Free payment applications for a short time: take advantage and download them!

We have for you a good collection of free applications that will be at zero euros for a short time: do not hesitate to download them, also the rest of the offers.

Our usual review of the Google Play offers brings us the latest compilation of free applications for October. Given the proximity of Halloween , there are many apps and games that have acquired a reduction for this reason, also designs and screens inspired by the Anglo-Saxon holiday. So you know: don’t waste time and go for the sales now.

Each of the discounts you have listed below will remain active for a short time. Since they will soon increase in price, you may go to Google Play and their original cost is reflected; Hence, our recommendation is to hurry up: only then will you get the apps and games on offer .

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

The compilation of offers cannot end here, we still have discounts on apps and games that are worth checking out. And not just a glance: if you buy now you will never regret it.

Stardew valley

One of the best role-playing games for Android is on sale with a 38% discount. No presentation needed: you still don’t have Stardew Valley in your app library, you have to buy it right now. It is an excellent opportunity.

The Room Three

Third part of the successful saga The Room with more riddles, challenges and puzzles than ever. Go from room to room investigating every corner of the rooms and discover each of its secrets. Overflowing emotion with 48% less.

Braveland Wizard

A great turn-based battle game that boasts a “old school” strategy system . Addictive, loaded with fun and, unfortunately, something short. Although yes, the 80% discount dilutes any inconvenience.


Labyrinthine black and white game with a certain aesthetic of Monument Valley and full of puzzles. Fracter has received several awards for the quality and approach of the game. And you have it on offer so you can try it for almost half its price. Recommended.



This is a question and answer game that mixes Trivial mechanics with narrative. Perfect for the geeks of the place and with a level of challenge acceptable to anyone who likes movies, animation or videogames. Currently has a discount of 66%.

Beamdog games

This developer specialized in the revitalization of classics has two authentic discounted games. Half less!

IClassics Collection games

They are not games as such, but they do offer interaction within a novel style with which you will immerse yourself in the world of classical writers . They have a 75% discount.

Offer: Redmi Note 8 Pro “Terminator edition” for 229 euros

Xiaomi has offered the Redmi Note 8 Pro, its most competitive mobile, at 229 euros with a Terminator gift cover. Run because it is a flash offer.

During 2019 Xiaomi has managed to create a solid catalog, and it is that practically every new model that brings out the brand is a new recommended purchase.

This could be a good indication, but it is also inconvenient. The brand itself has a problem being the competition itself as they launch models so frequently that in the end it is difficult to decide which one is worth it.

The Redmi Note 8 for 229 euros and Terminator cover

If I had to reduce the entire catalog of the brand I would do it to 4 models: Redmi Note 7 if your budget is low, Redmi Note 8 Pro as a better balance, and the Mi 9T and 9T Pro if you want the most of the most.

For this reason, if a team like the Redmi Note 8 Pro is on offer flash at a spectacular price, then the recommendation is double. And, as I mentioned, this is the most recommended equipment for its balance.

What fascinates me most about the Redmi Note 8 Pro is that, without being good at anything, its virtue is that it has absolutely everything . It is fast, the screen is usable outdoors, the battery is prodigious and compatible with all fast charges, it has NFC, microSD memory expansion, headphone jack compatible with FM radio, infrared port to control the TV or air conditioning.

This mobile is on offer flash on the official Xiaomi website. It costs 249 euros the version of 64 GB to 229, also giving us a Terminator cover, an important incentive if you are a fan of movies. The 128 GB version has no discount, and remains at 269 euros, yes.

I think it is a worthwhile offer if you are looking for a mobile that works in any situation. But if you have any questions, you can read our analysis to know the terminal in more detail. Of course, consider that being a flash offer, the same as you decide, there are no more units left.

Redmi Note 8 Pro on the official Xiaomi website.

Redmi Note 8 Pro Features

  • Processor – Mediatek G90T
    • 2 Arm Arm Cortex-A76 up to 2.05 GHz.
    • 6 ARM Cortex-A55 up to 2 GHz.
    • Manufacturing process : 12 nm.
    • GPU: Arm Mali-G76 3EEMC4. at 800 MHz.
  • RAM memory: 6 GB.
  • Storage
    • Internal: 64/128 GB UFS 2.1.
    • MicroSD: yes
  • Screen .
    • Size: 6.53 inches.
    • Resolution: 2340 x 1080 pixels.
    • Technology: LCD
    • Aspect ratio: 19.5: 9.
  • Rear camera.
    • Resolution: 64 + 8 + 2 + 2 Mpx (angular, wide angle, macro and depth).
    • Others: LED Flash.
  • Front camera.
    • Resolution: 20 Mpx.
  • Connectivity: 4G / LTE, Dual SIM, Bluetooth 5, WiFi 802.11 Dual, NFC, infrared transmitter, headphone jack …
  • Others:
    • USB C connector.
    • Rear fingerprint sensor.
    • Facial unlocking
  • Dimensions: 161.3 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm
  • Weight: 199 g
  • Battery: 4500 mAh
    • Quick charge support Quickcharge 3.0, 4th +, USB PD and MediaTek PE. Up to 18W.
  • System:
    • Android version: 9 Pie.
    • Manufacturer Interface: MIUI 10

Controversy for the Huawei P30 Pro at 139 euros that FNAC sold “by mistake”

A Huawei P30 Pro at 139 euros is an offer that flies in minutes. This happened at FNAC, with a fatal outcome: buyers saw their order canceled.

Following the promotions that happen every day in all online stores is as economical as it is exhausting. Given the enormous competition of the stores, all bets to offer more or less aggressive offers . With a counterpart since there are often errors in prices that trigger complications, both for the store and for the buyer.

Yesterday there was a succulent offer in the FNAC Spain online store: a Huawei P30 Pro for 139 euros; further lowering the price if the client was a member of FNAC , to only 124.90 euros. The offer was published in a huge amount of media related to promotions, also on websites such as Computer Hoy . Logically, the offer was so juicy that sales multiplied in minutes.

The notable drops in the price of a phone are not strange, that a recent mobile has a discount of almost 75% in a Spanish store is rare. The huge difference between the real price and the offered price draws a lot of attention, but it is also the main argument against which those now affected by the purchase have to face.

FNAC canceled all orders for the Huawei P30 Pro claiming price error, lack of stock and computer problems

Polémica por el Huawei P30 Pro a 139 euros que FNAC vendió "por error"

Aspect of the offer in FNAC. Computer Image Today

Online orders canceled for too cheap prices are the order of the day. In general, and always following the law, all stores must comply with the provisions of the contract . Therefore, if a customer has purchased a product at any price, and that price was stipulated in the terms of the contract, he must send it according to what said contract dictates. Although there are statements in favor of trade: if the price difference between the actual cost and the one published on the web is ridiculous, the customer should understand that it is an error, so the store could cancel the order unilaterally by returning the amount to the client.

If the price difference between the actual and the offered cost is ridiculous, the law covers the cancellation of the order

This aspect is not too clear and is always qualified , so there is scope for the claim. In Spain there are cases in which the stores and consumers also won, a sign that there is no single way to act. However, FNAC would have, at least in principle, the law on its part.

Those affected by the FNAC offer are organizing through the hashtag #AfectadosFnac , they have also created a Telegram channel . Joining is a first step to get the phone number offered, also to file a claim: FACUA highlights this when asked by Twitter .

Although the disproportionate offer could be the cause of an error, what is strange is that FNAC has canceled the orders alleging three different causes depending on the client: price error, lack of stock and computer problem . In addition, since many customers took the opportunity to buy the Huawei P30 Pro and become members of the FNAC club so that the mobile would be even cheaper, the company should have canceled both products, the mobile and the membership card. But it is not like that: only the P30 Pro has been canceled , a detail that has ignited those affected even more.

These applications are free, but for a short time. Hurry up!

What a collection of free applications we have gathered for you. Apps, games and other offers, all for a limited time: download them now.

You look out the window, it rains, it starts to get cold, it’s Tuesday… Everything seems bad news, at least until you find this collection of free apps and games . Do you want to complete your app library with good software and without costing you a penny? You arrived at the right place and at the right time.

You already know how this section works: just click on the link of each application to download it from the Google Play Store. Although they are specific offers: at the time of publishing the article they are available, but we cannot guarantee that they will be operational for a long time . So, enjoy them while you can. Tic. tac …

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

Free applications are fine, but succulent offers in quality software are not that bad either. So we have gathered a handful of these offers with only the best of the best: take the opportunity to purchase them while they are available.

Sleep as Android Unlock

A fantastic application to measure the quality of sleep and all the data related to the act of sleeping. Find out if you snore, when you reveal yourself, the hours you have a bad dream … Sleep as Android is a classic that you can now get complete with 46% less.

The Vigil Files: Case 1 – Realistic Detective Game

What will it be like to become a detective and really investigate a case? You don’t have to imagine it since you can play it: this exceptional research title will get you into the skin of a detective to access all the tools necessary to solve the mystery. Very realistic, in English and with a 63% discount.

Ace Academy

Japanese-style graphic novel with a deep work in history, graphics and duration. It is an excellent game that has a main drawback: it is in English. However, its 79% discount helps make the language obligation less annoying.

OrangePixel games

This mobile game developer has three of her titles currently discounted. Discounts reach 75%.

Games that continue on offer:

Free applications that were paid: if not the downloads disappear

Hurry up and download all these paid applications: for a short time they will be free. And there is enough quality, you better take advantage of them.

Get ready for the weekend with a good dose of offers in Android software , which the Google Play Store offers many options. Not all of them are of good quality, so we tend to dive into the store to highlight only the best. And here you have all these free apps , freshly caught for you.

All selected applications were with the discount marked as of the date of publishing this article. The discounts are temporary: sooner or later they will recover their original price . So, if you don’t want to run out of them, go to the Play Store in search of them. Only then will you get the discounts.

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

More wood to the selection of offers, which we have other non-free sales that are also worth downloading. We have selected the following applications, all recommended.

Fenix ​​2 for Twitter

This excellent unofficial Twitter client for Android allows you to check your account without seeing ads and applying maximum customization. It is very good app. And it has a 43% discount.

Photographs – Puzzle stories

An original puzzle game with 8-bit style graphics with which you will immerse yourself in a deep and emotional story. It is not too long, but it is a different proposal. And it is discounted at half its price.


An excellent point and click game that has not only won numerous awards, but also a huge number of downloads. If you don’t have it yet, now is a good time to add it to your collection: it has a 68% discount.

Download all these free applications: the offers will not last long

What a collection of free applications we have for you: all these offers will be available for a limited time only. Take advantage and download them now!

What a lot of discounts on applications we have for you, today there is maximum quality in the games offers. Also in the free software: the collection of apps at zero euros is more than recommended. It’s not bad Tuesday, so you already know what you have to do: take the opportunity to download all the offers while they last.

All apps and games are at the discounted price at the time of publishing this article : since they are punctual offers, they are likely to recover their original price. Only if you hurry up and access Google Play will you find the software with the marked discount.

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

So far we have selected the best free applications available , but now it’s time to review other payment offers. It’s worth checking out: you won’t regret it if you buy them.

eWeather HD

An amazing application of the weather that has been updated for years to offer an excellent forecast and a huge amount of data. Graphics, widgets, weather forecast, air quality … eWeather HD is awesome. And it can become your favorite if you give it a chance: it has a 40% discount.

Monument Valley

There is no excuse: the most famous saga of mobile video games is super discounted. Get it now.


Machinarium has been among us for several years, but it is worthwhile to continue playing what it poses. A peculiar atmosphere, “point and click” style and full of challenges: you have it with a 68% discount.

Danmaku games

Classic style of ships for two games of enormous quality. And with 72% discount.

Raw Fury games

Three “games” of enormous quality and with graphic style Pixel Art that you can get with up to 80% discount.

The Asus ROG Phone at scandal price: do not miss this offer

Are you looking for one of the best gaming mobiles that you can buy? Well, the Asus ROG Phone will be on offer at a very low price: less than 400 euros.

The power of mobile phones is still far from all the graphic features that a gaming PC throws, but that is why both types of devices are not so isolated. Especially because there are brands that have insisted on bringing smartphones the best gaming experience ; As with Asus and its ROG mobile range.

Republic Of Gamers (ROG) is a brand known by fans of PC games. He did not stay in the computer field since Asus decided to take that brand to Android phones with a first model that was followed by another ( two ) more. And, since the Asus ROG Phone 2 is about to go on sale, why not lower the first model so that more people have access to an authentic mobile gaming?

The Asus ROG Phone will be on offer from October 16

Currently the phone is on sale with a very appealing gift: the GameVice or physical control controller . Although this offer is very worthwhile, it is best to wait until October 16: Asus has informed us that it will reduce the first ROG Phone to 399 euros , a very juicy cost for all the features that the smartphone has.

El Asus ROG Phone a precio de escándalo: no te pierdas esta oferta

The Asus ROG Phone has been a generation behind in terms of processor, but it does not have an outdated technical sheet: it has a high-level hardware that exceeds most of the current mid-range. And it is designed to play for hours , so it is very appropriate if you plan to squeeze the phone with your favorite games.

Here are the full features of the Asus ROG Phone :

  • Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 eight-core.
    • 4 Kryo 385 cores at 2.96 GHz. The most important Snapdragon
    • 4 cores Kryo 385 at 1.8 GHz.
  • RAM memory: 8 GB.
  • Storage
    • Internal: 128 GB
    • MicroSD: no.
  • Graphic : Adreno 630.
  • Screen .
    • Size: 6 inches.
    • Resolution: 2160 x 1080 pixels.
    • AMOLED technology.
    • 90 Hz refresh rate.
    • Aspect ratio: 18: 9.
  • Rear camera.
    • Resolution: 12 Mpx the main one (Sony IMX 363 sensor) and 8 Mpx the secondary one (camera with wide angle).
    • Others: LED Flash.
  • Front camera.
    • Resolution: 8 Mpx.
  • Connectivity: 4G / LTE, Bluetooth 5, WiFi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac / ad, NFC …
  • Ports:
    • 3.5 mm jack
    • Two USB ports C. The side can load, also connect accessories.
    • Fingerprint sensor in rear area.
  • Battery: 4000 mAh with fast charging of 27W.
  • Dimensions: 158 , 8 x 76 , 2 x 8 , 6 mm.
  • Weight: 200g
  • System:
    • Android version: Android 8 Oreo.

Put a reminder on the agenda: if you wanted the Asus ROG Phone , there will be no better time to buy it than from October 16 . It will cost 399 euros and you won’t have to worry about shipping costs: they are free. You just have to add the mobile to the shopping cart and apply the ROGFANEU coupon. The offer is valid until October 31 or while supplies last .

Get your asus ROG Phone on offer here