How to recover or restore deleted SMS messages on Android

Have you deleted Android SMS messages by mistake? Discover the best way to have a backup and to recover them on your phone.

Although we send less and less SMS, for many users in the market they are still something of importance. On more than one occasion we have something of importance in one of those messages, such as an address or a data that we do not want to forget. Unfortunately, it may be the case that we delete said message by mistake from the phone , losing that data.

If this happens, as we do when we delete a file from the phone by mistake, there are certain options to restore or recover an SMS message . So in that case that a message has been deleted by mistake on the phone, there are tools that will help us in this recovery process.

How to backup your SMS messages

The RCS is the evolution of SMS

If we want to avoid losing messages on the phone, Google has a method that allows us to make a backup copy of the SMS we have on the device. It is a good way to avoid scares, especially if we have a message where there is information that is important or has value for us. This method allows messages to be backed up, which will be saved in Google Drive.

It is a good way to always have a copy, which you can access at all times. To do this, we will have to use the Google messages application on our Android phone. The steps to follow to carry out said backup of the messages are:

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Enter the Google section.
  • Click on the Backup option.
  • Follow the steps that are requested.

A backup of all types of files is carried out in this way, including the SMS in the account . So it is a way to keep them safe. If MMS have been received, in case someone has sent a photo, they are not included in this backup. To make this possible, you must have a Google One subscription.

Third party applications

We can always use third-party applications in this case, with which we can make backup copies of SMS messages. This allows us to restore or recover them in case of loss or having deleted them by mistake. There are quite a few applications of this type in the Play Store today, whose operation is similar in general. So you will have many options to choose from.

Possibly there are a couple of them that stand out above the rest. One of them is SMS Backup and Restore . It is an application that will allow us to make a backup of the messages we have on our Android phone. In addition to making these backups, it gives us the possibility that we can recover or restore them in case something has happened with them. It fulfills two essential functions in this regard.

The first thing we will have to do is download the application on Android. It is an application that we can download for free on the device. Inside we find ads, which do not usually interfere too much in the use of the application itself. All the functions that we have available in the application are free, so we can take full advantage of this when we are going to use it.

How to use SMS Backup and Restore

SMS Backup and Restore

When we have installed SMS Backup and Restore on the phone, we will get a start screen of the application in which it says “Get Started”, so we can start using it. We are going to be asked to accept the permissions requested by the application, it does not ask for any rare permission, so we can grant them in this case. Then we are already on the main screen within the application itself.

The first thing that is asked of us or the first option that is given to us is to make backup of the SMS messages and the phone calls . It shows the number of messages, and calls that are in the registry, of which we can make this backup. We can choose what we want to include in that copy, whether it’s just messages or calls or both. In addition, if we use the advanced options in the application, we can also choose the type of messages we want to save. Just follow the instructions of the application to generate this backup.

When we have made the backup, we will have it available for the case in which we have to restore or recover deleted SMS. This function is available on the home page of the application. In this home page we have a side menu, that when we display it we will see there is an option to Restore . We are allowed to choose the location of that copy that we wish to restore, so that we have the available messages.

SMS Backup and Restore will ask us if we want to restore only messages, calls or both . We choose what we want to restore and that process begins then. It will ask you a couple of things, such as using this app temporarily as the message app on the phone, so that it is possible to restore them. We accept and change it. After a couple of minutes we will have restored these messages.

This is the fake Post SMS that tries to scam you money

If you have received an SMS from the Post Office, it is very possible that it is a scam attempt by phishing to get your personal data.

A few weeks ago, many users began to see an SMS from the Post Office on their mobile phones reminding them that they had not made a necessary payment to customs to receive a package.

In Omicrono they already told us what it really was , but we are currently seeing a regrowth of their reception, which coincides with the hacking of one of the Twitter accounts of the Spanish public company.

Social engineering at the time of online shopping

This scam attempt is based on a fairly obvious reality: we receive more and more packages from farther destinations. Formerly receiving a package was something strange, and making it from abroad almost impossible.

Currently, with electronic commerce, there are people who receive shipments every week, and that is what criminals take advantage of.

It is very normal to believe that this is the package of the last purchase we have received, but it is not so.

What to do if we receive the SMS by mail

Este es el falso SMS de Correos que intenta estafarte dinero

The company itself, in its Twitter account , invites us not to click on the link that appears in the text message, which has this structure, or a similar one:

Dear customer, your package could not be delivered on 10/16 because customs fees have not been paid. Follow the instructions .

The date is changing to be realistic, although it almost does not mention a real package.

What we have to do is ignore the message and delete it from our mobile, as many times as we receive it.

There are several models

We have to be aware of how the SMS changes because others directly give us the amount we have to pay. If we click on the link, a false payment gateway opens that pretends to be that of Correos, so that we put our credit card number and other data, something that we must never do.

In the case that you have filled in the information we recommend that you change the access to the bank account and modify the information that can be changed.