Nvidia Shield TV 2019: new cylindrical design and new remote control

The new Nvidia Shield TV 2019 draws attention for its cylindrical design and for the new remote control with programmable button.

Together with the new Nvidia Shield TV Pro, the brand has presented a renewal of the normal model with a new design. The Nvidia Shield TV 2019 offers a different aesthetic section to the set top boxes that we usually see, almost integrating it into the HDMI cable.

A cylindrical design

This new design is designed to be placed on the ground, as a connector between the power cable and the HDMI cable. This way it will not take up space next to the TV.

The Shield TV 2019 has an Ethernet port in case we do not want to connect it via Wifi, as well as a slot to put a microSD card. It does not have USB ports, unlike the Pro model.

The internal memory is 8 GB, and it has 2 GB of RAM, lower figures than its older sister. We have Wifi ac and bluetooth 5.0.

It has support for 4K HDR resolution and intelligent image rescaling, similar to the Pro model.

A redesigned remote control

One of the biggest changes of this model is the remote control, which happens to be an element with many more buttons, among which one dedicated to Netflix and another that serves for the menu but that can be customized to launch any application.

Like the Pro model, this set top box has no video game controller, something that Nvidia has decided to control the cost. However, we can buy it separately , or use a compatible one, such as the XBox, PS4 and more models.

Price and availability of the Nvidia Shield TV 2019

The price of this device is $ 149.99 and its sale has been confirmed both in the United States and in Europe, although there are still no availability or specific markets.

New Nvidia Shield TV Pro: the perfect Android TV to play

Nvidia has launched a new video player and game console in the cloud, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro, which can already be seen on Amazon.

Of the many ways to use Android, one of the most valuable is taking lately on Android TV, which after a period in which it passed without penalty or glory with few exceptions takes force at the idea of ​​using streaming apps and play On TV.

And it is precisely at this last point that Nvidia focuses with its Shield TV, of which we now know the new model, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro .

New processor and more power

This new device uses the latest Nvidia processor, the Tegra X1 +. In theory it is 25% faster than the previous generation, which is what devices like the Nintendo Switch use.

In addition to managing content in 4K, this Android TV can rescale HD videos to have a better definition, something it will do with the help of artificial intelligence.

We will have support for Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos Sound. We will have 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory available.

Gforce Now is still present

One of the biggest differences of this device with similar ones is the Nvidia cloud game system, Gforce Now. With the Shield TV Pro we can use it, with the control knobs that we can buy separately.

In addition, we will have Android TV and the advantages of Google apps, such as the assistant, which we can invoke from the remote.

A command with Netflix as the protagonist

Nueva Nvidia Shield TV Pro: el Android TV perfecto para jugar

This remote control, included in the sales package, has a direct access button to Netflix, the most popular video streaming application in Spain.

We will also have playback controls, direct access to voice commands and the system menu.

Price and availability

The new Nvidia Shield Pro will cost 219 euros and will go on sale shortly. In fact it appears in stores like Amazon, although there is no stock yet.

Buy Nvidia Shield TV Pro

The new Nvidia Shield TV Pro leaks by mistake on Amazon

The renewed Nvidia player with Android TV has appeared by surprise on Amazon showing a new remote control: this is the Nvidia Shield TV Pro.

As a lucky holder of an Nvidia Shield TV for more than three years, I can confirm that this little Android TV is one of the best TV players that you can buy. Not only that, it is also a powerful game console; while maintaining an update policy worthy of praise. What have you not done with your Shield TV? You better wait for the new model.

Rumors pointed to a renewed Nvidia player with Android TV , and so it was: the device appeared by surprise in the Amazon store in the United States. Intentional or not it was a mistake that the company did not take long to solve; leaving behind captures and technical data that XDA Developers managed to save for posterity .

The Nvidia Shield TV Pro will include Dolby Vision and a renewed remote with more buttons

La nueva Nvidia Shield TV Pro se filtra por error en Amazon

XDA Developers Image

My Shield TV remains in perfect condition even though they spent several years on it. In both hardware and software, Nvidia has done an excellent job with this device . But it was a renewal, as it happened with the first model: certain improvements in hardware, also in software.

La nueva Nvidia Shield TV Pro se filtra por error en Amazon

XDA Developers Image

As captured on the Amazon page, the essence of the new Nvidia Shield TV Pro remains intact as it hardly changes the hardware: the player offers 3 GB of RAM, includes 16 GB of storage, has two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output, network connection via RJ45 or WiFi cable and also has Bluetooth. The main improvements are two:

  • New NVIDIA Tegra X1 + processor with 25% more processing power than the previous generation. It is the same processor of the Nintendo Switch.
  • The control is renewed incorporating more control buttons , it is larger and changes the button battery for two AAA batteries. It is not rechargeable, but at least that type of battery is more common. In addition, it now includes an infrared transmitter to control other devices (TV, speakers …).
La nueva Nvidia Shield TV Pro se filtra por error en Amazon

XDA Developers Image

The main software improvement is that the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is compatible with Dolby Vision HDR , a software item that should improve the playback of compatible multimedia content.

The player has been removed from the presale, but not before leaving the date of availability and price: the Nvidia Shield TV Pro would be presented on October 28 at a price of $ 199 . Hopefully, Nvidia will sell the device globally since it has been so far. We ignore if there will be a special pack for games with the physical control included, also if the brand has renewed this accessory.

GeForce Now games on your mobile with the new Nvidia app

Nvidia GeForce Now for Android is now available for you to install: with the application you can stream your Steam or Epic Games games.

Nvidia not only develops processors and graphics cards, but also one of the best Android TV you can buy: the Nvidia Shield TV . And he is not content to give access to hardware since Nvidia has one of the streaming services with the highest quality: GeForce Now . In the Shield TV it has been accessible from the beginning, but it was time to reach the rest of Android devices.

The new application of Nvidia GeForce Now for Android is in beta and with a limited distribution to certain territories, but you should not have problems if you install the Apk. This is what we have done: the service works very well from an Android mobile. Although yes, you need games purchased on Steam to access streaming from the phone.

Nvidia gets ahead of Stadia and takes the streaming of computer games to the mobile phone

Los juegos de GeForce Now en tu móvil con la nueva app de Nvidia

Nvidia servers are capable of running games in their cloud to give you access to the highest quality entertainment from your phone. For this you not only require an Nvidia account and an Android phone, but also a good Internet connection and that you have bought computer games through Steam .

Once you start the application, and log in with your Nvidia account, the app will show you the games that you have already added to your library along with a collection of highlights. To find the complete list of titles accessible with Nvidia GeForce Now you need to access the website . Remember that all games must be purchased on Steam: once you log in to the gaming platform, the ones you have purchased, and are in GeForce Now , will go to your collection of available.

Los juegos de GeForce Now en tu móvil con la nueva app de Nvidia

The game is loaded correctly: we have not encountered any problems with streaming. It takes a physical command to get a good experience even if Nvidia includes virtual controls on the screen. In the absence of Google Stadia, it is not a bad snack.

Los juegos de GeForce Now en tu móvil con la nueva app de Nvidia

Nvidia GeForce Now for Android is currently in beta in countries such as South Korea, but has no geographical limitation: we have been able to install and start the application from Spain without problems. The app is translated into Spanish: you can download it from Apk Mirror .