The bible of alarm sounds: files with the 250 sounds of Google

If you want to change the alarm sound of your mobile attentive to the 250 sounds that have been extracted from one of Google’s apps.

Although many users believe that Pixels offer the purest Android experience, reality indicates otherwise. Google has been customizing its terminals little by little. Yes, it is true that he has not done it like other brands, aggressively and visually, but there are more and more modifications within these devices, which take them away from other models.

One of the changes is that Google introduces some functions and, from time to time, some applications that while they are useful, do not work on other models. One of them is Google Sounds , an app that goes through its second version, and second revision, in which the company hosts all the sounds related to notifications, alarm sounds or ringtones.

La biblia de los sonidos de alarma: archivos con los 250 sonidos de Google

Download the alarm sounds from Google

The problem is that this application, as we say, is designed for Pixels and although it is true that it can work on some phones, it does not work on everyone. That’s why in Android Police they have extracted more than 250 sounds and categorized them into files so you can download them and use the one you like best.

When you download them and unzip the corresponding file, you have to go to the settings and choose the sound you like best. If they do not appear, you should surely move it to the System Notifications folder, which is where the predefined sounds are housed.

However, before downloading these files you can try to download the Google Sounds 2.2 application in APK Mirror in case it works on your specific model.

Android fragmentation decreases and Google proves it

Google has published a graph that shows how the fragmentation of Android is reduced, little by little. And Android 10 will improve those figures.

Throughout the many years that Google and Apple have been facing through Android and iOS, there has been something in which Apple’s system has always won: the speed of adoption of the new versions of the operating system. The fragmentation of Android has always been much greater than that of iOS.

This was because Apple controlled the entire ecosystem while Google had to deal with hundreds of companies that used their software for their mobile phones.

But the owner of Android did not give up, and created Treble as a solution at this slow update speed. Thanks to this project, manufacturers could update much faster, and two years after its launch we have proven that it is true.

Android 9 has arrived much faster than its predecessors

In a graph provided by Google itself, we can see what has been the speed of adoption of Android 8, from Android 7, and Android 9, from Android 8. It is important to emphasize that Treble arrived in Android 8 so the jump from 8 to 9 was the first to benefit from Treble.

Android cada vez está menos fragmentado y Google lo demuestra

As you can see, the speed of adoption of Android 9 has been almost twice as fast if we compare it with that of Android 8.

Android 10 will improve Android fragmentation

Talking about Oreo and Pie is fine, but we are in the year of Android 10 and everything indicates that the speed of adoption of this version will be even greater, thanks also to the large number of companies that have participated in the beta phase of this version .

Nueva solución de Google a la fragmentación en Android: Project Mainline

And we cannot forget Project Mainline , the idea of ​​Google so that Android can be partially updated through its application store, the Google Play Store.

In addition, we already tell you that Google is increasingly strict with this and that since February next year will not allow the activation of new models if they do not have Android 10.

Try these new Google applications: Special Digital Wellness

Google has unveiled five new experimental applications that are aimed at improving our use of the smartphone. You can download them now!

Since Google is the one who maintains the development of the Android operating system, it is logical that you also know how to take advantage of your ins and outs with applications for your phones. At the end of the day, having or not having Google apps is a value that can jeopardize a purchase, ask Huawei . And they are always experimenting with new ideas.

Digital Weelbeing or Digital Wellness is the culmination of the effort put by Google to create a way to control bad habits with the phone. Surely you use your cell phone every day; and you may not appreciate the excessive number of hours you spend looking at your screen, nor do you know how to stay away from it. Google has thought about it.

Digital Wellbeing is integrated into the base of Android 9 Pie and above. It is a use and notification center that records everything we do with the phone. But it is not the only way to manage its use since Google has developed five experiments in the form of an application with which to enhance the responsible use of Android.

Unlock Clock

Unlock Clock

This is an animated wallpaper that tells you how many times you have unlocked the phone. The same as Digital Wellbeing , but much more visible: having the number as wallpaper you will become truly aware of how much you use the phone. You can download Unlock Clock from the following link.

Post box

This experimental Google application retains all your notifications for delivery at a specific time. This way you will not be overwhelmed by the ads and you will have a centralized way to see what you have pending: Post Box is like a mailbox for all your apps.

We flip

This new Google application follows the usual mechanics of meetings between friends: leave the phone aside to focus on the conversation. We Flip allows you to create groups to enable the meeting; which will end when someone unlocks your mobile.

Desert island

What applications would you take to a desert island? This is the idea behind the Desert Island application: enter the essential applications for you and the app will let you use it for 24 hours. In this way you will focus only on what is important.


With this app you can choose which essential applications are part of different environments. Work, leisure, home… Select these apps and Morph will adapt your phone so that, depending on whether you are in one environment or another, you have only the essentials within reach.

Google ejects a popular application uninstaller from the Play Store

App Manager, a popular application uninstaller, has been banned from Google Play for incurring alleged developer negligence.

With the huge number of applications that I have to test on my phones, I always carry an app that allows me to manage everything I don’t need: an uninstaller . I have tried many, none as App Manager : this popular application works great when it comes to removing out of use software. Well, rather it worked.

The App Manager developer has uncovered the controversy by receiving an email from Google telling him that they were removing his application from the Play Store ; blocking access to updates of this app and even the publication of any type of software in the official Android store. The measure seems disproportionate, especially because of Google’s claims.

App Manager could manage the Apks of the device, something that Google found as potentially malicious

Google expulsa de la Play Store un popular desinstalador de aplicaciones

Images alleged by Google to demonstrate the possible violation of its policies

If you have ever used App Manager , you will know that the application offers the list with everything you installed on the phone giving you the opportunity to uninstall it faster than usual. In addition, App Manager knows which applications you use the least (it needs access to usage data ), you can discover which ones have not been updated for a while and, subject to the controversy, you also find all the Apk you downloaded giving you the option to install them . It is a function that includes all file managers.

As Google stressed in the email sent to the App Manager developer , the company expelled the app and the developer of course malicious behavior . In the attached screenshots Google highlights the fact that App Manager can install Apks, something that does not undermine the Play Store policies for malicious content . Yes, it would violate these policies in the event that App Manager installs Apks without the user’s knowledge , and this does not: at all times the installation is manual and follows a guided mechanic prior acceptance of who uses the app.

Google expulsa de la Play Store un popular desinstalador de aplicaciones

It does not appear that Google is going to revoke its decision, so App Manager will no longer be available in the Play Store forever. This does not imply that it is an insecure application: the developer does not hide possible mysterious intentions at any time since the application is transparent . As we said, it does nothing with the Apks that other file managers do not offer, including Google Drive, for example.

App Manager continues to work on the devices that had it installed . The application will not be updated again, at least for now, it is also not available as a download through the Google Play Store. You always have, yes, download it in the form of Apk . As long as Google Play Protect doesn’t block it …

How to prevent your Google account from being stolen: tips and tricks

We find out how to secure your Google account so that nobody can steal it. Follow our advice and avoid security problems in the future.

Your Google account is essential . You use it from your Android phone, also for emails. And you store a huge amount of personal data or photos, in short: information of great importance to all. That is why we must try to protect this account to the fullest, to prevent it from being stolen or that they have access to it.

The good news is that there are certain guidelines that can be helpful in improving Google account security ; preventing in this way that someone can steal it. We have some tips to improve the security of the account in a simple way.

Two step verification

Google two-step verification

One of the best options to improve the security of your Google account is to enable two-step verification . Thanks to this method, the chances of someone hacking your account are significantly reduced. What this system does is to introduce an additional step when logging into the account; which requires that a code be sent by SMS, access is verified on another phone and more options. The steps to activate it are:

  • Enter this link having logged into your Google account.
  • Click on the Start button.
  • Choose the method you want to use for two-step verification: send an SMS to the smartphone or make a call.
  • Activate notifications that inform if someone wants to enter the account.
  • Exit the page.

In this way, we already have two-step verification activated in the Google account . It is a good method to prevent someone from entering without permission. In addition, having activated the notification of access, we will know when someone tries to access the account without our permission.

Use a recovery email and a phone number

If in the worst case someone has had access to our account or we do not have access to it, we can use a recovery email or a phone number. Therefore, setting up these two aspects in the Google account is a good help. For added security, it may be advisable to use both a recovery email and a phone number. The steps we have to follow in this case are:

  • Enter your Google account, in this link.
  • Go to the Security section, located on the left side of the screen.
  • Go to the “Methods to verify your identity” section.
  • Enter a recovery email.
  • Enter a phone number.
  • Give to accept.

With these steps we have an additional email , which must be different from the Gmail account we use regularly. The same goes for the phone number. They are a good way to recover access if in the worst case someone has entered it.

Third party access

There are times when, when we use applications, web pages or extensions, we are giving them access to our Google account . In many cases it is not something serious since it may be part of their operation, but it is important to consider what applications or extensions have access to the data. Reviewing it with some frequency is convenient: we must take away access to those that we do not consider appropriate or are no longer useful to us. The steps in this case are:

  • Enter your Google account, in this link.
  • Go to the security section, located on the left side of the screen.
  • Swipe to the section called Third-party applications with access to the account.
  • Click on the button that says “Manage third-party access”.
  • Remove access from those applications or services that you do not consider appropriate.

It is a good way to be clear about which applications or services have access to the Google account since in many cases we are not aware of it. There may be an application that does not have clear intentions and to which we are facilitating access to our account. Removing it from the list is the way to avoid it.

Control what you are sharing on Google

The personal information that we are sharing in the Google account can be very useful for some hackers or for those who want to steal our data or identity. That is why it is essential to have control over what we are sharing in the account as far as personal information is concerned. The steps we have to follow this time are:

  • Enter your Google account, in this link.
  • Go to the Contacts and Shared Information section, located on the left side of the screen.
  • Scroll down to “Choose what other users see.”
  • Enter this section.
  • Manage the data that other users can see about you.

This section helps us discover how our Google account looks from the outside and the data we are sharing with other people. There are times when we forget this information or do not give it too much importance, but we should review this to avoid sharing too much data, especially personal and those that can be used against us.

If we want a better experience and more privacy we can click on the Privacy Review button at the end of this section. It takes us to a screen where we can modify certain aspects of the Google account for greater privacy in it.

For Google it is not yet time to buy a 5G mobile

The vice president of the Google product division clarified why the Pixel 4 is released without a 5G version: “It’s not the time.”

After years of reading about 5G , and after attending a multitude of events and fairs related to this new wireless mobile connectivity, we all knew that 2019 would be the starting point for the commercial launch of the technology. So it was: we can not only buy 5G phones , also use them in Spanish networks. Of course, after making intensive use of 5G, we have found that there is still much to succeed among the general public.

5G is still a minority (in Spain only Vodafone has included it in its rates), it has not been deployed with the promised features (initially it is NSA , so it is supported by 4G) and compatible mobiles are scarce and expensive . With this scenario, Google’s vice president of product, Brian Rakowski , confirmed what was already known: it is not yet time to buy 5G phones. Therefore, neither to manufacture them.

«We will take out a phone when we think it is a good time for users, but now is not the time»

Para Google aún no es el momento de comprar un móvil 5G

5G on the LG V50 5G

Brian’s words are categorical and make it clear what Google thinks of implementing 5G in today’s phones. This was explained by the vice president of product to PC Mag during the presentation event of the Pixel 4 . As previously filtered, neither of the two models (the normal and the XL) has a version with 5G technology.

Brian Rakowski does not close the door to technology because he says they are working on it, but it is not a priority for the Google product division. And it gives other compelling reasons:

“It will come, but now is not the right time to buy a 5G mobile. From the perspective of implementation and also from the perspective of hardware and telephone »…« [The 5G] is not yet ready for consumers ».

Although it is clear that 5G has at least a year or two left to reach a certain maturity , it is also true that Google should not lag behind in the implementation of cutting-edge hardware technologies. Although the Pixel 4 include a remarkable amount of innovation, with developments in software and hardware, both phones are somewhat outdated in general terms of power and performance. With an increasingly aggressive competition, especially in the range of 300 to 600 euros, Google should not be allowed to walk behind .

Google Datally disappears from Google Play and will not return

Google Datally is an excellent app to save mobile data, although it has no future. After a year without updates it has disappeared from Google Play.

There are traditions that never die, and Google for closing applications and services that do not finish curdling is one of them. Datally was an application to save very dear mobile data that has been removed from Google Play. The good news is that you can still get her. The bad one, which will not receive updates or corrections.

Google Datally disappears from Google Play definitely

An application that for a while had some popularity was Google Datally. This application was intended to save mobile data and help us better manage how we were using our rate. We love this application, but it seems that we will have to give it a final goodbye, since Google has decided to end it.

Although Android has data saving options, Datally offered better solutions.

It is not that Datally was an application that received news very frequently. Specifically, the last update of the application is from October 31, 2018 , so in a few days it will be a year that does not receive an update. If you think about it they have even taken time to close the application.

A cause that has been eliminated at this time and not before could be due to the incompatibility of the application with Android 10 . And if it is not going to be updated, why keep an application that will not work in new versions.

The application is still on Google Play , but only for users who already had it installed.

Although in Google Play the application is no longer available, if in your day you downloaded it you can still access it using the application link (if you have never downloaded it, a message will appear indicating that it is no longer available).

Didn’t you download it in your day and are you curious to try the application? Do not worry, you can also download it from sites like UptoDown or APKMirror, repository of trusted applications.

Google activates automatic subtitles for audio and video, starting with Pixels

The automatic subtitles function for audio and video that Google presented in the Google I / O of 2019 is already active, for now in the Pixels.

A few months ago Google celebrated Google I / O 2019, an event in which it advanced how Android 10 would be and many of the functions that we would see in the future in the operating system.

One of the most striking was the possibility of putting automatic subtitles in any application that was playing in an audio or a video, to be able to know what is being said without needing to hear anything at all.

Today Google has confirmed that this feature is available on its new smartphone, the Pixel 4.

Subtitles in all applications

To give an example of several places where such a feature would be useful, Google has published a very nice ad that makes us see the practicality of subtitles in many apps.

The entire writing process takes place on the mobile, so we will not have to upload information to the cloud or pray for good coverage. We can move the subtitles or make more lines of text appear.

Of course, Google warns that audio to text transcripts may not be very successful in very noisy environments. On the other hand, for now this function is only available in English, although it is already working to have it working in more languages, among which we expect Spanish to be.

Reproductor de vídeo

Compatible phones

At the moment this is an exclusive function of the new Pixel 4, which will go on sale in a few days and whose analysis we are already conducting.

Next to it will be the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, which will have the function through a software update that will arrive later this year.

In addition, Google has confirmed that they are working in collaboration with other mobile manufacturers to get this feature to more devices next year.

All the secret Android games you can still play

Do you want to discover all the secret games that Google has on Android? We tell you all that are currently available below.

Google hides many games or Easter Eggs on Android or its applications and services. Thanks to them we can entertain on more than one occasion and for many it is fun and interesting to have access to all these games on your phone. Therefore, we leave you below with all the secret games that we can still play from the phone. Since there are enough.

So, if at some point you get bored or are curious to know these secret Android games , it will be very simple to have access to them. There is a fairly wide variety of them, so surely some are of your interest. In addition, Google is releasing new ones over time.

Most of these games are accessible both on Android and from the computer , so they don’t have too many problems in this regard. While the controls may be somewhat different if played from the phone, but in general they are usually adapted for both situations.

Dino T-Rex Runner

The Chrome dinosaur is already like a game on Google Play

Possibly the best known secret game for users , which we can play on both Android and the computer, as long as we use Google Chrome. It is a game that comes out when we run out of Internet connection. When we want to access a website or we are doing a search and there is no connection, we will have access to this game.

The game is very simple, we have to jump obstacles with this dinosaur . Although as we jump more, the speed is increasing significantly, making it difficult to jump or to anticipate such obstacles. A very popular game and which you have surely played on some previous occasion.

Play PacMan

Another option that we can access from Android or the computer is to play some classics, such as PacMan . The only thing we have to do in this case is to search the game on Google, and under the name of the game we will get a button that says play. When we click on it it will take us to the game and we will be able to play the classic game normally.

The operation of the game has not changed anything in this case, so it is presented as a good option for the most nostalgic, who want to enjoy a game like this at any time. In order to play on this occasion we are going to need to have an Internet connection on the phone or computer.

Classics like Solitaire, Tic-Tac-Toe and Atari Breakout

Not only can we access PacMan in this way, since other classic games and known by most, such as Solitaire, Tic-Tac-Toe and Atari Breakout , are also available on Google. All of them can be accessed on an Android phone or tablet, as well as from the computer. Just look for the game in the Google search engine.

Under the name will be the option to play, on which we click, to enter a game in that game . In all cases, the operation of the game does not present changes with respect to the originals, only that the controls may be a little different on the phone from the computer, but there are not too many problems in this regard.

Super Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog is another well-known game, thanks to which we have a character as legendary as Super Sonic. Google also leaves us with a surprise in this case, when we search for Sonic in its search engine . When we do this, we see that several pictures of the character appear on the right side of the screen. Just below the photos comes his name in large letters and next to these letters there is a small icon of the character.

If we click 25 times in total on this little icon , we will see how it ends up transforming into Super Sonic. A curious surprise from Google, that many users did not know. We can access it from both Android and Google Chrome on the computer.

The Flappy Bird in the Google app

Similar to the first case in which we have the dinosaur game, Google leaves us with another game that we can enjoy without an Internet connection in its Google application. When we perform a search in the application, but the Internet connection has been dropped, a cloud icon will appear, which is where we have to press to access the game.

It is a game inspired by Flappy Bird, although it is not the same, but does not present many changes in terms of operation. In this case we have to make the cloud fly as long as possible , without falling or crashing into obstacles. We have to tap the screen to control this cloud.

Zerg Rush

Another curious game that can be accessed from the Google search engine is a game called Zerg Rush . This game has been inspired by the classic Starcraft, so those who know this game can already get an idea of ​​what we can expect. As in other cases, what we have to do is search Zerg Rush in the Google search engine.

When we search for this term in the search engine, small balls will come out that will destroy the search results if we do not act quickly. To prevent this from happening, we will have to press three times on each of these balls. By doing this the health of each of them will get worse, they will weaken and then they will disappear from the screen. Another entertaining game that you can access both on an Android phone and on your computer.