Beware of Android 10 on the Galaxy S10: the beta has a serious error

If you have updated your Samsung Galaxy S10 to Android 10 with One UI 2.0 you must be careful: there is a serious error that can block your phone.

The owners of a Samsung Galaxy S10 , also a Note 10 , in any of its versions do not yet enjoy Android 10 in its stable version, but they can try the beta with this system version and also One UI 2.0 , the new custom layer . We have installed the second beta, the current one, and it works very well. Although now a very serious authentication error has been discovered that can block the phone.

As SamMobile emphasizes , the owners of a Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 who have installed the second beta of Android 10 and One UI 2.0 can be deprived of access to their phone due to an error with the authentication of security services. If this error is activated, the mobile would reject any attempt to enter the phone using the registered methods, such as fingerprint, PIN, pattern or facial recognition.

If you have the second beta installed on your Galaxy S10 or Note 10 activate the Search my Samsung mobile service

Cuidado con Android 10 en los Galaxy S10: la beta tiene un grave error

So you can make sure you have the remote option to restore your phone

First of all, we must clarify that the error is not widespread , so it does not mean that you suffer if you are in the risk group (a Samsung mobile with the second beta of Android 10). We have been using this software version from day one and we have not encountered any problems, but it never hurts to prevent: you can run out of phone access . We must remember that, like any trial version, it is not without failures.

The only way to avoid the problem is to have a way to restore passwords remotely so that you can enter your Samsung mobile in case you suffered the authentication error. If you have the beta on your phone, be sure to follow the steps below:

  • Access the settings of your Samsung Galaxy and go to Biometric data and security .
  • Enter the Search my mobile menu.
  • Make sure that you have registered your Samsung account, that Search my mobile is activated and that the Remote Unlock box is checked.
  • From that moment, if the Android 10 and One UI 2.0 error blocked your Samsung Galaxy, you could unlock it from the web by accessing this page with your Samsung account registered on the phone.
  • Additionally, you can remove the locking systems as long as Samsung does not release an update to correct the problem. Remember that this makes your phone accessible by anyone : do not remove the lock if you are not in a safe environment.

The risk of testing beta versions is always latent, it is something we must assume. Even so, the truth is that the second beta of Android 10 with One UI 2.0 for the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 works very well in terms of stability and energy consumption . If you have not installed it yet and you feel like it, remember our advice and activate Search my mobile .

Google Authenticator: what it is, how it is configured and how it is used

Do you want to use two-step verification in your accounts? Discover the way you can use Google Authenticator on your Android phone.

Two-step authentication, or two-step identification, has become a very common method with which to provide our accounts with an additional layer of protection . Many applications on Android give us the ability to activate this system at any time, such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram . In most of these cases, the method used is Google Authenticator.

The Google Authenticator name is clearly linked to two-step verification . Surely this name sounds a lot to many users, but then we tell you all about it. So you know what it is, how it works and how it can be used when you want to use two-step authentication.

What is Google Authenticator?

Google Authenticator is an application available for Android and iOS, created by Google. The purpose of this application is to provide codes that will be used in two-step verification . Therefore, it helps the user to identify or verify their identity in any application or account they have. After entering the username and password, you are asked to enter a code, which is sent to this app.

This application is compatible with many services . Of course it can be used with Google’s own, in those applications or services where it is needed. In addition, it can be used with other applications or services, such as Facebook, Instagram or Amazon, among many others. Compatibility with so many services makes it a very reliable option.

Google Authenticator is an application that we can download on any Android phone for free . The application is available in the Play Store, you can download it here below. Thus it will be possible to use it at all times in two-step authentication on various accounts or platforms.

How this service is used

Google Authenticator

The first thing we have to do is proceed to download Google Authenticator on Android , using the link above. Once we have the application installed on the phone, it is already possible to start. The steps to follow to be able to use this service are really simple, so you will not experience problems in this regard.

The first step we have to complete is to choose the account we want to protect, which in this case could be our Google account. The application gives two options in this case: Carry it out manually or scan a QR code where all the account information is. Each user can choose the desired option, although the code is much simpler and faster. Then we scan the code in question.

We can now log in to a web page or application , entering the username and password. Next, the code shown on the screen in Google Authenticator must be entered on that website or application. By entering this code the verification is completed in two steps, it is known that we are, so that we have access to said application or said web page in question.

When we use this identification service, we will see that the codes displayed on the screen change every few seconds . Therefore, there are times when when we start introducing it, it changes to a different one, the frequency is somewhat variable, but we must be prepared for this situation, since it is something that can happen to us on occasion.

How to set up Google Authenticator in other services

Facebook two-step authentication

As we mentioned, Google Authenticator works with many different services , such as a Facebook account. Therefore, many users want to have this service associated with their account on the social network, to be able to use it in two-step verification in it, allowing you to log in in a secure way, preventing someone from entering the account without permission.

To make this possible, add Google Authenticator in the Facebook account , we have to activate the verification in two steps in the social network first, which is something that we have already shown you in the past , but we remind you of the steps we have to follow in this regard:

  • Enter this link. With your Facebook account already started.
  • Choose the method to use in this verification.
  • Choose authentication app.
  • A QR code is displayed on the screen.
  • Scan that code with Google Authenticator.
  • Wait for the unification of the two accounts to take place.
  • Enter the code that appears in the app on Facebook.

With these steps, these two services have already been connected . If you want to do the same with other applications such as Instagram or services such as Amazon, the steps to follow are identical at all times, so they should not be a problem for anyone. Many services and applications are compatible with authentication applications like this, so it is an option available in your settings on a regular basis.

How to recover or restore deleted SMS messages on Android

Have you deleted Android SMS messages by mistake? Discover the best way to have a backup and to recover them on your phone.

Although we send less and less SMS, for many users in the market they are still something of importance. On more than one occasion we have something of importance in one of those messages, such as an address or a data that we do not want to forget. Unfortunately, it may be the case that we delete said message by mistake from the phone , losing that data.

If this happens, as we do when we delete a file from the phone by mistake, there are certain options to restore or recover an SMS message . So in that case that a message has been deleted by mistake on the phone, there are tools that will help us in this recovery process.

How to backup your SMS messages

The RCS is the evolution of SMS

If we want to avoid losing messages on the phone, Google has a method that allows us to make a backup copy of the SMS we have on the device. It is a good way to avoid scares, especially if we have a message where there is information that is important or has value for us. This method allows messages to be backed up, which will be saved in Google Drive.

It is a good way to always have a copy, which you can access at all times. To do this, we will have to use the Google messages application on our Android phone. The steps to follow to carry out said backup of the messages are:

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Enter the Google section.
  • Click on the Backup option.
  • Follow the steps that are requested.

A backup of all types of files is carried out in this way, including the SMS in the account . So it is a way to keep them safe. If MMS have been received, in case someone has sent a photo, they are not included in this backup. To make this possible, you must have a Google One subscription.

Third party applications

We can always use third-party applications in this case, with which we can make backup copies of SMS messages. This allows us to restore or recover them in case of loss or having deleted them by mistake. There are quite a few applications of this type in the Play Store today, whose operation is similar in general. So you will have many options to choose from.

Possibly there are a couple of them that stand out above the rest. One of them is SMS Backup and Restore . It is an application that will allow us to make a backup of the messages we have on our Android phone. In addition to making these backups, it gives us the possibility that we can recover or restore them in case something has happened with them. It fulfills two essential functions in this regard.

The first thing we will have to do is download the application on Android. It is an application that we can download for free on the device. Inside we find ads, which do not usually interfere too much in the use of the application itself. All the functions that we have available in the application are free, so we can take full advantage of this when we are going to use it.

How to use SMS Backup and Restore

SMS Backup and Restore

When we have installed SMS Backup and Restore on the phone, we will get a start screen of the application in which it says “Get Started”, so we can start using it. We are going to be asked to accept the permissions requested by the application, it does not ask for any rare permission, so we can grant them in this case. Then we are already on the main screen within the application itself.

The first thing that is asked of us or the first option that is given to us is to make backup of the SMS messages and the phone calls . It shows the number of messages, and calls that are in the registry, of which we can make this backup. We can choose what we want to include in that copy, whether it’s just messages or calls or both. In addition, if we use the advanced options in the application, we can also choose the type of messages we want to save. Just follow the instructions of the application to generate this backup.

When we have made the backup, we will have it available for the case in which we have to restore or recover deleted SMS. This function is available on the home page of the application. In this home page we have a side menu, that when we display it we will see there is an option to Restore . We are allowed to choose the location of that copy that we wish to restore, so that we have the available messages.

SMS Backup and Restore will ask us if we want to restore only messages, calls or both . We choose what we want to restore and that process begins then. It will ask you a couple of things, such as using this app temporarily as the message app on the phone, so that it is possible to restore them. We accept and change it. After a couple of minutes we will have restored these messages.

The plan of American operators to eliminate passwords

American operators have created an application so you can log in to your applications without a password. Is this method reliable?

Passwords are from the beginning of computing one of the most widespread authentication methods. However, it is a method that is proven to be unreliable. The reason? the users themselves

Zenkey: the password management application created by US operators

A few hours ago, the main US operators (Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon) have started the joint deployment of a new application called Zenkey . Despite not being able to use it in Spain, we are going to talk a little about it because it is interesting.

Zenkey is a password manager , a type of application whose objective is to act as an intermediary between us and the applications or websites in which we want to register.

These types of applications have a main strength, and they are responsible for creating a registry with a password much more secure than we can create and remember in our memory. A system that without being infallible, will always be more secure than if we take care of the password.

The differential aspect of Zenkey compared to other password managers is that authentication is much more rigorous, since it uses the information that our operator has about us instead of a master password.

Password management is not a matter that depends solely on technology

At the technological level, the proposal of an access without passwords with the data that an operator has of us seems a great proposal. But because a proposal is superior at the technological level, it does not mean that it is a better solution.

Instagram improves your security: verify which companies access your data

In the field of security, having the latest security measures is a key requirement, but not sufficient. If you do not trust who is managing your credentials, it is of little use to have the most sophisticated solution.

The truth is that I would hardly trust access to my operator for web applications and services. Sometimes I entrust it to Google, and even access through Facebook is convenient for some websites that matter so little to me that it is not a bother that Facebook has my credentials.

On a particular level, I would recommend this work more to companies dedicated exclusively to password management. I recommend 1Password and Lastpass , but on this subject we will talk more thoroughly another day.

Samsung solves the problem of the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S10 and Note 10

Samsung has announced a new update in the next 24 hours that solves the problem of the fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S10 and Note 10.

A few days ago we met a serious security problem that affected the ultrasonic fingerprint readers of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. Samsung has already warned that in the coming hours they will launch a security update that corrects the weakness of this fingerprint reader.

Samsung solves the security problem of the Galaxy S10 and Note 10

If you do not know one of the latest controversies, we will update you. A few days ago a security problem was published that affected the Galaxy S10 and Note 10. These phones have an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, which despite being slower, offers greater security.

However, that security was questioned , since using a simple silicone screen protector it was possible to skip such measures.

We ourselves have tested with different materials if it was possible to outwit the fingerprint reader , without much success, so that false positives seem to be an isolated case of a particular protector. However, it was a problem that had to be corrected as urgently as possible.

Samsung has already announced in its Samsung Members application that the update that corrects the problem of the fingerprint reader is on its way and will begin to be deployed in the next 24 hours.

Given the seriousness of the matter, Samsung did not want to wait for the monthly security update in November to solve a critical error that only affected its best phones. Once you receive the update, Samsung recommends that you scan your fingerprints again for added security.

Cell phones like the Galaxy A50 do not have this problem when using an optical fingerprint reader.

Other Samsung terminals with a fingerprint reader on the screen, such as the A50, use optical technology, so you will not receive this update because you do not need it.

The update notice has initially reached South Korea, but as Sammobile indicates, users from the US, Canada and some European countries are receiving the warning. At the moment we have not received this warning in our Galaxy Note 10+, but we will notify you when the update begins to arrive.

Is the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S10 unsafe? We check

The fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10 could be neutralized with a simple silicone case. Is it really so unsafe? We have checked.

The security of mobile phones has been escalating in importance, also, worth the redundancy, in security. Using the PIN or the unlock pattern we have combined fingerprint readers with face unlock ; There are various technologies of each of these biometric systems. The most modern of the finger scanners is the ultrasonic fingerprint reader under the screen , it is also the safest. Or that was supposed.

The operation of the ultrasonic readers located under the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 differs markedly from other optical scanners located under the screen of other mobiles. Instead of taking a picture through a tiny hole under the screen, Samsung extracts the fingerprints by sending ultrasound and capturing how they bounce on the finger; tracing with it perfectly all the mountains and valleys.

Ultrasonic technology, which was initially safer than optics, has recently had a blow due to a dangerous discovery: the fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10, also that of the Note 10, could be mocked with a simple case of silicone Samsung has confirmed it and will soon solve the problem by software. But is it really so easy to skip the security of the integrated digital scanners in the S10 and Note 10?

Silicone covers, plastic protectors, gloves … We test various materials without getting rid of the unlocking

As stated by different social accounts, and uncovered the newspaper The Sun , the Samsung Galaxy S10 could be unlocked with a simple gel protector of just over 3 euros . The news went viral, Samsung confirmed it and also confirmed that it would release a patch as soon as possible. The trajectory of the news makes it unquestionable: the security error exists . Another thing is that it is simple to replicate it or, in short, that they can really unlock your phone if you have one of the devices involved: finding the element capable of achieving it is not easy.

We have made the process of recording a new fingerprint on a Samsung Galaxy S10 + . Then, we use different fingers to try to unlock it by putting various materials between the phone screen and the fingers themselves. After many attempts the results were conclusive: mocking the ultrasonic fingerprint reader is not easy at all.

After checking it empirically, we can conclude that there is very little chance of someone unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S10 without your permission (same happens in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ). Since Samsung will correct it by software, it is most likely that the system recognizes a false positive when the ultrasound fails to recreate the profile of the footprint with total clarity, something that could be solved with a warning like « Clean the screen to read the print correctly ». We will update as Samsung distributes the security patch to the mobile phones involved.

Pixel 4 facial recognition will solve your biggest problem

The facial recognition of the Google Pixel 4 is very sophisticated, but it comes with the problem of being able to unlock with your eyes closed.

The Google Pixel 4 were presented last week and promises to be one of the most important mobile phones of the year because they are designed by the company that leads the evolution of Android. However, they are mobile that are still far from perfection and continue to make mistakes.

One of the small problems of this Pixel was in the facial recognition of the device, which is able to recognize our face with closed eyes, something that has jumped the alarms in many. Google is aware of the problem and will solve it soon.

Pixel facial recognition will solve your biggest problem

In matters of computer security, biometrics is a great evolution in terms, not only of comfort, but also of security. By not having to enter your password again and again, you prevent other people from seeing it, solving that they are done with the control of your mobile.

However, biometrics have to work perfectly to make it much harder to circumvent than a password. Things like a fingerprint reader that can be skipped with a screen saver or a facial recognition fooled by a photo are inadmissible.

It's official: the Google Pixel 4 triumphs in the number of cameras and front sensors

The facial recognition of the Pixel 4 is precise thanks to its number of sensors.

Google has decided to dispense with the fingerprint readers , betting entirely on a sophisticated facial recognition system, capable of recognizing our face in image and volume at an incredible speed. But in the first tests many have detected an error.

Pixel facial recognition is able to recognize our face with eyes closed . It does not seem like a big problem, but many users have made it clear that it is, since someone could unlock your mobile while you are asleep, or dead.

Charge the iPhone with an Android, the madness of reversible wireless charging The iPhone X was the first to use a complex facial recognition system, and took into account the eyes open from the first moment.

In fairness, these use cases are also weaknesses of the fingerprint, but for facial recognition to be superior, it is necessary to minimize any possibility.

Google is aware of this and in a later update will correct the defect of its facial recognition system “in the coming months .

And when will be that? It does not look like it will arrive for the November security update, but we do not believe it will be delayed much longer.

How to prevent your Google account from being stolen: tips and tricks

We find out how to secure your Google account so that nobody can steal it. Follow our advice and avoid security problems in the future.

Your Google account is essential . You use it from your Android phone, also for emails. And you store a huge amount of personal data or photos, in short: information of great importance to all. That is why we must try to protect this account to the fullest, to prevent it from being stolen or that they have access to it.

The good news is that there are certain guidelines that can be helpful in improving Google account security ; preventing in this way that someone can steal it. We have some tips to improve the security of the account in a simple way.

Two step verification

Google two-step verification

One of the best options to improve the security of your Google account is to enable two-step verification . Thanks to this method, the chances of someone hacking your account are significantly reduced. What this system does is to introduce an additional step when logging into the account; which requires that a code be sent by SMS, access is verified on another phone and more options. The steps to activate it are:

  • Enter this link having logged into your Google account.
  • Click on the Start button.
  • Choose the method you want to use for two-step verification: send an SMS to the smartphone or make a call.
  • Activate notifications that inform if someone wants to enter the account.
  • Exit the page.

In this way, we already have two-step verification activated in the Google account . It is a good method to prevent someone from entering without permission. In addition, having activated the notification of access, we will know when someone tries to access the account without our permission.

Use a recovery email and a phone number

If in the worst case someone has had access to our account or we do not have access to it, we can use a recovery email or a phone number. Therefore, setting up these two aspects in the Google account is a good help. For added security, it may be advisable to use both a recovery email and a phone number. The steps we have to follow in this case are:

  • Enter your Google account, in this link.
  • Go to the Security section, located on the left side of the screen.
  • Go to the “Methods to verify your identity” section.
  • Enter a recovery email.
  • Enter a phone number.
  • Give to accept.

With these steps we have an additional email , which must be different from the Gmail account we use regularly. The same goes for the phone number. They are a good way to recover access if in the worst case someone has entered it.

Third party access

There are times when, when we use applications, web pages or extensions, we are giving them access to our Google account . In many cases it is not something serious since it may be part of their operation, but it is important to consider what applications or extensions have access to the data. Reviewing it with some frequency is convenient: we must take away access to those that we do not consider appropriate or are no longer useful to us. The steps in this case are:

  • Enter your Google account, in this link.
  • Go to the security section, located on the left side of the screen.
  • Swipe to the section called Third-party applications with access to the account.
  • Click on the button that says “Manage third-party access”.
  • Remove access from those applications or services that you do not consider appropriate.

It is a good way to be clear about which applications or services have access to the Google account since in many cases we are not aware of it. There may be an application that does not have clear intentions and to which we are facilitating access to our account. Removing it from the list is the way to avoid it.

Control what you are sharing on Google

The personal information that we are sharing in the Google account can be very useful for some hackers or for those who want to steal our data or identity. That is why it is essential to have control over what we are sharing in the account as far as personal information is concerned. The steps we have to follow this time are:

  • Enter your Google account, in this link.
  • Go to the Contacts and Shared Information section, located on the left side of the screen.
  • Scroll down to “Choose what other users see.”
  • Enter this section.
  • Manage the data that other users can see about you.

This section helps us discover how our Google account looks from the outside and the data we are sharing with other people. There are times when we forget this information or do not give it too much importance, but we should review this to avoid sharing too much data, especially personal and those that can be used against us.

If we want a better experience and more privacy we can click on the Privacy Review button at the end of this section. It takes us to a screen where we can modify certain aspects of the Google account for greater privacy in it.

Beware of apps to download videos from YouTube: Snaptube is dangerous

Snaptube is a well-known application to download videos from YouTube, but you must be careful with it: it committed fraud and paid subscription.

Among all the applications that Google makes available to almost any Android, there are a handful of them that could be considered essential . The Play Store is one, also Gmail and Google Play services . Or YouTube , an app that, if missing, is often missed. Or not, that there are other applications capable of replacing its functions, including downloading videos.

To download videos from YouTube, there is no need for applications since many web pages perform this service. Even YouTube itself offers it within its premium model . However , the same function can be achieved with third-party apps, as with Snaptube : a popular unofficial YouTube client that accumulates millions of downloads. And from which you must move away: he has been hunted by committing serious irregularities.

Snaptube committed advertising fraud and subscribed its users to premium services

Cuidado con las apps para descargar vídeos de YouTube: Snaptube es peligrosa

The scam of premium services is nothing new since we have been dragging it on Android for years. Now it is less common since most operators usually put more barriers to unauthorized subscription , Android itself makes it difficult. Of course, you never have to trust.

As the Secure-D security platform demonstrated after analyzing the behavior of Snaptube , one of the most popular apps for downloading YouTube videos, it performed different functions without communicating them to the user. Malicious behavior was exercised thanks to the inclusion of an integrated development kit in Snaptube : this SDK was responsible for accessing a control server from which the following tasks were performed.

  • Fraudulent advertising clicks . Snaptube downloaded ads in the background and, without showing them to the user, clicked on it in the advertising.
  • Subscription to paid services . The application fraudulently subscribed the user to different payment services.

The Snaptube application is developed by a Chinese company called Mobiuspace . Our recommendation is that, if you had this YouTube download application installed, uninstall it as soon as possible . For our part, we will stop recommending Snaptube as an alternative to YouTube, we have also withdrawn the application of previous recommendations.

The fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S10, fooled by a screen saver

The ultrasonic fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a significant security problem, being able to be fooled by a simple protector.

In the last hours a new security hole has been discovered that would allow any attacker to unlock our fingerprint only using a specific screen protector.

A gel protector that can cancel the ultrasonic fingerprint reader

In the last hours a woman seems to have noticed that the gel protector she had bought for her Galaxy S10 was generating a security problem, and that is that after applying it, any finger could unlock her mobile.

Without a doubt it is a serious security problem (at least until it is solved), since as the woman herself indicates, if anyone can access her mobile, they could transfer funds from her account, a risk that nobody is willing to take .

The fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10 has been highly criticized for its speed . This was because ultrasonic technology is slower than optics, but it also offered an extra layer of security. This discovery leaves more doubts about technology.

Samsung is aware of the problem and will launch a security update to fix the problem. Biometric security is based on confidence margins, so surely when the patch arrives, the reader may lose some of the speed he has gained in the latest updates.

What to do if I lose my mobile

Although Samsung has clarified that it is already working on solving this problem in an upcoming security patch, it never hurts to have some extra security considerations.

It is unlikely that in the home environment someone buys a specific screen protector to skip the security of your mobile, but this could be complicated if we lose or steal our mobile.

For this case, what we recommend is to enter the option to find my Samsung device . From this section we will have the option to block the device. This lock allows us to enter a new 4 to 8 digit PIN and display a phone number and a message for anyone who finds it.

Additionally, this option will block our Samsung Pay cards, in addition to preventing the phone from being turned off (provided it has a battery).