These are the best apps of 2019 according to Samsung

Samsung took advantage of its developer conference, the SDC 2019, to communicate which are, according to its criteria, the best Android applications of the year.

That 2019 is about to end is a fact. And it is not only enough to look at the calendar to realize that November is already showing its leg , also the latest releases in mobile phones and accessories show it. And also the compilations with the best of 2019 , like the one Samsung has made of its Galaxy Store .

Since all Samsung mobile owners have access to the company’s app and game store, the Galaxy Store, the developers’ effort to stand out in the catalog is remarkable. And Samsung rewards it annually by choosing the best applications of the year, awards that it grants in its developer conference, the SDC ( Samsung Developer Conference ).

The 2019 SDC is currently being held in San Jose, California. Thousands of developers come to it, many of them with apps and games within the Galaxy Store or with an interest in publishing their work in this store. And 25 of them were awarded the prizes for the best applications, also for the best Devs. The variety and quality is notorious.

Samsung recognizes the best 25 apps and games developers

Análisis del Samsung Galaxy Note 10: en su tamaño está la mejor virtud

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 The SDC 2019 had its opening ceremony yesterday with an event in which the state of Android was analyzed at the development level, the health of application stores and how Samsung faces the evolution in its platforms, from Bixby to televisions He also highlighted the 25 best apps, games and developers of the Samsung Galaxy Store by selecting them in 25 categories .

In what strictly concerns the best apps and games of 2019 , Samsung rewarded the following:

The Epic Games store prepares to reach Android

Epic Games has its Android game store almost ready: the company has changed the Fortnite installer for its store icon.

It seems that the ordeal that Epic Games played against Google has worked out well for the game developer: not only did Fortnite successfully distribute on Android mobiles, but Epic Games also takes all the money from purchases since it does not pay any commission to Google . This strategy already has a budding continuation: the developer’s own store.

After the Epic Games Store arrived on computers we all wondered if there was a possibility that the same would happen with Android. Epic confirmed that he was working on it, so it was only a matter of time. No, we ignore how much is left for the final launch, we do know that the first clues that this is coming are already here.

The Fortnite installer changes anticipating the arrival of the Epic Games store

La tienda de Epic Games se prepara para llegar a Android

If you have the famous Battle Royale installed on your phone you will have noticed that it was time to update the installer and, with it, Fortnite himself. The surprise comes when you update: the installer of said Fortnite disappears to be replaced with the Epic games icon . The company itself has announced it on its social networks .

This is a first step for the store to reach Android: thanks to a generic installer, Epic Games will offer not only the installation and maintenance of Fortnite, but also the rest of the games that can be downloaded. Taking into account the popularity of the company, and that in its computer version offers high quality free games frequently, having it as an alternative to the Google Play Store could imply an improvement in the quality of Android games .

We ignore when the Epic Games Store will finally land. The change in the Fortnite installer is ready; without alterations in its operation as the app performs the same function as before the name and icon change: it only serves to download Fortnite on Android. For now.

The crazy American Dad series already on Android with an RPG Fallout Shelter

The Father made in USA series lands on Android with American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, a resource management and RPG game very similar to Fallout Shellter.

Adult animation lives a golden age thanks to titles as recognizable as funny, also highly satirical. Father made in USA, or American Dad in his original version, is one of them: CIA agent Stan Smith lives crazy adventures thanks not only to his work, but also to his extravagant family, including extraterrestrial. And this is one of the keys to the game that we already have available on Android: can you survive an alien invasion?

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is a crazy and ingenious game in the dialogues that follows the plot line of the series on which it is based to present a whole cast of recognizable characters, common scenarios and situations as irreverent as unimaginable. It is an RPG court game where we will manage resources, create shelters and fight with other clans in search of survival.

A whole American Dad experience with a script written by the creators of the series

La loca serie American Dad ya en Android con un RPG a lo Fallout Shelter

At first glance, the game is not too original. Style common to many other RPGs, resource management and turn-based fighting, multiplayer game … And we must also create our own refuge in the purest Fallout Shelter style to accommodate all the clones that we will be converting to our army.

La loca serie American Dad ya en Android con un RPG a lo Fallout Shelter

After a somewhat extensive guided tutorial, American Dad! Apocalypse Soon puts us at the helm of the Smith family, having to manage everything necessary for our home to progress and grow large enough to house an entire army. The fighting is important, also automatic: we will have little to do apart from choosing the attacks and planning the strategy. Fortunately, it’s not just about fighting, it’s just one of its parts.

La loca serie American Dad ya en Android con un RPG a lo Fallout Shelter

The game poses the narrative story as an episode of the series. In this sense, we will see familiar characters and a variety of scenes, scripts and jokes that not only marries the style of Father made in USA , rather the game is one more episode in the series. It has great quality, it is translated into Spanish, it is free to download … And you can imagine, the typical thing in these cases: this American Dad game has ads and in-app purchases . Neither of them are excessively annoying and can progress without major problems.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is now available in the Google Play Store: download it if you are passionate about the series, want an irreverent game or simply get it if you like Fallout Shelter games. Beyond receiving inspiration, American Dad! Apocalypse Soon knows how to have fun with its own charm.

Pokémon Go will have online coaches battles

Niantic has advanced a juicy novelty for Pokémon Go: the game will have online battles of coaches with a new league of combats.

One of the most notorious absences of Pokémon Go in its launch were the fighting. Yes, looking for Pokémon walking through the city was fine, training them and completing the Pokédex too, but we all missed the coach fights, battles where we tested our Pokémon. Niantic introduced those bouts for nearby coaches. And it will soon evolve with the Go Fighting League .

Until now we could fight coaches by putting together a team and aiming at the different leagues available ( Super Ball, Ultra Ball and Master Ball ). With friends it was possible to play at a distance as long as we had forged level 3 of friendship, but the same did not happen with unknown coaches: they had to be close . This will change, as Niantic has announced .

League Fights Go, battles between Pokémon Go trainers with online pairing system

Pokémon Go tendrá batallas online de entrenadores

The announcement of the new player-to-player (PvP) battles brings with it a somewhat bitter news: although they are ready, these new combats will not reach our smartphones until the beginning of 2020 . So it’s time to wait, but not too much.

It is not yet known with certainty how the new combats will be since Niantic has not shared any gameplay. However, they will not differ in excess of the one-on-one battles that are currently available in Pokémon Go : we can face other coaches in the league in which we are targeted regardless of proximity. The matching system would assign two players online with, we hope, a certain balance in the level of the contestants and Pokémon chosen.

The League Fights Go will enable online battles, also the improvement of rank according to the victories achieved in those battles. And nothing to sit on the couch: the only way to access the new League will be walking , so one of the keys that Pokémon Go engraved on the DNA is kept.

Exercising, collecting Pokémon and facing coaches from any corner of the world, does not sound bad at all. 2020 anticipates a resurgence of Pokémon Go.

The expected football game PES 2020 can now be downloaded on Android

The famous Pro Evolution Soccer football saga already has the 2020 title available on Android. It is called eFootball PES 2020 and can be downloaded for free.

A little less than a year after the publication of PES 2019 (it came out in December last year ), Konami has launched the 2020 edition of its famous Pro Evolution Soccer football game, and has called it eFootball PES 2020 .

This title is the update of the previous version, so if we play last year and continue to have the game on mobile we will simply have to update it.

Of course, some users complain that the requirements of this version are much higher than those of last year and that they cannot play in the same terminals where they enjoyed the 2019 version.

New function «Dribble in a tile»

In addition to improving the graphics and design of the game, new functions have been introduced, one of which has been developed by the creators of the game together with the player Andrés Hiniesta.

It is called Dribble in a tile , and you can get an idea of ​​what it does. It is basically a precision dribble in a really small space.

Another novelty is the influence that some players can exert on the entire team with their own presence, a function called Inspire, imitating what happens on a soccer field when some players are able to lift morale and encourage the entire team.

New licenses, players and teams

Konami has managed to expand the number of characters, teams and brands that can come out in his game, and has added them to those he had before, which were not few. Now we will have teams like FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, FC Bayern München and Juventus. And the legends that already existed, such as Maradona, Batistuta and Kahn are added others such as Beckham, Zico or Totti.

We can play online, but also locally with a friend who is in the same room as us.

The thief cats have returned: new KleptoCats Cartoon Network

The famous game of thief cats, Kleptokats, has a new installment in the Google Play Store, now based on the Cartoon Network characters.

There are many cat games on Android, but there are not many thieves cats. The best known, also the original, is KleptoKats , a game developed by the Mexican studio HyperBeard Games that already has several deliveries under its belt. Even with other pets, which also have games of dogs and unicorns, for example. Not only that, the studio opens a new KleptoKats in association with a super-known animation studio: Cartoon Network .

The mechanics of KleptoCats is maintained in Cartoon Network : we will have a series of thief cats that will recover objects as we send them away from home. Collecting is the basis of experience, also in-app purchases: as the game progresses, the time the cats will execute the theft tasks will increase. And the best part is that they will bring figures and objects from much of the Cartoon network series.

Gumball, Jake, Finn … Collect all the Cartoon Network figures and enjoy their scenarios

Los gatos ladrones han regresado: nuevo KleptoCats Cartoon Network

It is not that it is very difficult to play this KleptoCats Cartoon Network since the mechanics cannot be simpler: take care of the cats and send them to steal. Of course, with this we do not mean that it is a simple game because it offers more complexity than it seems. From collecting a large number of objects to traveling to a collection of worlds drawn from the best animated series of Cartoon Network .

Los gatos ladrones han regresado: nuevo KleptoCats Cartoon Network

The combination of KleptoCats with the most popular animated series of Cartoon Network makes the game much cooler and also addictive. Because, will the cat return with the figure of the panda we are missing? In addition, KleptoCats Cartoon Network incorporates different mini-games to ease the wait between thefts; and maintains the Tamagotchi style to take care of the different kleptomaniac cats. We can feed them, caress them, customize their appearance and also give them a shower. To know where they get to steal all the objects …

Los gatos ladrones han regresado: nuevo KleptoCats Cartoon Network

The pressure on purchases is important, although it is not a game that should be played for a long time. It is valid to hang out and check with some frequency what pets are bringing. You don’t want to wait that long? You can always pay with gems, the second currency of the game and also the scarcer.

KleptoCats Cartoon Network is now available in the Google Play Store. If you like games of this type, and you are excited about such popular animation series as Gumball or Adventure Time , we recommend you try it.

More power for your games with this excellent application

Gamers GLTool is a tool with which you can enhance your games while avoiding maximum distractions. In addition, it lacks strange permits.

The increasing power in terms of graphic quality and processing has made current smartphones offer gaming features that we thought were reserved for consoles and computers. There will always be an insurmountable distance since the size also marks the power, but not for that reason we will stop enjoying with fable graphics. Even if our mobile phone is not the latest in power, we have tools like Gamers GLTool within our reach.

The game mode is increasingly common in mobile phones. Brands such as Xiaomi , Samsung , OnePlus … include their own vision of player mode , an application that is responsible for launching titles while optimizing the operation of the device. Now, do you lack that game mode or do you need an even more powerful tool? Keep reading.

Gamers GLTool, an application that increases the graphic power while decreasing the gaming lag

Más potencia para tus juegos con esta excelente aplicación

The application that we propose is a vitaminized game mode . Not only does it allow you to focus the launch of all apps on the same site, it also applies different optimizations so that the gaming experience is much better than without using the tool. By our checks, it is not something that is noticed of excessive smoking in powerful mobiles, but in the middle and lower range. Something logical, on the other hand.

Gamers GLTool does not require ROOT access , the application is secure and does not request strange permissions beyond the logical ones for a tool of its kind: access to storage, the Internet and also access to the elimination of applications running in the background. This demonstrates its way of acting since, in addition to enhancing the execution of the games, it also limits the operation of the mobile in the background so that all its performance is directed to said execution.

Más potencia para tus juegos con esta excelente aplicación

The application detects the GPU of the device and is capable of executing automatic optimizations for the graphics unit . It is also possible to choose which enhancement options to activate so as not to overload the phone, for example. And we can improve the Internet connection with different ping tools: Gamers GLTool is an extremely complete application that perfectly complies with what is proposed.

Gamers GLTool is free and with ads, although it also has a free advertising Pro version. With the free application you have more than enough; being able to opt for the Pro to add even more optimization elements for the games . The cost of the paid version is 0.69 euros.

League of Legends arrives on Google Play: you can now register

After years of rumors, League of Legends, the legendary PC 5v5, lands on Android. At the moment as prior registration: to play it you will have to wait.

The popularity of Riot Games is not indifferent to anyone who likes PC games: League of Legends is a real success on computers thanks to its combination of multiplayer strategy and frenzied 5v5 fighting. The acronym LOL instantly identifies both the game and its community, also one of the most played esports currently, but the one that most. And finally we can confirm that it has reached Android .

Today was the day that Riot Games has confirmed that League of Legends will land on consoles and also on mobile platforms , Android included. In fact, the Google Play Store already boasts the game, but at the moment in the form of prior registration: you can sign up to receive the download on your mobile just when it is available. Of course, to play it will have to wait.

League of Legends: Wild Rift, a version of the LOL adapted to consoles and mobile platforms

League of Legends llega a la Google Play: ya puedes registrarte

The LOL for Android is confirmed and is now available on Google Play for anyone to register. Of course, it will not be the current version of PC since Riot Games has decided to create a game adapted to both mobile phones and consoles . In principle it will not go too far from the original; adapting the controls to make them more comfortable to use in the new devices.

League of Legends: Wild Rift will have a new map, a new scheme of dual controls and an updated matching system so that the games do not last more than 15-20 minutes. In the rest it will be more or less identical: the MOBA par excellence maintains aesthetics, characters, mechanics and the mythical 5v5 fights .

You can see the full Riot Games ad below: be part of the communication on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of League of Legends . It includes a mobile gameplay.

As we said, League of Legends: Wild Rift is already in the Google Play Store . According to Riot Games, the game will land on mobile platforms and consoles in early 2020 . Of course, before that date there will be some type of access test: you can sign up through this page .

Pokémon Go will have an exclusive event that will only be accessed by paying

New events are coming in Pokémon Go to celebrate the entry of new creatures in the raids. And there will be a special investigation upon payment.

Important dates are approaching for online games such as Pokémon Go as the final stretch of the year is full of events. Halloween , Christmas … And Niantic begins to heat engines announcing two events: one more or less common and another that has surprised us by its mechanics, especially because not everyone can access it .

Like any other “free to play”, Pokémon Go is a game that relies on microtransactions to obtain monetary benefits. It is not characterized by putting pressure on those purchases, so the gaming experience is complete and clean without the need to pay a penny to play. At least until now, of course: Niantic prepares a new research event only suitable for the most Pokémon Go fans.

$ 7.99 in exchange for 8 hours of play in a single research event

Pokémon Go tendrá un evento exclusivo al que solo se accederá pagando

Regigigas, the Colossal Pokémon

As Pokémon Go has detailed in an update of his blog, the exclusive event will take place on November 2 worldwide . As in the research tasks that are accessible through Professor Willow, those who access the new event will have access to a series of works that must be completed; winning then an encounter with the Colossal Pokémon. This Pokémon will appear exclusively in the event before its debut in the raids .

Regigigas , the Pokémon discovered in the Sinnoh region, will be the protagonist of the exclusive event. Those who wish to capture it before, and access the research tasks that Pokémon Go has prepared for November 2, must purchase a ticket through the game that can not be purchased with Pokémonedas, only with real money . It will cost $ 7.99 with equivalence in the player’s local currency ( surely 7.99 euros ). And not only will it offer access to the event and the option of capturing Regigigas ahead of time, it also includes different gifts in addition to a badge.

Pokémon Go tendrá un evento exclusivo al que solo se accederá pagando

Apart from the payment event, Pokémon Go launches a new action on the occasion of the entry of Regirock, Regice and Registeel in the “normal” raids. It will be active from November 1 to November 4 , both of 2019. And not only can we meet the aforementioned Pokémon in the five-star raids, it will also be easier to locate certain rare Pokémon and we will get twice the efficiency in the incubator

If you want to read all the information of both events, go to the official website of Pokémon Go . The entrance to the special investigation is not yet available: access will appear in the game soon.

GeForce Now games on your mobile with the new Nvidia app

Nvidia GeForce Now for Android is now available for you to install: with the application you can stream your Steam or Epic Games games.

Nvidia not only develops processors and graphics cards, but also one of the best Android TV you can buy: the Nvidia Shield TV . And he is not content to give access to hardware since Nvidia has one of the streaming services with the highest quality: GeForce Now . In the Shield TV it has been accessible from the beginning, but it was time to reach the rest of Android devices.

The new application of Nvidia GeForce Now for Android is in beta and with a limited distribution to certain territories, but you should not have problems if you install the Apk. This is what we have done: the service works very well from an Android mobile. Although yes, you need games purchased on Steam to access streaming from the phone.

Nvidia gets ahead of Stadia and takes the streaming of computer games to the mobile phone

Los juegos de GeForce Now en tu móvil con la nueva app de Nvidia

Nvidia servers are capable of running games in their cloud to give you access to the highest quality entertainment from your phone. For this you not only require an Nvidia account and an Android phone, but also a good Internet connection and that you have bought computer games through Steam .

Once you start the application, and log in with your Nvidia account, the app will show you the games that you have already added to your library along with a collection of highlights. To find the complete list of titles accessible with Nvidia GeForce Now you need to access the website . Remember that all games must be purchased on Steam: once you log in to the gaming platform, the ones you have purchased, and are in GeForce Now , will go to your collection of available.

Los juegos de GeForce Now en tu móvil con la nueva app de Nvidia

The game is loaded correctly: we have not encountered any problems with streaming. It takes a physical command to get a good experience even if Nvidia includes virtual controls on the screen. In the absence of Google Stadia, it is not a bad snack.

Los juegos de GeForce Now en tu móvil con la nueva app de Nvidia

Nvidia GeForce Now for Android is currently in beta in countries such as South Korea, but has no geographical limitation: we have been able to install and start the application from Spain without problems. The app is translated into Spanish: you can download it from Apk Mirror .