Android applications to find clothes using a photo

Have you seen a photo of clothes that you like? You can find it all thanks to this selection of Android applications that you can download now.

On some occasion you have surely seen a picture of a piece of clothing that you like . Either a photo on Instagram or an online photo. But you don’t know what brand this garment you have seen is, nor do you know very well how you can find it. Luckily, there are Android applications that can be of our help to find such a garment.

Thanks to these Android applications, we can find clothes using a reference photo , which will serve to show results of pieces that match that. So it will be possible to find that piece that we like so much, but we don’t know what brand it comes from. There are several helpful applications in this regard.

Google Lens

Google Lens is an application that has many utilities for Android users. Thanks to it we can identify all kinds of objects in a simple way, as you probably already know. We can also use it with clothes or accessories , so that it will show us results that match and be able to find the store where the specific product we want is sold.

All you have to do is point with the camera on the phone, once we have opened Google Lens, to that product. Then we will show results of products that match the one we have in the photo. On many occasions we find the same product, so we can find it. We will also see products that are very similar in appearance, so that we can find something similar.

It is a very simple method to use, so it is one of the best Android applications in this field for many. As with all Google applications, its download is completely free and there are no purchases or ads inside it. You can download it below:


This second application on the list will work in a similar way to Google Lens . With a photo, opening the camera of our phone, we can find products that are similar or the same as the one we are looking for. So we can use it to find a piece of clothing that we have seen and liked. It does not present too many complications in terms of use, since the user interface is really simple, of the simplest Android applications in this category.

Although it is an application that works somewhat slower , if we compare it with Google Lens. It may take almost a minute to show us results that match what we are looking for at the moment. But the results it gives us are useful, since in addition to giving us the link to buy the product, we have more information. A product description, additional photos or YouTube links are provided to watch a video of that piece in question.

The download of this application on Android is free . Inside there are ads, but it is not something that bothers when using it, they are not too invasive in this regard. So it is one of the best Android applications in this field, for its ease of use and good results.


Pinterest is a website and application that for many serves as a great inspiration in all kinds of projects . It is also a means in which many people discover items that are of interest and wish to buy at some point. Because this is something that is used frequently, the application has introduced a function that is helpful in this process, a kind of camera or sensor, such as Google Lens. In this way it becomes one of the Android applications to use in these types of situations.

We will only have to use it, so that the camera opens and then points to the product in question. Products that match in this case will be shown, with purchase links for many of them. To make this possible Pinterest has partnered with ShopStyle , a well-known shopping website, where we have a large selection of products. In addition to giving links to buy products, ideas and inspiration are provided to create an outfit based on that particular garment or accessory. So you can also help many users in this process.

Downloading Pinterest on Android is free , although there are ads inside the application. In general they are not usually annoying, so we can use the application without too many problems on our Android phone. The design of the app is very easy to use, just as simple as the web. You can download it below:

Google Reverse Search

Not only can we use Android applications in this process. We can also turn to Google directly, thanks to the reverse search that we have available in the well-known browser, which we have already talked about . This search is that we are the ones who upload a photo, so that the well-known search engine will show matching results. It can be a good way to regain access to the web page in question we were looking for.

In this case, we have to have the photo of the product in question or a URL of it. We enter the Google search and in the bar we click on the camera icon there, which allows us to upload a photo or enter a URL of that photo in question. Once we have done this, the search will begin, which will show the results that match. It may show photos of the same product, which will take us to the brand or store where we can buy it. So it is a method that can also help us.

It has the advantage that we do not need to install Android applications for it . Although the reverse Google search still has enough room for improvement, since in many cases it does not give the results that users were waiting for. But it is always worth trying, especially if other methods have not given the desired result, which was to find that piece of clothing that we liked so much in this case.

How to receive Xiaomi updates ahead of time

We show you a simple way to anticipate the official updates of Xiaomi: Mi Pilot, a mobile pilot program with MIUI.

Today is an important day for everyone who has a Xiaomi mobile since the company has officially started its updates to MIUI 11 . This version of the custom layer brings numerous new features, both aesthetic and functional; Updating Xiaomi own apps by the way. The update process is always staggered, but there is a way forward.

Xiaomi cut beta programs internationally by restricting them to their own country , China. However, it does have a pilot program that rewards fans of the brand: Mi Pilot . It is a global program that anyone with a selected Xiaomi mobile can sign up for.

Sign up for My Pilot and receive updates from Xiaomi days before its official date

Cómo recibir las actualizaciones de Xiaomi antes de lo esperado

As is often the case with this type of more or less exclusive programs, not all phones are suitable for him, there will also be users who are left out: My Pilot does not guarantee its acceptance to all owners of a Xiaomi mobile with MIUI (phones with Android One are not suitable for My Pilot) as places are limited . However, you lose nothing by signing up.

How to register your Xiaomi mobile in the Mi Pilot program? It is a simple process:

  • Access this registration form .
  • Enter your Xiaomi account details and you will access the access survey.
  • You must dial the phone number you have, select the region to which it belongs and enter an email number.
  • Once completed, and sent the registration, you will have already opted for the My Pilot program.

This system of advance to the official updates works based on stable and global ROMs , you will never receive beta versions. Xiaomi does not confirm your acceptance to Mi Pilot , nor will you receive any notice of the brand as an update has been released: you will simply update before the other owners of the same phone. It is a way to anticipate a few days before the official release, it also serves to make Xiaomi and MIUI ensure that everything works correctly.

The smartphones that currently have access to the Mi Pilot program are the following:

  • Redmi K20 Pro.
  • Redmi K20 India / Mi 9T Global.
  • Redmi Note 7.
  • Redmi Note Pro.
  • My 9.
  • My 9 SE.
  • Redmi Y3.
  • Redmi 7.
  • My 8.
  • LITTLE F1.
  • My MAX 3.
  • Redmi Note 5 Pro India / Redmi Note 5 Global.
  • Redmi Note 5 India / Redmi 5 Plus Global.
  • Redmi Note 6 Pro.
  • Redmi 6A.
  • Redmi 6.
  • My MIX2.
  • My Mix 2S
  • My 8 Lite
  • E6-Redmi Y2 India / Redmi S2 Global.

A curious application to modify your mobile without making root access: Cometin

Cometin is a new application with some modules that allow the modification of system parameters that normally cannot be changed. And without root.

Throughout the more than ten years that Android has we have seen how the system has evolved and matured. We have gone from wanting to modify many things and install ROMs to practically not touching any configuration parameters.

Root access is becoming less and less used, but that does not mean that there are no applications that allow us to take the system one step further.

One of the latest is Cometin, an app created by a member of XDA Developers that allows us to install some modules in the system, without the need to root, to customize it in a more aggressive way than Android allows.

Installation by modules

Una curiosa aplicación para modificar tu móvil sin hacer acceso root: Cometin

This application uses a fairly new Android feature called Dynamic Delivery Modules and that allows us to download an application in parts, depending on what we want to do.

So, Cometin has several modules that we can download and install on our mobile.

  • Ambient display: Creates an ambient screen that is displayed when we receive a notification.
  • Better rotation: Forces applications to have a specific orientation.
  • Caffeine: Keeps the screen on for a specific time or allows you to turn off the screen after a set time.
  • Darker brightness: Darkens the interface without changing the brightness to improve vision in dark environments.
  • Heads-up: Minimize notifications to keep appearing, but discreetly.
  • Parallel: allows you to install applications twice, allowing you to have several accounts on the same mobile.
  • Remap assistant: Replaces the wizard and creates shortcuts for certain actions.
  • Cometin Sync: synchronize notifications, URLs and text between the computer and the mobile.

Both the installation and the execution of the modules is instantaneous but the uninstallation of the modules is carried out 24 hours after the request.

Una curiosa aplicación para modificar tu móvil sin hacer acceso root: Cometin

The application has purchases integrated within it, and we will need a mobile with Android 6.0 or higher to use it.

How to match the volume of your Bluetooth headset and mobile phone

When connecting a Bluetooth headset its volume is usually adjusted to that of the mobile. But what if everyone has their own volume? So you can fix it.

Given the rise of Bluetooth as an ideal wireless connection to transmit audio, we have witnessed the death of an element that we thought was ubiquitous in all phones: the headphone jack . This connector, also called a 3.5 mm jack , is in clear disappearance, so there is no choice but to accommodate the benefits of Bluetooth. Also to its disadvantages.

I usually carry several headphones on when I leave home. I have some with normal cable, some Bluetooth with cable option (headband) and others that I like to use when I walk or do sports, the OnePlus Bullets 2 . With all Bluetooth I usually find the same problem: having the volume of the headphones and that of the phone separately . You know: to reach depends on what levels, you have to play with two different controls.

Does it also bother you to have the volume of the headphones and the phone volume separately? Well, it can be solved in a very simple way. And just remember a name: Absolute volume.

Adjust the Absolute Volume so that your Bluetooth and mobile device use the same volume level

Cómo igualar el volumen de tus auriculares Bluetooth y el del móvil

Having both volume levels separately can go well to increase the power a little more than normal. Beyond here is a slight nuisance, at least for those who are a little maniacal (I include myself): not having completely controlled the volume, and what remains to rise or fall, can be a nuisance.

Let’s see how to correct the problem or at least know how it is done. Then it will be you who decides whether or not to use the so-called Absolute Volume .

  • Enter the settings of your mobile and look for the phone information.
  • Click on Build Number ten times to activate the Development Options . You may have to authorize it with your unlock method.
  • Enter the developer menu and look for the Absolute Volume option. It is in the networks section.
  • If you activate the absolute volume, the Bluetooth headset (or other device connected with this technology) and the mobile will share the same volume . In case you disable the Absolute Volume, the audio level of the Bluetooth and the mobile will work separately.

In this way you can adjust the volume of the Bluetooth and the phone so that they level in unison . Or vice versa: if you remove the Absolute Volume, you can upload and download the audio independently. This has an advantage: you will have the option to listen to the sound at a higher level . Simply turn up the volume of both devices, the Bluetooth and the phone.

How to prevent your Google account from being stolen: tips and tricks

We find out how to secure your Google account so that nobody can steal it. Follow our advice and avoid security problems in the future.

Your Google account is essential . You use it from your Android phone, also for emails. And you store a huge amount of personal data or photos, in short: information of great importance to all. That is why we must try to protect this account to the fullest, to prevent it from being stolen or that they have access to it.

The good news is that there are certain guidelines that can be helpful in improving Google account security ; preventing in this way that someone can steal it. We have some tips to improve the security of the account in a simple way.

Two step verification

Google two-step verification

One of the best options to improve the security of your Google account is to enable two-step verification . Thanks to this method, the chances of someone hacking your account are significantly reduced. What this system does is to introduce an additional step when logging into the account; which requires that a code be sent by SMS, access is verified on another phone and more options. The steps to activate it are:

  • Enter this link having logged into your Google account.
  • Click on the Start button.
  • Choose the method you want to use for two-step verification: send an SMS to the smartphone or make a call.
  • Activate notifications that inform if someone wants to enter the account.
  • Exit the page.

In this way, we already have two-step verification activated in the Google account . It is a good method to prevent someone from entering without permission. In addition, having activated the notification of access, we will know when someone tries to access the account without our permission.

Use a recovery email and a phone number

If in the worst case someone has had access to our account or we do not have access to it, we can use a recovery email or a phone number. Therefore, setting up these two aspects in the Google account is a good help. For added security, it may be advisable to use both a recovery email and a phone number. The steps we have to follow in this case are:

  • Enter your Google account, in this link.
  • Go to the Security section, located on the left side of the screen.
  • Go to the “Methods to verify your identity” section.
  • Enter a recovery email.
  • Enter a phone number.
  • Give to accept.

With these steps we have an additional email , which must be different from the Gmail account we use regularly. The same goes for the phone number. They are a good way to recover access if in the worst case someone has entered it.

Third party access

There are times when, when we use applications, web pages or extensions, we are giving them access to our Google account . In many cases it is not something serious since it may be part of their operation, but it is important to consider what applications or extensions have access to the data. Reviewing it with some frequency is convenient: we must take away access to those that we do not consider appropriate or are no longer useful to us. The steps in this case are:

  • Enter your Google account, in this link.
  • Go to the security section, located on the left side of the screen.
  • Swipe to the section called Third-party applications with access to the account.
  • Click on the button that says “Manage third-party access”.
  • Remove access from those applications or services that you do not consider appropriate.

It is a good way to be clear about which applications or services have access to the Google account since in many cases we are not aware of it. There may be an application that does not have clear intentions and to which we are facilitating access to our account. Removing it from the list is the way to avoid it.

Control what you are sharing on Google

The personal information that we are sharing in the Google account can be very useful for some hackers or for those who want to steal our data or identity. That is why it is essential to have control over what we are sharing in the account as far as personal information is concerned. The steps we have to follow this time are:

  • Enter your Google account, in this link.
  • Go to the Contacts and Shared Information section, located on the left side of the screen.
  • Scroll down to “Choose what other users see.”
  • Enter this section.
  • Manage the data that other users can see about you.

This section helps us discover how our Google account looks from the outside and the data we are sharing with other people. There are times when we forget this information or do not give it too much importance, but we should review this to avoid sharing too much data, especially personal and those that can be used against us.

If we want a better experience and more privacy we can click on the Privacy Review button at the end of this section. It takes us to a screen where we can modify certain aspects of the Google account for greater privacy in it.

How to put WhatsApp in dark mode on any mobile

Do you want to have the desired dark mode on your WhatsApp? We show you an effective and universal way to get it on your Android mobile.

There is no more expected feature around WhatsApp than dark mode . This mode, created with a gray interface of dark hue, is in the code of the last betas of the application, but it is impossible to activate since it is an option for internal tests. Wait … Did we say impossible? What’s up, quite the opposite.

As we highlighted recently , the dark mode of WhatsApp is almost complete. It still cannot be activated, but we have found the easiest way to use it. And the best thing is that you can also: without risks and without needing anything special on your phone. If you want to know how, keep reading.

VMOS, the virtual machine that allows you to have ROOT to activate the dark mode in WhatsApp

Cómo poner WhatsApp en modo oscuro en cualquier móvil

The only way to activate the development options within WhatsApp is to have ROOT access to manipulate the application code. But do not panic because you will not need any of that: we will explain a very simple way to skip all obstacles without losing the objective, put the dark mode in WhatsApp .

To carry out the process we will use an application that creates a virtual machine that runs another Android within your Android mobile . This app is VMOS , a secure environment that allows you to do whatever you want without putting your mobile at risk. As you have imagined, one of its advantages is to activate the ROOT with the press of a button .

Let’s see the whole process: this is what you must do to activate the dark mode in WhatsApp easily.

  • Install the VMOS application from the Google Play Store .
  • Download the WA Tweaker Apk from its website (Download universal APK) and install it (you need to accept the unknown sources).
  • Make sure you installed the latest WhatsApp beta available.
  • Open VMOS and, when it starts (it takes a while to virtualize the system), click on the yellow folder icon.
  • You will see the list of applications installed on your Android mobile, the main system. Click on « WhatsApp » and « WA Tweaker ». Then click on ” Import ” at the bottom of the screen. Both applications will be imported to VMOS virtualized Android.

Cómo activar todas las opciones ocultas de WhatsApp

  • Go to the VMOS settings (lower cogwheel) and enter ” System Setting “. You will access the Android settings.
  • Scroll down to « Phone information ».
  • Click on ” Build number ” ten times.
  • Once you have active development options, enter them and look for the ” ROOT ” options. Activate them and you will have VMOS rooted.
  • Register the VMOS WhatsApp with your phone number . In principle there is no risk of WhatsApp blocking you since the application is original and you are only modifying hidden settings, but it is not 100% safe . You can also register a second phone number here: you would have both working at the same time. Of course, always act under your responsibility .
  • Open WA Tweaker and click on “Activate dark mode”. Open your WhatsApp and the dark theme button should appear.
  • Doesn’t the button appear? Close WhatsApp completely, set the airplane mode, activate the dark mode from WA Tweaker, open WhatsApp again and remove the airplane mode. Repeat until you leave: there are times that does not happen at the first time.

Cómo poner WhatsApp en modo oscuro en cualquier móvil

This way you can put your WhastApp in dark mode. This will work correctly as long as you have the VMOS virtual machine activated, but this has a major drawback: running an Android within another Android consumes many resources, so you will spend more battery life . Use it at your own risk.

In terms of operation, the dark mode is very well implemented in the settings and options, not so much in the chats . And as you already know how to activate it, you can do it whenever you upgrade to a new beta. In this way you will follow the novelty closely and be ready for when WhatsApp introduces it definitively.

How to prevent them from knowing that we have heard an audio on WhatsApp

Do you want to prevent other people from receiving confirmation of listening to an audio on WhatsApp? We can get it without the double blue check.

Sending voice notes on WhatsApp has become something of the most common . Many of our conversations are full of voice memos that we send or receive from other people. In these chats, it is very easy to know when another person has heard that voice note that we have sent, since it shows a double blue tick that confirms their listening.

This is something that everyone does not like, who wish they could listen to these voice memos that are sent on WhatsApp without showing this confirmation . Therefore, many seek methods for this, and the reality is that they exist. We can listen to this audio without another person seeing the confirmation icon.

Audio Listening Confirmation

WhatsApp has the blue double tic icon, which serves as a confirmation of reading the messages . In the case of text messages, this option can be deactivated from the settings of the application itself, something that most users in the app do. This confirmation is also shown with voice memos or any audio that is sent in the application.

At the moment when the audio begins to play, this double tick will appear in blue. The other person, who has sent the audio, will be able to see it, knowing that we have heard said audio, the same case if we are the ones who have sent the audio in question. In WhatsApp settings there is no possibility to remove this confirmation that we have heard the audio.

Therefore, if we want that icon not to be displayed, that the other person does not know if we have heard the audio in question, then we are forced to look for other methods in the application, to help us with it. There is a very simple way to do it , without installing anything, within the WhatsApp itself.

Prevent them from knowing that we listen to an audio on WhatsApp

For this to be possible, we will only have to forward that message in the application . We have to forward it to ourselves, in a chat that we will create with ourselves. There are several ways to do this, which we tell you below, so that you better understand this complete process:

Create a chat with ourselves

The first step in this case is to create a chat with ourselves in the application , for which there are several different methods, of which we have already spoken to you in the past , so that you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you in this case . We can add our number to the phone book, so we will go out in the contacts in WhatsApp and we can send a message.

Another option is to create a group in the application , where you are only going to be yourself, so that you can forward those audio files to it. The process of creating such a group is the same as at all times. If you have your own number in contacts, you just have to add yourself. Otherwise, you can add someone else and then remove them immediately from the group, so that you remain alone in this group in the application.

The third option is to use your Android phone’s browser or on your computer, if you use WhatsApp Web. Where we are going to enter the following text in the address bar: and you have to write your own telephone number where you put TUNUMERO and then we accept it. We will then be sent to a new window in which to send a message and a chat will open with ourselves, where we can write now.

These three methods create this private chat in which we are only ourselves . Therefore, we can already use it to listen to these audios without the other person seeing such confirmation in them every time we listen to them.

Forward audio

WhatsApp will tell you how many times a message was forwarded and if it could be spam

When someone sends us a voice memo or an audio on WhatsApp, we will only have to forward this message to our private chat in the application. Press and hold on that audio and then click on the forward button at the top of the chat in it. We will then forward it to the chat we have with ourselves.

Once in this chat, we can play that audio normally . The other person will not see a confirmation icon at any time, nor will they know if we have heard that audio, since they do not see such confirmation. Although we must remember that for a while WhatsApp shows if a message has been forwarded, something that the person who sent this audio will be able to see. This could lead to some discussion or misunderstanding, but it is already everyone’s decision what they want to do with that audio.