Qualcomm will finally have a processor at the height of Wear OS

A filtered Qualcomm document details the Snapdragon 3300, a new processor for watches and other wearables that will be manufactured in 12 nm.

How many watches with the Google operating system do you know? It is not that there are too tremendously popular, but a large catalog of different brands that replicates features with different designs and finishes . And among these features there is usually a common denominator: a Qualcomm processor, usually outdated.

Although Qualcomm has been updating the range of processors for smart watches, the latest generation Wear was developed on a Snapdragon 400 , 2013 processor. With this huge gap in a sector as competitive as that of smart watches, manufacturers demanded a high-level processor, something Qualcomm would be about to unveil with the future Snapdragon Wear 3300 .

Qualcomm would update its range of processors for wearables with the Snapdragon Wear 3300, based on the Snapdragon 429

Qualcomm tendrá por fin un procesador a la altura de Wear OS

Kernel of the Snapdragon Wear 3300 platform. Image of XDA Developers

As we said, it is true that the Wear OS watch catalog is nurtured and varied. There are manufacturers like Mobvoi , Casio , Michael Kors, Fossil … It even seems that Xiaomi will end up joining Wear OS with its own watch. And when choosing a processor for the wearable there are not too many options apart from Qualcomm .

As XDA Developers found in the Code Aurora Forum , Qualcomm has uploaded the Linux kernel code of a mysterious Snapdragon Wear 3300 (SDW3300 device) . According to the kernel data, the new platform would be based on the Snapdragon 429 , a qualitative leap with respect to the platform used by the Snapdragon Wear 3100, the 400 .

The new SoC for smart watches and devices suitable for clothing would be manufactured in 12 nm (the previous Snapdragon 3100 has a 28 nm manufacturing process) and would have 4 ARM Cortex-A53 cores at 1.95 GHz . In addition, Qualcomm would include a second low-power processor for less demanding device tasks; thereby achieving greater autonomy, something vital in a smartwatch.

We do not know when Qualcomm will present the new platform for smart watches, but its launch should not be too far since the company will soon reveal its most powerful SoC of 2020, the Snapdragon 865 . It would not be strange if both processors saw the light in the same event .

Exynos 990: the future processor of the best Samsung phones

Samsung has presented in the United States its new high-end processor, the Exnos 990, accompanied by a new 5G modem, the Exynos Modem 5123.

The Korean company has celebrated in the United States, in California, the Samsung Tech Day 2019. In this event it has presented its last two additions to its chip catalog . The first is a processor for smartphones and mobile devices, the Exynos 990 , the second a modem with 5G connectivity, the Exynos Modem 5123 .

Exynos 990: Samsung’s most powerful processor

The Exynos 990 has been placed as the reference in the catalog of processors of the brand, being the most powerful. It is manufactured with 7 nm EUV (ultraviolet) technology, which according to the company improves the performance of the GPU by 20% and that of the CPU by another 20%.

The CPU consists of eight cores in this configuration:

  • Dual-core (Custom CPU).
  • Dual-core (Cortex ® -A76).
  • Quad-core (Cortex ® -A55).

The GPU has also been finalized, which will be a Mali ™ -G77 MP11, and will have two NPU cores (Neural Proccesor Unit).

As far as control of other devices is concerned, this processor will be able to manage cameras of 108 Mpx, or two sensors simultaneously, of 24.8 Mpx each. You will even be able to record 8K video at 30fps or 4K UHD at 120fps, using the 10-bit HEVC (H.265), H.264 and VP9 codecs.

The RAM can be up to LPDDR5 and the internal memory can be UFS 2.1 or UFS 3.0, which is what the best mobile phones of the moment, much faster in reading and writing than the first.

As for the screens, the mobile that uses it could have a WQUXGA panel (3840 x 2400 px) or a 4K UHD (4096 x 2160 px).

Modem Exynos Modem 5123

In addition, the company has launched a new 5G modem, also manufactured with 7 nm EUV technology.

It is compatible with 5G mmWave, LTE, 4G, 3G and 2G technology, with maximum download speeds of up to 7.35 Gbps in 5G. In 4G networks the maximum speed is 3.0 Gbps.

Both devices go into mass production in the coming weeks and are expected to be the processors that carry the new Galaxy S and Galaxy Note.

This will improve Android processors with the new ARM

ARM has presented new designs for graphics and artificial intelligence processors, aimed at improving mid-range chips.

ARM is one of the most relevant companies for the future of Android, despite not occupying headlines every day. This is the company that leads the development of the architecture of processors used by all our mobiles.

Each advance that ARM makes is an advance for everyone, since they are improvements that can be used by all processor manufacturers. As for example, the three new designs they have presented today.

This will improve mobile processors: new ARM designs

As we have mentioned on occasion, a mobile processor is much more than a CPU like the one we could find in a computer. These chips include all the technologies necessary for a mobile to be fully functional, from graphics to connectivity or even fast charging support.

Although ARM is not a manufacturer, its designs are used by all mobile processor manufacturers.

Mobile phones continue to evolve, and that also has an impact on mobile processors becoming increasingly complex and including new units that allow them to do much more. An example is the NPU , the N euronal P rocess Unit, which solves artificial intelligence tasks more efficiently.

ARM has presented new designs that chip manufacturers can integrate into their next processors. This time there is no news in regards to CPU, but we do have new designs from other very important parts:

  • Ethos-N57 and Ethos-N37 : There are two new NPU units designed for artificial intelligence tasks, designed to facilitate these tasks to cheap mobiles and other devices, such as smart cameras or home automation control units.
    • These NPUs stand out for being efficient, but do not have enough power for heavier tasks, such as computer photography. For these tasks, ARM has a more powerful NPU design, the Ethos-N77.

  • Mali G-57 : New graphic processor design for mid-range equipment that stands out for bringing some of the technologies they presented in their best design to mid-range equipment.
    • The implication of this new design means a 30% improvement in performance and energy efficiency, as well as a 60% improvement for machine learning tasks compared to the current generation.

  • Mali D-37 : Perhaps one of the least known designs is that of DPUs , which becomes a processor to improve the image quality of the content that will be displayed on the screen. This new image processor is designed to remove workload to the graphics processor, in addition to allowing the use of 2K resolution screens on more affordable equipment.

New Samsung Exynos 9825, the Galaxy Note 10 processor

These new designs are focused to improve the experience of the mid-range terminals and their improvements probably reach the Samsung Exynos, MediaTek and Kirin processors of Huawei (in case the company does not end up being banned).

Finally, Qualcomm, a company that although uses ARM architectures, usually customizes its designs, should be taken into account, so it is not clear if it will end up using these developments in the most affordable Snapdragons, or on the other hand it will continue to use its proprietary technologies.

More power for your games with this excellent application

Gamers GLTool is a tool with which you can enhance your games while avoiding maximum distractions. In addition, it lacks strange permits.

The increasing power in terms of graphic quality and processing has made current smartphones offer gaming features that we thought were reserved for consoles and computers. There will always be an insurmountable distance since the size also marks the power, but not for that reason we will stop enjoying with fable graphics. Even if our mobile phone is not the latest in power, we have tools like Gamers GLTool within our reach.

The game mode is increasingly common in mobile phones. Brands such as Xiaomi , Samsung , OnePlus … include their own vision of player mode , an application that is responsible for launching titles while optimizing the operation of the device. Now, do you lack that game mode or do you need an even more powerful tool? Keep reading.

Gamers GLTool, an application that increases the graphic power while decreasing the gaming lag

Más potencia para tus juegos con esta excelente aplicación

The application that we propose is a vitaminized game mode . Not only does it allow you to focus the launch of all apps on the same site, it also applies different optimizations so that the gaming experience is much better than without using the tool. By our checks, it is not something that is noticed of excessive smoking in powerful mobiles, but in the middle and lower range. Something logical, on the other hand.

Gamers GLTool does not require ROOT access , the application is secure and does not request strange permissions beyond the logical ones for a tool of its kind: access to storage, the Internet and also access to the elimination of applications running in the background. This demonstrates its way of acting since, in addition to enhancing the execution of the games, it also limits the operation of the mobile in the background so that all its performance is directed to said execution.

Más potencia para tus juegos con esta excelente aplicación

The application detects the GPU of the device and is capable of executing automatic optimizations for the graphics unit . It is also possible to choose which enhancement options to activate so as not to overload the phone, for example. And we can improve the Internet connection with different ping tools: Gamers GLTool is an extremely complete application that perfectly complies with what is proposed.

Gamers GLTool is free and with ads, although it also has a free advertising Pro version. With the free application you have more than enough; being able to opt for the Pro to add even more optimization elements for the games . The cost of the paid version is 0.69 euros.