Set up two Google Home or Home Mini as stereo speakers

We explain how the new option of the Google Home and Google Home Mini works to use two devices as a stereo speaker system.

When Google launched the Google Home Max, it introduced a novelty that many users were looking forward to: the possibility of using two devices as a stereo sound system. But Google only endowed its most expensive model with this feature. Until now

Google has updated its original Google Home and Google Home Mini to be able to create a stereo sound system linked to two of these models.

We have to take into account that the configuration cancels the previous installations and that they will appear as a single speaker to which to emit music. That is, we cannot use them independently to send different content.

How to set up two Google Home as stereo speakers

In order to configure this pair of stereo speakers, what we have to do is use the new function within the Google Home application:

  • We open the Google Home application on mobile.
  • We click on one of the speakers we want to pair.
  • Select the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • We look for the Pair of speakers option.
  • We choose the other speaker we want to use.
  • We select in which position each one of them is.
  • We choose the location.

Configurar dos Google Home o Home Mini como altavoces estéreo

From this configuration the system will behave as a single device. For example, if we change the volume in the system, the two speakers will vary at the same time, as is logical. Of course, the Google Assistant response and use system will only work with the left speaker since the right one will be deactivated so as not to interfere in the process when we ask or take actions.

Configurar dos Google Home o Home Mini como altavoces estéreo

Obviously, this new function is designed to put the two speakers in the same room, although it is not something that is mandatory, although having stereo sound in different places is something strange.

A free Google Nest Hub when you buy a Google Pixel 4 in Spain

As a launch promotion for Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL, if we buy them on the Google Spain website we will take a free Google Nest Hub.

The expected Google Pixel 4 are now official. Both the normal and the larger model are available in Spain, with prices somewhat lower than those we saw last year, something that makes us happy.

In addition, although for now Google has only confirmed that they can be purchased through its website, we have a reason to buy them there.

Google gives a speaker with a screen when you buy a Google Pixel 4

As a launch promotion the company is giving away a Google Next Hub valued at 129 euros to those who buy or book a Pixel 4 or a Pixel 4 XL before October 23, 2019.

For this, what we have to do is put both products in the shopping cart of the website and we will see how the discount of 129 euros, the price of the speaker with screen is applied.

Buy the Pixel 4 on the Google website

How is the Google Nest Hub

This device is one of those used by Google in the presentation. It is a smart speaker that has a large screen where we can play videos and any content that we can send to a Chromecast. In fact, it has an integrated one.

This device is perfect to see the answers to the questions we ask the Google assistant and as a multimedia controller of our lights and home appliances.

So are the Pixel 4

Of course, if you do not know if you are interested in Pixel 4 or not, we recommend you read the extensive article we have made of your arrival . Above all they stand out in the integration with the rest of Google products, in their camera and also in the way we interact with them, thanks to the new sensors that have been installed for Motion Sense.

Google Nest Mini: this is the successor of the Google Home Mini

Google has launched the second generation of its small smart speakers. The Google Nest Mini is the successor to the successful Google Home Mini.

In the Google event held today the company has focused attention on its new phones, the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. But with them we have seen more news, one of which will also come to Spain: the Google Nest Mini .

This new smart speaker is the heir of the Google Home Mini, which will eventually not be called Google Home Mini 2.

An almost identical design

The first thing that attracts attention is that the design is almost the same as the current model, with the same LEDs, size and construction.

Of course, we have a very simple and useful novelty. The Nest Mini can be hung on the wall thanks to an anchor that will be placed at the rear. As you can see in the images, it will be easy to put it anywhere, simply on the condition that it has a plug nearby.

It will be available in chalk gray, black, coral and light blue. And all are made with plastic extracted from recycled plastic bottles.

The four status LEDs that will let you know when you are listening or what volume you have are maintained, in addition to the button to mute the microphone. Of course, despite what had been rumored, it will not have 3.5 mm audio input jack.

Better sound, more functions

Google Nest Mini: este es el sucesor del Google Home Mini

In the section of benefits, there are changes, although they are not especially spectacular.

One of the most striking things is the improvement of the sound quality, something we asked for, but we will also have a better bass sound and a greater volume, and that the Home Mini did not sin precisely of small volume.

The volume control has also been improved, in addition to the way it is shown when we are close. And we can use it on many occasions without internet access, thanks to our own processor dedicated to this function.

Same price as its predecessor

As you can see, they are not especially noteworthy changes and in few occasions it will be worth changing a Google Home Mini for a Google Nest Mini. However, the idea is not that since this model is designed for those who want to buy a new speaker when replacing the Home Mini.

And he will do it at the same price, 49 dollars . We can buy it from the same distributors where we have been able to acquire the Home Mini.

How to set an alarm on Google Home with your favorite music

We tell you how you can set an alarm with the Google assistant on Google Home speakers with your favorite music. Fast and easy.

Google smart speakers have become a really practical product. Many use it only for a few things but their chances are very high. One of them is to use it as an alarm clock, setting an alarm.

This is not new and we told you this function in the video in which we collected the best commands for the Google assistant.

What you may not know is that we can set alarms with the music we want, although there are some restrictions.

How to set an alarm with your specific music

To activate an alarm we must use the conventional command but asking for the song we want. This estructure is the next one:

  • «OK Google, set the SONG NAME alarm within two hours».

In the NAME OF THE SONG we have to say the song we want, although we can also choose a specific group or the album that we like the most. But there is a limitation.

As you know, to request specific music in the Google assistant we need to have a paid subscription to Spotify or the streaming system that we prefer since the free versions do not allow it.

However, if we do not have a premium plan, the assistant will indicate it to us but will also tell us that he will set the alarm with music similar to the one we have requested.

Of course, we can also modify the second part of the command, to put it at the time that is convenient for us, choosing the time, day or time we want, as with any other alarm.

Google Home

How to remove the alarm

To stop the alarm we can use the same method as with normal alarms, saying:

  • «OK Google, for the alarm».

As you can see, they are very simple commands that may help us get up in a better mood with the most appropriate music.