Xiaomi shows its Mi Watch watch on video

The Xiaomi Mi Watch is getting closer to introducing itself and the brand has fully revealed its appearance and how its interface works. On video!

Juicy novelties are approaching in the Xiaomi device ecosystem , the Christmas campaign promises to be as juicy as it is at odds. And not only on phones, but also, in the field of smart watches. If the brand has the most popular activity wristbands with the Mi Band , why not do the same in the field of smartwatch?

Yesterday we highlighted that Xiaomi itself, through the account in the Chinese social network Weibo de Mijia , unveiled the design of the next Xiaomi Mi Watch in addition to offering some of its key features. The aspect makes it clear: the brand has been totally inspired by the Apple Watch . And it has integrated an interface that, apparently, seems quite complete.

MIUI for Watch, this is the name of the Xiaomi Mi Watch watch interface

Xiaomi enseña en vídeo su reloj Mi Watch

Far from staying in a simple interface, in Xiaomi they have proposed to load their first watch with options based on adapting the mobile interface to the smartwatch . In this sense, the name chosen is MIUI for Watch , a declaration of intent that leaves no doubt: the brand seeks to convey an experience similar to that received by those who use their phones.

Although all the rumors have long insisted that the Xiaomi Mi Watch will come with Wear OS , the video published by Mijia on Weibo does not make it so clear. The interface looks highly personalized, with a grid of applications between which it is possible to move vertically using the rotary button on the side . Apparently in the video, the Xiaomi Mi Watch will have access to a multitude of applications (surely from the Xiaomi app store) and can even play videos.

Below is the video of how the Xiaomi Mi Watch looks on the wrist and how its interface works ( via XDA Developers ).

As previously filtered, and corroborated in the video, it is most likely that this Xiaomi Mi Watch has two versions: one with MIUI for Watch for China and one with Wear Os for international sale. It will not take long to corroborate it since it is expected that on November 5 the watch will see the light next to the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (in China). Since the latter will also be presented in Spain, the logical thing will be that Xiaomi also unveils the Mi Watch in this country .

The Xiaomi watch will be a clone of the Apple Watch

Xiaomi has publicly shown the design of its future watch, the Mi Watch. And there is not much doubt: the inspiration is the Apple Watch.

There is very little left for Xiaomi to unveil the next products of its already huge device catalog. We do not know if they will be the last of 2019, surely not, but we do know that the brand has put special effort into them. For example, there is the Xiaomi CC9 Pro , a mobile with 5 rear cameras and a 108 Mpx that will be called Xiaomi Mi Note 10 in Spain . And his first smart watch, of which we now know image and official data.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch , future name of the device, has been anticipating for quite some time . The brand recently confirmed it in China, where we received new data, including the definitive design of the smartwatch . And there is no doubt where Xiaomi has taken the inspiration.

According to the first official photos, the Xiaomi Mi Watch has a design almost traced to the Apple Watch, including the crown

El reloj de Xiaomi será un clon del Apple Watch con Wear OS

It is not the first time we see clones of Apple Watch . Even Amazfit , a company that manufactures devices for Xiaomi ( the Mi Band , for example), has its own watch that is clearly inspired by Apple’s smartwatch: the Amazfit GTS . What is surprising is that Xiaomi has also decided on inspiration, even when adding the rotating selection crown and the side button. No wonder it was an adaptation of said Amazfit GTS.

The images come to us from Mijia’s account in the Chinese social network Weibo . Apart from the design traced to one of the key smartwatch of today, the brand would have included a lot of technology inside. It will have eSIM, NFC, WiFi, GPS , a linear vibration motor and a speaker. In addition, according to XDA Developers, the choice of the processor of this Xiaomi Mi Watch would be confirmed: the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 . Not the Snapdragon 3300 , recently filtered and that would add much more power and less energy consumption to the device.

El reloj de Xiaomi será un clon del Apple Watch con Wear OS

It is expected that this Xiaomi Mi Watch will be presented with the Xiaomi CC9 in China and Xiaomi Mi Note 10 in the rest of the world, in anticipation on November 5 (China). In addition, the brand would also reveal new televisions ; with the possibility that these also left in Spain. We will track them.

The 108 Mpx arrive in Xiaomi: this is the 5 cameras of the Xiaomi CC9 Pro

Xiaomi has confirmed its new flagship search, the Xiaomi CC9 Pro, which will have 5 rear cameras, one with 108 Mpx and another with 5x optical zoom.

A few months ago Xiaomi surprised us by presenting the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha , a conceptual device that was called to show the company’s progress with flexible, non-folding screens. Given its bizarre design, it went unnoticed that its main photo sensor was 108 Mpx, being the first mobile in the world to have it.

The point was that, despite that, we could not buy it since this model, at least for now, would not go on sale.

This is what Xiaomi wants to solve with the new Xiaomi CC9 Pro, a device that has been confirmed thanks to a publication of the company itself in the Chinese social network weibo.

108 Mpx and 5x zoom

In the published image we see the back of this mobile, which has four sensors among which the main one, 108 Mpx, and one of the secondary ones that promises us a 5x optical zoom, which we have only seen for now on the Huawei P30 Pro.

The latter, however, is striking. If you look, there is no periscope system in the terminal (it is seen because there is no square element in the rear sensors). This would mean that if Xiaomi has implemented a 5x optical zoom without a periscope, it would be the first to be able to do it without having an excessively thick mobile.

Along with that we will have no less than three more sensors, making a total of 5. It is likely that one is a wide angle (hopefully 16 Mpx), that the small one is a ToF and that the last one is a macro sensor since with The Tof the RGB depth sensor does not make much sense ..

A new clock and a new TV

Los 108 Mpx llegan a Xiaomi: así son las 5 cámaras del Xiaomi CC9 Pro

Together with the Xiaomi CC9 Pro, the company has confirmed that there will be a new watch, from its subsidiary Mijia, and that it is possible that it is the rumored Xiaomi Mi Watch with Wear OS, but the teaser’s image does not confirm anything, beyond its design rectangular.

There will also be a new television, the Xiaomi Mi TV 5 , that hopefully will be the prelude to the presentation in Europe of this type of products.

All these products will be announced at an event in China on November 5, but we don’t know if they will cross their borders.