing water. This is what allows the phone to be submerged in it for a few seconds, then proceed to dry it as we have shown in the previous paragraph. If we have used alcohol in the mobile, it is important to then pass a cloth to remove all the remains that may have been left of it.

Drying the mobile

Samsung Galaxy S8 water

After having resorted to any of the above methods to extract the salt from the mobile, the time of drying is important. We have already shown some option, but the reality is that this process has to be carried out with extreme care. Since you have to remove all the remains of water and salt that were in it.

To dry it in a way that is effective, it is best to use absorbent napkins , which can extract up to the last remaining water that is inside it. Cloths that help us can also work well, especially if they have a good ability to absorb moisture. This must be done in a conscientious way, to ensure that there is no water left inside. Normally, the salt has already been removed with distilled water.

Once the phone has dried, it is recommended in many cases to wrap with several paper napkins and then put it in a plastic bag , of those used for cooking. You have to be attentive to its evolution and notice if the napkins get wet. If this happens, then it is necessary to change these napkins every time they get wet. It may take several hours until it dries completely.

Many people also resort to the option of rice in these types of cases . Put the phone in a bag or tupper with rice for hours, so that it is the rice that absorbs the remaining water remains of the device. It is a method that is still popular, but that continues to give good results in general in these types of situations. The time it takes to dry completely is variable, although it is always recommended to leave it at least 24 hours.

If you are looking to make the most of this drying process, you can use it after having the mobile on napkins or rice, a dehumidifier , where to put the phone for a while. Something that helps to absorb the moisture that may remain in it, which in many cases should be too little, but to avoid scares in this regard.

Why salt water is dangerous for mobile

Although many Android phones currently have certifications such as IP67 or IP68, none of them can withstand salt water . If the phone falls to the sea, it is a problem that we must solve as soon as possible, following the steps that we have shown you in these two previous sections. Why is it so harmful?

In this case, as you may have already imagined, salt is to blame. Since the salt causes the corrosion process inside the phone to be carried out more quickly . It can cause the device components to deteriorate in a short time. It takes much less than fresh water to create damage to the device. It therefore forces users to take action as soon as possible, too.

That is why users are asked to take precautions when they go with the mobile to the beach , since it is a common problem that occurs with relative frequency, that users end up with a damaged mobile, because salt or sand has been cast inside it.