These are the best apps of 2019 according to Samsung

Samsung took advantage of its developer conference, the SDC 2019, to communicate which are, according to its criteria, the best Android applications of the year.

That 2019 is about to end is a fact. And it is not only enough to look at the calendar to realize that November is already showing its leg , also the latest releases in mobile phones and accessories show it. And also the compilations with the best of 2019 , like the one Samsung has made of its Galaxy Store .

Since all Samsung mobile owners have access to the company’s app and game store, the Galaxy Store, the developers’ effort to stand out in the catalog is remarkable. And Samsung rewards it annually by choosing the best applications of the year, awards that it grants in its developer conference, the SDC ( Samsung Developer Conference ).

The 2019 SDC is currently being held in San Jose, California. Thousands of developers come to it, many of them with apps and games within the Galaxy Store or with an interest in publishing their work in this store. And 25 of them were awarded the prizes for the best applications, also for the best Devs. The variety and quality is notorious.

Samsung recognizes the best 25 apps and games developers

Análisis del Samsung Galaxy Note 10: en su tamaño está la mejor virtud

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 The SDC 2019 had its opening ceremony yesterday with an event in which the state of Android was analyzed at the development level, the health of application stores and how Samsung faces the evolution in its platforms, from Bixby to televisions He also highlighted the 25 best apps, games and developers of the Samsung Galaxy Store by selecting them in 25 categories .

In what strictly concerns the best apps and games of 2019 , Samsung rewarded the following:

Samsung shows on video its new folding mobile?

Samsung has published an official video of its developer conference, which shows what its second folding mobile looks like.

A developer conference created by Samsung is currently taking place in the United States. In SDC19 the use of some of the company’s services and platforms is encouraged. There has been talk of One UI 2.0 , the new interface that will arrive with Android 10 to the mobile phones of the Korean company, or of Bixby, the assistant who presented a novelty a year ago.

But the most striking has been that Samsung has made a video in which it invites developers to keep in mind the folding screens, screens that need a series of modifications in the applications, as we tell you in the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Fold .

In that video you see the first Samsung mobile … next to what appears to be the second model.

A new Samsung mobile phone, or so it seems

If you look at the video, you can see how the first model is a carbon copy of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, with a small external screen and a huge screen inside, which behaves differently.

Samsung muestra en vídeo ¿su nuevo móvil plegable?

In the second part of the video you can see a new device, which fits with what has been rumored for a long time that Samsung is preparing, a folding mobile similar to Motorola Razr, which by the way will also have its version renewed shortly .

In this new device it can be seen that it uses only one screen, along the entire length of the terminal, and that it folds on its larger side, leaving a fairly compact smartphone.

Samsung muestra en vídeo ¿su nuevo móvil plegable?

In addition, the interface allows you to use the device itself as a support, as Samsung has shown in the video, reducing the operating area in the videos, for example, to the upper half of the screen.

This idea, and others, is what Samsung wants developers to implement in their applications, supposedly so that when their new smartphone is announced in a few weeks, or months, there are the most compatible apps already on the market.

Beware of Android 10 on the Galaxy S10: the beta has a serious error

If you have updated your Samsung Galaxy S10 to Android 10 with One UI 2.0 you must be careful: there is a serious error that can block your phone.

The owners of a Samsung Galaxy S10 , also a Note 10 , in any of its versions do not yet enjoy Android 10 in its stable version, but they can try the beta with this system version and also One UI 2.0 , the new custom layer . We have installed the second beta, the current one, and it works very well. Although now a very serious authentication error has been discovered that can block the phone.

As SamMobile emphasizes , the owners of a Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 who have installed the second beta of Android 10 and One UI 2.0 can be deprived of access to their phone due to an error with the authentication of security services. If this error is activated, the mobile would reject any attempt to enter the phone using the registered methods, such as fingerprint, PIN, pattern or facial recognition.

If you have the second beta installed on your Galaxy S10 or Note 10 activate the Search my Samsung mobile service

Cuidado con Android 10 en los Galaxy S10: la beta tiene un grave error

So you can make sure you have the remote option to restore your phone

First of all, we must clarify that the error is not widespread , so it does not mean that you suffer if you are in the risk group (a Samsung mobile with the second beta of Android 10). We have been using this software version from day one and we have not encountered any problems, but it never hurts to prevent: you can run out of phone access . We must remember that, like any trial version, it is not without failures.

The only way to avoid the problem is to have a way to restore passwords remotely so that you can enter your Samsung mobile in case you suffered the authentication error. If you have the beta on your phone, be sure to follow the steps below:

  • Access the settings of your Samsung Galaxy and go to Biometric data and security .
  • Enter the Search my mobile menu.
  • Make sure that you have registered your Samsung account, that Search my mobile is activated and that the Remote Unlock box is checked.
  • From that moment, if the Android 10 and One UI 2.0 error blocked your Samsung Galaxy, you could unlock it from the web by accessing this page with your Samsung account registered on the phone.
  • Additionally, you can remove the locking systems as long as Samsung does not release an update to correct the problem. Remember that this makes your phone accessible by anyone : do not remove the lock if you are not in a safe environment.

The risk of testing beta versions is always latent, it is something we must assume. Even so, the truth is that the second beta of Android 10 with One UI 2.0 for the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 works very well in terms of stability and energy consumption . If you have not installed it yet and you feel like it, remember our advice and activate Search my mobile .

Samsung Galaxy Fold analysis: this may be the future of smartphones

We analyze the first mobile with folding screen on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a very exclusive terminal that can change everything.

After many months of waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy Fold , the first smartphone on the market with a folding screen, it has arrived at our analysis table. This terminal can already be purchased in Spain, although the price is really high, 2020 euros .

Of course, as Samsung has expressed, it is an exclusive device that will be sold exclusively, in the company’s stores, and with a brief training by employees to each of the buyers. The reason is not trivial: we are facing a new device, with special functions, which require a certain degree of adaptation.

In addition, as we tell you in the unboxing , the sales box has details such as the inclusion of a case designed for the terminal or the Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones, an accessory that is not exactly cheap.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Features

  • Body
    • Dimensions: 160.9 x 117.9 x 6.9 mm (open) and 160.9 x 62.9 x 15.5 mm (closed)
    • Weight: 263 g
    • Colors: Black and Silver
  • Smartphone screen | tablet
    • Type: Super Amoled | Dynamic AMOLED
    • Size: 4.6 inches in smartphone mode | 7.3 inches in tablet mode
    • Resolution: HD + 21: 9 | QXGA + 4.2: 3
  • Main features
    • Processor: Octa-Core 7nm
    • Operating system: Samsung One UI | Android 9.0 Pie
  • Memory
    • Internal: 512 GB UFS 3.0 + 12 GB RAM
  • Cameras
    • Cover: 10 Mpx f / 2.2
    • Rear:
      • 16 Mpx f / 2.2 | Ultra wide angle
      • 12 Mpx f / 1.5-2.4 Dual Pixel AF OIS | Wide angle
      • 12 Mpx f / 2.4 PDAF OIS | X2 optical zoom
    • Lead:
      • 10 Mpx f / 2.2
      • 8 Mpx f / 1.9 | RGB depth sensor
  • Connectivity
    • 802.11ac WiFi
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • NFC
    • USB 3.1 Type C
    • No headphone port
  • Sensors
    • Side fingerprint reader
    • Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor and compass
  • Drums
    • Double, with a total of 4380 mAh Li-Po
    • Fast and wireless charging and reverse charging

A design that changes the use

Análisis Samsung Galaxy Fold: este puede ser el futuro de los smartphones

The design is possibly the most striking and spectacular of this device. Samsung wanted to create a new product category , something that is not purely a smartphone but not a tablet. This is something that is seen in everyday life because, it is not that it gives us the feeling of using a computer, but it is not exactly a smartphone either.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this model is that, closed, its thickness is very considerable. That shows when you take it, although it doesn’t bother you, but especially when you carry it in your pocket. And no, even if a small protective case comes in the box, we don’t think this terminal is the ideal one to put it in a bag or a shoulder strap.

The weight of the terminal is very noticeable

The weight is also noted and is that the 263 grams of the Samsung Galaxy Fold (more than a quarter of a kilo) are considerable. However, this is perceived differently when we have it closed (it shows a lot) to when we have it open (it shows less).

As for the arrangement of the elements, we must say that there is something we like and others that we don’t. One of which is the position of the speakers, one in the lower frame and one in the upper one. When we take the terminal vertically, open or closed, it is impossible to block the sound. Even when we turn it we can turn it around so as not to cover either of them.

At the bottom we have the USB C charging port, but there is no headphone jack. At least Samsung has been considered to include some Samsung Galaxy Buds in the retail box, so it is a minor evil, or one corrected.

Análisis Samsung Galaxy Fold: este puede ser el futuro de los smartphones

On the left side we have the tray for a SIM. Here there is neither dual SIM slot nor one for the phone card and one for the micro SD . At least it is compatible with eSIM so we can carry two phone numbers.

In the right area we have the two volume buttons at the top, the power button (which we will have to reconfigure since it works by default as a Bixby trigger) and the fingerprint sensor, which is just below.

Análisis Samsung Galaxy Fold: este puede ser el futuro de los smartphones

I have never liked the fingerprint sensors on the side and although in this case it is thought since it is where you put the thumb to open the main screen, I have chosen to use more facial recognition, although it is less safe since I do not have a system of 3D facial scan.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a high-end, no paste

Análisis Samsung Galaxy Fold: este puede ser el futuro de los smartphones

The performance of this terminal is good. Very good. Of the best. To a processor that already has a time but that continues to behave well, a memory configuration is added in the line of what is expected with a mobile of this price.

We have 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory in the only configuration that is sold. This amount of memory makes applications stay longer open, make it easier to edit in demanding apps and not run out of memory.

In addition, being the UFS 3.0 storage, the time it takes to download or install applications and games is much less, and it shows a lot, although in the day to day it is not something critical, except for very specific uses. In fact this is something that I do not usually repair in my use but in this case I forgot to restore a very heavy game (Asphalt 9) and when I download it normally from the Play Store I miss the speed at which it was installed … until I remembered this.

The connectivity of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is also good, with two-band GPS, Bluetooth 5.0 or Wifi 6 dual nothing and MIMO connectivity, which translates into speeds of about 470 Mbps in a 600 network. It is not the fastest We have seen, but it is not a problem or a complaint.

We also have NFC for mobile payments, but not FM radio, headphone jack, microSD slot or infrared emitter.

Two screens better than one

One of the advantages of having an exterior screen is that we can use the mobile with one hand. This panel of 4.6 inches and HD + resolution has a great quality in terms of color when using the famous Samsung OLED panels, but also a paste. The font size is so small that it is sometimes difficult to read it. Fortunately it is something that can be changed.

The quality, as we say, is good, and the panel has an optimal sensitivity, although being so small at times it has been difficult to write and we have had to repeat some slippage or action. Personally I prefer to type on the keyboard by sliding my finger, although I must choose a keyboard that has that option.

In the time that I have been using the mobile phone, the inertia made me use the external screen since it is the one I had the most by hand. Gradually I tried to get used to using the interior screen and, in fact, what happened in the end is that I have kept the terminal open whenever I am working or in the living room, to close it only when I go to the street.

The interior screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is much larger, with 7.3 inches diagonal and FHD + resolution. The user experience is much more comfortable than in normal terminals, simply because of its surface.

Of course, there are situations in which having it open, the use is somewhat more uncomfortable, such as when we use it lying in bed , because it is necessary to have it with both hands and the weight tends to make it complicated that it does not fall. Of course, we can use it in that closed situation.

Of course, the touch of the screen is somewhat different, being a plastic component, not glass. Despite that, now that the protector is included in the screen and is not visible, the sensation is very similar to the use of a glass screen both visually and in tactile perception.

As for the wrinkle that appears in some images, it is true that he feels sometimes, when we swipe, but it is something that happens very rarely, and that when you are concentrated using a game or an application it does not become a drama.

What I have noticed is that when playing, with games in which the reflexes are important, as well as the speed, I had some apprehension to squeeze the screen a lot, something that the mobile case itself says is not advisable to do. This is something that is gradually being removed but there is always the question of whether it will be a problem over time.

Six cameras better than one

Samsung knows that such a terminal cannot limp in the photographic section. In fact, this is the first mobile I’ve analyzed that has no less than six cameras. The distribution is peculiar since they are in three different locations.

We have a sensor on the cover, on the outer screen, of 10 Mpx with an aperture of f / 2.2. Inside we have the same camera, accompanied by an 8 Mpx RGB depth sensor with f / 1.9 aperture.

But the main module is on the back, with a normal 12 Mpx angular camera with variable aperture f / 1.5-2.4, Dual Pixel focus with optical stabilization. We also have a wide angle of 16 Mpx and aperture f / 2.2 and a telephoto with two magnification optical zoom, PDAF focus and aperture f / 2.4.

The experience taking photos with this terminal is the same as we had with the Samsung Galaxy S10, that is, a very positive and complete experience, which nevertheless does not stand out in too many aspects. Or rather, it does not do so strikingly.

The quality of the three rear sensors is quite good although the major opening in the main sensor is noticed, achieving more light and detail.

Samsung has achieved a good balance in the processing of photos and the camera application is competent and has the right options. We do not miss more resolution since both day and night the shots we get are very correct. Of course, at night the zoom does not give us the sharpness we would like, but it is normal for all sensors of this type.

One aspect that if I would like to see improved is the portrait mode since sometimes the clipping is not perfect, although it is not dramatic either. Behind works better but in low light the quality is not always the desired one.

In front we have a good camera, with a more than good result with daylight, although not so much with low light. In addition, the change between the angular and group photo is notorious, as you can see in the gallery images.

We expected that in the video it would highlight this model, but the stabilization is improved and although it is appreciated to be able to move from one lens to another gradually, the lens change is noticeable.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has two batteries

The battery of this model is divided into two parts due to the design of the terminal, although it behaves as a single entity. It has 4380 mAh and the autonomy it offers us is good, without being spectacular.

In a first battery test we have been using the mobile indoors, especially to play, watch many videos on YouTube, make a phone call, etc. We have managed to have 6 hours of screen with 30 total hours of autonomy .

In the second battery test we have been using the mobile exclusively outdoors, making many photos, some videos, using social apps and playing some games to HearthStone. We have managed to have 5 hours of screen with 20 total hours of autonomy .

In the third battery test we have been taking some more photos, we have played a lot (under Wifi) and we have used social apps. We have managed to have 5 hours of screen with 24 total hours of autonomy .

In the fourth drum test we have been listening to podcasts, we have played, we have spoken on the phone and we have used social apps. We have managed to have 5 hours of screen with 31 total hours of autonomy .

The rest of the days we have obtained similar autonomies. that is, we can have energy for a whole day of use, but we must charge the mobile every night.

Here we can be glad to have wireless charging , even if it is not the fastest we have seen (15W), also reverse wireless charging, even if anecdotal, and fast cable charging, in this case only 15 W, much better.

The interface is unique, and takes advantage of the screen

Análisis Samsung Galaxy Fold: este puede ser el futuro de los smartphones

Samsung is one of the few companies that does not have any terminal updated to Android 10. The betas are currently starting, and we have already been able to try them.

However, the Fold is a terminal that may take a bit longer to update since in addition to the Samsung system and interface it has some exclusive functions that also have to be adapted.

One UI, the Samsung interface, has the same aesthetics and functions as in other phones, but there are strange details, such as the power button used to launch Bixby and not to turn off the phone, although it can be changed. We can also use the fingerprint sensor to open notifications, something comfortable especially when we use the interior screen.

Análisis Samsung Galaxy Fold: este puede ser el futuro de los smartphones

Here I have missed being able to use the external viewfinder screen when taking a photo with the mobile open , which would allow us to take selfies with the rear cameras, or allow the person we photographed to see on that small screen while we frame with the inside

But the interesting thing is the added functions. One of the most useful is continuity, which allows us to be using an application on a screen and change at the time simply by opening or closing the device. It is possible to do it in both directions and with the applications we want, you just have to configure it in the settings.

Another very interesting function is real multitasking , which allows us to open up to three windows in a matrix on the screen or many more if we leave them as floating windows. I found myself using it when I was looking for a series of websites to send on WhatsApp, having both applications open on the screen.

It is practical sometimes, but there is a catch. A real function of this is to be writing an email, open the gallery and drag an image from it to the email we are writing. And works.

The downside is that you have to prepare applications for it and not many are. For example, we have tried to do that with WhatsApp, but although it allows us to take the image and take it to the messaging app window, releasing it happens nothing. That is, it is not something integrated into Android, but it has to be made compatible with each application.

Análisis Samsung Galaxy Fold: este puede ser el futuro de los smartphones

On the negative side we have the absence of an adjustment that allows us to hide the notch . Per se this is not a problem, but seeing that many applications do not know how to adjust to it and that there are hidden interface elements by mistake, it should be a native option, as it is in many other mobiles.

An iconic terminal, with an unknown future

Análisis Samsung Galaxy Fold: este puede ser el futuro de los smartphones

Samsung has achieved what it intended, show how the future of mobile telephony will be according to your point of view. This includes, of course, a large diagonal screen, which we can fold. It is something unique and that people value when they see it. He values ​​it very much.

It is clear that this terminal is not intended to be purchased in bulk, and Samsung does not intend. It is not only the price, which is very high, but the production capacity of the screens, the need to learn to use the mobile in a new way …

On the other hand, the terminal is not free from failures, so to speak. At the hardware level it is thicker and heavier than we would like, and at the software level, applications do not always take advantage of its possibilities, and the notch bothers on some occasions. The latter is something that can be solved with updates, but it is still a bug.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be one of those mobiles that we will remember in a few years, a pioneer who can teach us how mobile phones will be in a decade. And of course the mobile to buy if we want to leave people with their mouths open. Literally.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: your questions answered

We have answered the questions that you have sent us through social networks about the first folding mobile, the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Samsung has put on sale in Spain, finally, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first terminal in its catalog whose screen we can fold in half. Literally.

We have been able to try it for a few days and the truth is that the experience is very positive. But what has caught my attention has been the reaction of people to try it, to see it. The strangeness of seeing something that seems brought from the future is ubiquitous.

Therefore, knowing that it is a mobile that will not be in stores and that is difficult to prove, we have opened a thread on Twitter in which to ask what you would like, and here are the answers.

Is the folded screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold small?

The truth is that it depends on the use. To call, answer a fast WhasApp or a timely inquiry no. To do something that takes more than a minute, it is better to open it.

This is undoubtedly one of the most obvious aspects to improve in the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 .

Does it bulge a lot in your pocket?

Well yes it is bulky, but less than other phones that are wider and thinner. Being so elongated is more comfortable to wear than, for example, a Huawei Mate 20X . Of course, it is still more uncomfortable than a normal six-inch mobile, for example.

Does it bother the part that bends when you swipe in tablet mode?

Samsung Galaxy Fold: vuestras preguntas respondidas

It does not bother but it shows, although only when doing a horizontal scroll, something rare since it is usually done vertically.

Do you notice the crest (wrinkle) a lot?

It’s something you get used to quickly. Let’s not fool ourselves, it’s something that looks and touches, but it’s like the mobile notch, you just forget it.

How are the optimized apps?

Samsung Galaxy Fold: vuestras preguntas respondidas

Some of the most important, such as Google or Samsung, are optimized and work great. Others like Facebook (Instagram, WhatsApp …) not yet, and the experience is somewhat more frustrating. Of course, they can be opened in split screen, but you cannot always drag content from one window to another.

What face does the rock see?

Literally astonished face. They open their mouths, raise their eyebrows … some even look incredulous, as if asking you to explain the trick. I liked this so much that I even made an article telling him .

How flexible is it?

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Well, the truth is that the system of magnets and hinges leaves little room for error. We can use it folded, open at all and also inclined, although the latter is almost a curiosity, since there is no anchor in that position.

Doesn’t the rule of physics break that if a material bends many times it breaks?

Obviously if we bend it enough times it will end up breaking, but that applies to any hinge device. Now, I have not used it enough to see if the five-year average Samsung promises are real or not.

Do all games serve that screen size?

Samsung Galaxy Fold: vuestras preguntas respondidas

I have tried several, and some adapt but they look bad for the notch (without being a big problem) and others put a black stripe on the side. But everyone I’ve tried adapts, as they would to a tablet.

Is the screen very “plastic”?

Well, less than I thought. There are differences with a glass screen, but I get the feeling that it is better than the model I tried a few months ago at the presentation event.

Of course, everyone realizes that touch is different. It may bother you or not (in my case not), but the change is noticeable.

Why is it so expensive and not very functional?

This mobile costs 2020 euros, and whether it is expensive or not is a matter of perception. It seems to me that it costs a lot, but I don’t see it as expensive. It is like a Ferrari.

And the little functional is according to uses and tastes. I thought so, the truth, but daily use has made me see that there is scope to change the way we interact with mobiles. Of course, I recognize that it is not valid for everyone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: vuestras preguntas respondidas

How heavy is the Samsung Galaxy Fold? And how do you get the most out of it if you’re not in a 5G network?

It weighs 263 grams and is one of the aspects that attracts the most attention and that Samsung has to improve the most in the following model. It shows a lot when it is closed, but not so much when it is open.

This model is not 5G, it is a 4G unit so we have not tested it with this new technology.

New rumors of the Galaxy Fold 2: folding glass screen, cheaper …

New data from Samsung’s second folding mobile, the Galaxy Fold 2, has come to light. Some rumors indicate that it will have a new screen and a lower price.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been on sale for a few days , it has been announced for about half a year. This makes it more logical to understand why we are already starting to see the first rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 , which will be the company’s second folding screen smartphone.

It would arrive in April 2020

The new data , from South Korea, indicate that this device would be presented in April 2020 , one year after its predecessor. We do not know if the commercialization date would also be at that time, but it would be logical, it does not seem likely that we will live a situation similar to that seen with the original Fold.

Glass screen … foldable

Nuevos rumores del Galaxy Fold 2: pantalla de cristal plegable, más barato...

Wrinkle on the screen of the current Fold

One of the biggest novelties of this model is that it would not use a plastic polymer screen, but an ultra-thin glass that could be minimally curved, just enough to use it in such a terminal.

There are already manufacturers who work in this type of materials, but we have not seen it yet in production, which makes us doubt that it is ready for mass marketing in about six months.

Galaxy Fold sales encourage Samsung

Although the bet of the Galaxy Fold has been risky and the problematic launch, it seems that the public responds positively and already sold in more than 500 000 units sold by the company worldwide.

Nuevos rumores del Galaxy Fold 2: pantalla de cristal plegable, más barato...

conceptual render of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 according to patents

It does not seem like a large number but to be a terminal of this price and this category, it is not a number to be neglected. This should be what Samsung values ​​when it announces that it intends to sell more than six million mobile phones with a folding screen in 2020 .

A lower price

In addition, it seems that Samsung would be trying to reduce the final cost of this model in several ways. One of them would be the smallest internal memory. Recall that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is sold in a single configuration of 512 GB of RAM and it is speculated that the Goalaxy Fold 2 has half, 256 GB.

Is the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S10 unsafe? We check

The fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10 could be neutralized with a simple silicone case. Is it really so unsafe? We have checked.

The security of mobile phones has been escalating in importance, also, worth the redundancy, in security. Using the PIN or the unlock pattern we have combined fingerprint readers with face unlock ; There are various technologies of each of these biometric systems. The most modern of the finger scanners is the ultrasonic fingerprint reader under the screen , it is also the safest. Or that was supposed.

The operation of the ultrasonic readers located under the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 differs markedly from other optical scanners located under the screen of other mobiles. Instead of taking a picture through a tiny hole under the screen, Samsung extracts the fingerprints by sending ultrasound and capturing how they bounce on the finger; tracing with it perfectly all the mountains and valleys.

Ultrasonic technology, which was initially safer than optics, has recently had a blow due to a dangerous discovery: the fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10, also that of the Note 10, could be mocked with a simple case of silicone Samsung has confirmed it and will soon solve the problem by software. But is it really so easy to skip the security of the integrated digital scanners in the S10 and Note 10?

Silicone covers, plastic protectors, gloves … We test various materials without getting rid of the unlocking

As stated by different social accounts, and uncovered the newspaper The Sun , the Samsung Galaxy S10 could be unlocked with a simple gel protector of just over 3 euros . The news went viral, Samsung confirmed it and also confirmed that it would release a patch as soon as possible. The trajectory of the news makes it unquestionable: the security error exists . Another thing is that it is simple to replicate it or, in short, that they can really unlock your phone if you have one of the devices involved: finding the element capable of achieving it is not easy.

We have made the process of recording a new fingerprint on a Samsung Galaxy S10 + . Then, we use different fingers to try to unlock it by putting various materials between the phone screen and the fingers themselves. After many attempts the results were conclusive: mocking the ultrasonic fingerprint reader is not easy at all.

After checking it empirically, we can conclude that there is very little chance of someone unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S10 without your permission (same happens in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ). Since Samsung will correct it by software, it is most likely that the system recognizes a false positive when the ultrasound fails to recreate the profile of the footprint with total clarity, something that could be solved with a warning like « Clean the screen to read the print correctly ». We will update as Samsung distributes the security patch to the mobile phones involved.

The Galaxy Fold is, above all, exclusivity, and the reactions to see it confirm it

Samsung has launched its first folding mobile, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and I have been able to show it to many people. I loved his reactions.

I have been analyzing mobile devices for more than a decade and using them more than two. Throughout this time I have been able to test very conventional terminals and other very striking ones. I have taught many of them to the people I was with at all times, in meetings, trips …

For the past few days I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Fold as a personal device, taking it everywhere to do the analysis.

One of these sites was the inauguration of an art exhibition where I could meet many acquaintances who know what I do. Some usually ask me what I have at that moment as my own terminal, others do not.

Surprise faces

On one of those occasions when I was asked what cell phone I was carrying, I took the Fold out of my pocket, obviously folded, and turned on the screen. The face of the person I was teaching it was strange: large, many frames … until I opened it.

Then I saw what anyone would describe as a surprise face: the o-shaped mouth, the open eyes, the raised eyebrows … No one is expected to have a screen of that size appear out of nowhere.

«No, is it serious? Do not…”

El Galaxy Fold es, sobre todo, exclusividad y las reacciones al verlo lo confirman

Another person who was in that exhibition was looking for a cell phone and asked me for advice. We talked about some models that fit what I wanted and entered their price range, and asked me about the mobile that I used.

I did the same as on the previous occasion, and in this case the reaction was more striking. What he said was literally “No, is it serious? No … »while alternating the look between my face and the Samsung Galaxy Fold, as if waiting for me to explain the trick.

They borrowed it

Another of the people I showed it to, and who was also fascinated, even borrowed it from me to go a couple of tables further than I was, to show it to his friends. The reaction was the same, surprise.

One way or another, all the people who saw him were surprised at what they saw. No one asked about screen technology, few about its resistance.

The price of the Galaxy Fold also amazes

El Galaxy Fold es, sobre todo, exclusividad y las reacciones al verlo lo confirman

The first thing people ask when they try the mobile, and know the benefits, is the price. Like the design, it amazes a lot.

It is clear that a terminal of more than 2000 euros is not cheap, nor do the most expensive iPhone reach this range of cost. My perception is that people saw him as the one who sees a luxury car, a Ferrari, a Porsche or a Maserati: incredible, but it’s not for me.

The weight attracts attention

One of the problems that almost everyone stressed is that the mobile is very heavy. The 263 grams of this terminal do not go unnoticed, but it is mostly closed when it shows.

Nobody told me anything about the weight when I had it open, perhaps because it was more like a tablet, and compared to those devices, it’s very light.

The key is the screen size

When I was meeting with Samsung officials talking about this model, they remarked that the reason they had created it was to have a bigger screen in their pocket .

And that was exactly what the people who saw him liked the most, being able to use such a large screen on his mobile, beyond being able to use one or several windows at the same time. That the Samsung Galaxy Note marked a trend was no accident: users increasingly want larger diagonals. And the physical space to carry the terminals without resorting to bags is limited.

Looking forward to seeing the Galaxy Fold 2

Personally, I liked the experience of being able to teach such a mobile phone to so many people. When I could try it a few months ago I had the feeling that it could be the future if technically there were no problems. Now I think people would be delighted that their terminals were like that.

Obviously, the price should go down and the format evolve , but I’m looking forward to trying new proposals that go along this line. And teach them again.

Linux in the Galaxy has no future: Samsung cancels the project

Despite the promise of having a full Linux desktop environment on a Galaxy, Samsung has decided to cancel the project.

One of the most curious features of the Samsung Galaxy was the possibility of becoming a complete computer with Linux thanks to Linux on DeX, a project that was very promising but has finally been canceled. A feature that possibly mattered to very few, but who cared, seemed spectacular.

Linux on DeX completes its development and will no longer be supported

With the launch of the Galaxy S8 Samsung introduced a feature called Samsung DeX. DeX is a desktop environment that allowed us to use our mobile phone and its applications on a monitor using a keyboard and mouse, as if it were a real computer.

It is a characteristic that without being of mass adoption is much appreciated by some. However, the desktop experience was only useful for ordinary users. But Samsung also thought about programming professionals adding a complete Linux environment with Ubuntu.

This function was in beta , and although it was spectacular it seems that it will not go ahead, according to the email that Samsung has sent to beta users.

«Thank you for supporting Linux on DeX Beta. The development of Linux on DeX was thanks to the interest of the customers and the support received. Unfortunately, we are announcing the end of the beta program, and we will not support future system updates or new devices. »

« NOTE: Linux on DeX will not be supported by Android 10 Beta. Once you upgrade to Android 10, you will not be able to return to Android Pie. If you decide to upgrade your device to Android 10 Beta, we recommend that you back up your data. »

Although Linux on DeX is abandoned, Samsung DeX is still alive.

If you were a Linux on DeX user and want to continue enjoying it, it seems that your only option is to remain without updating the device and hope that Samsung allows at least the community to continue working on this great project.

Forget Linux on DeX on new devices

It’s a good time to remember some things that I commented on Linux on DeX in my analysis of the Galaxy Note 10+:

“Little by little, Samsung DeX is a mode that is gradually improving, and the recent possibility of having Linux within Samsung DeX can be tremendously useful for users of a technical profile, such as a system administrator or a programmer. It is rare for a company to think about these use cases, and since the Galaxy Note is a mobile that aspires to be the best professional tool, it is something that we appreciate and want to continue evolving. Keep in mind that the Galaxy Note 10+ does not yet have support , but it should not take long to receive it. »

Apart from the fact that we will now have to rectify this information in the analysis, the cancellation of the project is something that personally matters to me a lot. Linux enthusiasts are a very small user niche and Samsung’s bet was exciting . Part of the benefit of betting on a high-priced mobile is to enjoy things that you couldn’t enjoy on other mobiles.

Linux on DeX was one of them, and although it is a shame that the project has been discontinued, it is appreciated that at least Samsung has tried . If in the future they want to try again (or any other brand), we will thank them again.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the present of a few, but the future of many

Samsung is clear about its strategy with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a terminal that is called to be a disruptor. But we will see that in the future.

When Samsung announced its new flexible mobile, the Samsung Galaxy Fold , many thought it was a prototype that would be released in a few years, as soon as 2020. But no, the company confirmed that this model would be put up for sale throughout this year

With that movement Samsung wanted to take the lead to something that it believes will be the future of smartphones and get ahead of the competition, which soon responded. And that there are still things to come .

The disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy Fold came to light quickly due to design decisions that were remedied, although that implied a delay of several months in the sale of this model. But it is already here.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the present

Samsung Galaxy Fold

It is important to note that although there are similar proposals, such as Huawei, or some somewhat different, such as Xiaomi, today Samsung is the only reputable company that has put on sale a smartphone with a folding screen .

This means that, whether we like the terminal or not, we are not talking about an invention or a promise, but a reality. If in 2018 they tell me that in a few months I would be able to try a smartphone of this type I would not have believed it.

Of course, let’s face it, 2020 euros will not make this a massive mobile, but extremely exclusive. This means that while we see that the new model is the present, it will be for a few.

The Galaxy Fold also tells us what the future of many will be like

El Samsung Galaxy Fold es el presente de unos pocos, pero el futuro de muchos

If you remember how things were in 2013, surely you see small screen terminals, with very improved autonomies.

In that context, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Note, a terminal that was the subject of ridicule and mockery, but that not only created a new category, the phablets, but also made the entire industry stand up and start to look at it. And that began to increase the amount of battery available by having more space to save it.

Six years later we can say that, like the Note marked a turning point, the Fold could do it for future generations.

Samsung believes flexible screens will be the normal way

El Samsung Galaxy Fold es el presente de unos pocos, pero el futuro de muchos

Samsung folding screen concept

This is relevant because in Samsung they think that we are facing a paradigm shift, one that is caused because we read less and more and more videos and listen to more audios.

And for this it is necessary to have a larger screen. And no, tablets are not the solution because although they were born for it, they have ended up as another domestic element.

So, carry a larger screen on top without having a terminal that literally does not fit in your pocket, almost necessarily passes through the folding screens.

It is something that will reach the lower ranges

The mobile telephony sector has shown that any innovation that triumphs in the high range will end up permeating the lower categories . And that is what Samsung will look for in the coming years, to be able to take that innovation to cheaper, mobile phones that are massive.

Of course, this will depend on the success of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, not so much commercial as it is a mobile with a high price, as well as the public’s assessment of this new proposal.

You must still demonstrate that there will be no durability problems with your hinge, that the screen can stand the test of time in a similar way to what the current ones do, and much more. If it does, it will be the future, otherwise it will be a failure.