Controversy for the Huawei P30 Pro at 139 euros that FNAC sold “by mistake”

A Huawei P30 Pro at 139 euros is an offer that flies in minutes. This happened at FNAC, with a fatal outcome: buyers saw their order canceled.

Following the promotions that happen every day in all online stores is as economical as it is exhausting. Given the enormous competition of the stores, all bets to offer more or less aggressive offers . With a counterpart since there are often errors in prices that trigger complications, both for the store and for the buyer.

Yesterday there was a succulent offer in the FNAC Spain online store: a Huawei P30 Pro for 139 euros; further lowering the price if the client was a member of FNAC , to only 124.90 euros. The offer was published in a huge amount of media related to promotions, also on websites such as Computer Hoy . Logically, the offer was so juicy that sales multiplied in minutes.

The notable drops in the price of a phone are not strange, that a recent mobile has a discount of almost 75% in a Spanish store is rare. The huge difference between the real price and the offered price draws a lot of attention, but it is also the main argument against which those now affected by the purchase have to face.

FNAC canceled all orders for the Huawei P30 Pro claiming price error, lack of stock and computer problems

Polémica por el Huawei P30 Pro a 139 euros que FNAC vendió "por error"

Aspect of the offer in FNAC. Computer Image Today

Online orders canceled for too cheap prices are the order of the day. In general, and always following the law, all stores must comply with the provisions of the contract . Therefore, if a customer has purchased a product at any price, and that price was stipulated in the terms of the contract, he must send it according to what said contract dictates. Although there are statements in favor of trade: if the price difference between the actual cost and the one published on the web is ridiculous, the customer should understand that it is an error, so the store could cancel the order unilaterally by returning the amount to the client.

If the price difference between the actual and the offered cost is ridiculous, the law covers the cancellation of the order

This aspect is not too clear and is always qualified , so there is scope for the claim. In Spain there are cases in which the stores and consumers also won, a sign that there is no single way to act. However, FNAC would have, at least in principle, the law on its part.

Those affected by the FNAC offer are organizing through the hashtag #AfectadosFnac , they have also created a Telegram channel . Joining is a first step to get the phone number offered, also to file a claim: FACUA highlights this when asked by Twitter .

Although the disproportionate offer could be the cause of an error, what is strange is that FNAC has canceled the orders alleging three different causes depending on the client: price error, lack of stock and computer problem . In addition, since many customers took the opportunity to buy the Huawei P30 Pro and become members of the FNAC club so that the mobile would be even cheaper, the company should have canceled both products, the mobile and the membership card. But it is not like that: only the P30 Pro has been canceled , a detail that has ignited those affected even more.

Proven: Google limits the 90 Hz of the Pixel 4 to the screen brightness

The Google Pixel 4 has a screen with a 90 Hz refresh rate, but they suffer an absurd limitation: it only works at that rate with a brightness greater than 75%.

With the Google Pixel 4 reaching the hands of the first buyers, and the analysis of the media already published (ours included), the phone is facing the avalanche logic of criticism , both positive and negative. On the one hand, it is a brutal camera, also the Android that is better to be updated; on the other hand, it has absurd errors, such as starting with 64 GB of RAM, having a battery contained or suffering an illogical problem with the high refresh rate on the screen.

Google introduced the screens at 90 Hz in its Pixel 4 to offer a more fluid experience in games, applications and also in the system interface. The drawback is that this rate is not stable, as in other mobiles with a 90 Hz display, like all OnePlus : in what environments the rate drops to 60 Hz. What we did not suspect was that Google would limit the high frequency to a value as absurd as brightness.

If you use the Google Pixel 4 with a brightness below 75 Hz the screen will always refresh at 60 Hz

Google Pixel 4 XL

That the refresh rate of the screen is limited to tasks where it is really appreciated has logic since this saves a lot of battery: it does not make much sense to print the screen 90 times in a second when you are editing a document, for example. Nor does it make much sense what Google has done in the Pixel 4: limit 90 Hz to situations where the screen brightness is greater than 75% .

As they discovered in a Reddit thread , and checked in XDA Developers , 90 Hz is only activated when the Google Pixel 4 increases the screen brightness by 75% . This implies that most of the time the panel operates at 60 Hz since, obviously, 75% brightness is too high for most environments, at least as long as the mobile phone is not used outdoors and in full daylight.

We have checked Google’s limitation on our Pixel 4 XL using the Testufo page . As you will see in the following video, the refresh rate rises from 60 Hz to 90 Hz just by raising the brightness; descending with the opposite action.

Although Google limits the refresh rate as standard, there is a way to force 90 Hz constantly. To do this you have to activate the force from the developer settings : you can see how it is done, and the results on the screen, through the following video.

Although there is a way to force constant 90 Hz, not all users will know that their mobile has a limitation on the screen . Especially when Google advertises its Pixel 4 with « Fluid display »: using the mobile with a brightness of more than 75% is not usual.

Repair a broken phone: When it’s worth it

Do you have doubts about whether you should repair a broken phone? Discover the main aspects that we have to take into account in this situation.

Most of us have met at some point in a situation in which to decide whether to repair our broken phone or suffer a failure or buy a new one. There are cases in which we can consider taking it for repair, while on other occasions it is no longer worth it and it is better to buy a new phone instead.

How to know if it’s really worth it or not? If we consider a number of factors, we may find it much simpler to know if it is worth repairing a broken phone or not . Thus, being able to make this decision will be something simpler and that we carry out having all the necessary information for it.

Warranty and insurance


One of the first aspects to consider in this regard is to check if the phone is still under warranty or not . It makes a big difference in case you want to repair this device, because the costs can be lower in many cases, and depending on the failure even free, if we are not responsible for the failure or breakdown in the mobile. Therefore, it is always recommended to check this first. Especially in case of a reconditioned phone.

If it is a fault or breakdown that we are not responsible for and the mobile is under warranty , then we will take it to the manufacturer’s technical service. It is they who have to repair a broken phone in this type of situation, without incurring a cost for us (it may only cost us the shipping). But it is not something we can resort to if the screen has broken because we have misused the phone or it has fallen, this type of breakdown is not covered.

There are users who bet on insurance for their phone . It is a fairly popular option, especially in phones within the high range. A priori it sounds like a good option, which gives additional protection for the device, although in practice the situation is not always ideal. Since many times they do not cover certain failures, causing the user to have to pay money for such repair, in case they want to do it.

If you have insurance and are thinking of repairing a phone that has broken down, check if said insurance covers this repair for that particular problem you have. In the case that you are thinking of insuring your phone, because you just bought one, it is important to read what kind of problems or breakdowns it covers, to know if it really compensates you to pay for it.

Telephone Age

Old phones

It is common for us to question whether we should repair a broken phone. Especially if it is a phone that we have been using for a while and we are very satisfied, but seniority plays a decisive role . It may be an Android phone that you have been with for a couple of years, that you have used a lot already and that you don’t even receive updates anymore. Is it really worth repairing?

We have to ask ourselves if it compensates us to pay for such repair , since a phone that has already a time is not in guarantee. So that cost may be higher than desired, causing you to not compensate for such repair. Also ask us if a new phone can give us something better or new, it can be a decisive factor. Since a phone that is a couple of years old may not have certain functions, such as a fingerprint sensor or its cameras are worse, for example.

Seniority can also influence the repair itself . Repairing a phone that has been on the market for a few months may be simpler, because all the components will be available. In the case of a phone that is already a couple of years old, it may happen (it is not always certain) that there is a piece that is more complicated to obtain. So it involves a risk in such repair, in addition to a possible additional cost.

If we also have data on said repair cost, it is an aspect that will help us decide. A repair too expensive for a phone that has already completed its cycle is not something worthwhile. We may be more compensated to buy a new mobile in this case.

Type of fault

Of course, another aspect to consider when you want to repair a phone is the type of fault . The problems that a phone can experience are very diverse. Although there are usually certain problems or breakdowns very common, especially with the screen of the device (from bumps, breaks or stop working) and the battery is another aspect that also usually generates problems among users.

There are breakdowns whose repair can be simpler and will take less, while others are more complex. The more complex the repair in question, the greater the cost we have to pay for it. Something that can make us think twice if we really want to repair the phone. There are all kinds of rules and recommendations in this case, about when we should really repair a broken phone or not.

Knowing the cost of repair in advance is possible in many cases. This will allow us to make a more informed decision and see if we are really interested in paying for it. If repairing a broken phone is going to cost you half or even more than it costs you to buy a new mobile, it may not be the best option, especially in the case of a phone that has already fully complied for a couple of years .

Phone type

Before we talked about the age of the device, which is a decisive factor, but we can not forget the type of phone we have. Since it is something that can clearly determine the cost of such repair. Especially if you have a smartphone that can be submerged or is water resistant, which are usually more complex to repair.

There are phones that are very easy to repair , something that we can see in many cases thanks to pages like iFixit. If we suffer a problem in a model of these, then we already know that the repair would be simple and that the cost would be less, in addition to taking less time to be ready. But not all phones stand out for being easy to repair.

Therefore, depending on the mobile you have and its specifications or additional functions, you may find yourself surprised that such repair is especially expensive or complex . If other issues like seniority add to this, it may cause you to make the decision that repairing such a phone is not really worth it.