How to update WhatsApp: versions, methods, problems …

Do you need to update WhatsApp on your Android phone? Discover all the ways there are for it today and choose the best one for you.

WhatsApp is one of those essential applications for millions of users on Android. The vast majority of us have it installed on the phone and we use it frequently too. For most, the use of the application is very simple, as well as updating it when a new version of it is available. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all people.

It is likely that your parents or a family member who is older use WhatsApp on your phone. At some point you may need to update the application on the device , but you don’t know very well what you have to do. Here are all the steps and methods to update it.

How to know what version of WhatsApp you have


When a new WhatsApp update arrives, it is common to talk about the number of this version. When this happens, it is possible that there are many users who do not know what version of the application they have installed on Android , so they do not know if this new version is something they can install. Checking which version of the application is installed is something simple, which we can do in the app itself. The steps to follow in this case are:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the settings option.
  • Enter the Help section.
  • Go to the section called Application info.

Upon entering this screen we will see a WhatsApp icon and just below it shows the version we have installed at that time. So we will be able to know if we can update or not to the new version of the application that has been launched on Google Play.

Update WhatsApp from Google Play

The most normal thing is that you have downloaded WhatsApp on your Android phone from Google Play . We will then use the app store to update the application every time a new version is available. In these cases, our Android phone will issue a notification when updates are available for the applications we have on the phone. But we can also look for updates, in case that notification has not yet arrived. For this to be possible, we have to follow these steps:

  • Open Google Play Store on our phone.
  • Click on the icon of the three horizontal stripes in the upper left.
  • Enter the section of My applications and games.
  • Click on the first tab that is the updates tab at the top.
  • Search WhatsApp in the list of applications that are on the screen.
  • Click on the update button next to WhatsApp.
  • Wait for the update to install.

With these steps we have proceeded to install the new version of WhatsApp on our phone, allowing us to enjoy the new functions that the messaging application has to offer in that case. I use simple steps, but that allow us to enjoy at all times any news that the application has left us.

Alternative stores

Many Android phones do not only have Google Play as an app store, but they have their own stores (brands like Samsung or Huawei have their app stores). It may also be the case that we have used another store to download WhatsApp in the past. In these cases, when updating the application we have to resort to these stores again, to have access to the new version of the application.

In those stores that are not official, think of examples like UpToDown or Aptoide , we always have access to the APK of an application, so with each new version of it the APK of this new version is released. Our task is therefore to update the application in question, WhatsApp in this case, with this new version by downloading the APK that has already been released.

It is another method, which also has no problems, although it is important to use only sites that are reliable. Unfortunately, in many of these stores we may encounter malware or other threats. So it is important to choose well the store in which to download these files in APK. Although we also have tools that help us before downloading a file in this format, to avoid scares in that regard.

From the WhatsApp website

If we are looking for a reliable site to download said APK, the best option is to use the WhatsApp website itself . The application makes the APK available to users on its website, allowing it to be downloaded to an Android phone at any time. Each new version of the application that is published is updated on the web, which means that we can have it whenever we want. It is an option that many do not know, but it works well.

We only have to enter this link , where we can download the WhatsApp APK directly on its website. It is a very safe option, since we know that there will be no malware or any hidden threat in it, which allows you to download the APK in question at all times.

So we can update as new versions of this APK are released on its official website. These versions usually coincide with the new version of the app that is released for other users on Android. So when talking about a new version of WhatsApp available, we can go to its website and download this APK, which will be available with the new version of the application.

How to register in the beta version of WhatsApp

Try WhatsApp news before anyone else and from Google Play

If you want to try WhatsApp news before anyone else, you can always join the application’s beta program . Being able to be a beta tester is a way to have access to these new functions, before they are launched in the stable version of it. It is an option of interest, although in a beta there can always be certain operational problems. It is a risk to which we are exposed.

In the case of WhatsApp, being a beta tester is possible, although there is an important limitation. Since the app only makes 10,000 places available to users, which means that in many cases there is no site. This link is where we can join this program at any time. Just enter and click on the option to Become a beta tester.

The process takes several minutes, but after a while it shows that we are already beta tester of the application . We will then be asked to update WhatsApp, so that we can already enjoy the beta of the application. Being part of this program gives us access to functions before they arrive stably in it.

Prevent you from adding to WhatsApp groups without your permission, already in beta

The nightmare of WhatsApp groups begins to come to an end: the application prevents you from being added to new groups without your permission in the last beta.

What a huge utility groups have in messaging applications, right? They are perfect to communicate the news to the closest contacts, to organize parties, hangouts, also used by organizations and associations of parents … And they can become a hell in the hands of those who do not know how to use them correctly. We all know more than one group with those characteristics.

You are not convinced by WhatsApp groups ? They would have nothing wrong if it was you who chose to enter them, but no: anyone can add you to a group, even without your permission. It is true that you can always leave, even at the cost of leaving the mark that you do not want to accept the invitation. Well, that’s about to end.

WhatsApp activates blocking of invitations to groups in the last beta, not yet for everyone

Evita que te añadan a grupos de WhatsApp sin tu permiso, ya en beta

It is not the first time we read about this news since WaBetaInfo anticipated it at the time . Now we can confirm that the new privacy function is reaching those who have the WhatsApp beta installed. This is what we have corroborated; Without the entire team of The Free Android having the blocking of invitations to groups, it has not yet become widespread .

How does it work? Easy, just follow the steps below:

  • Open your WhatsApp application.
  • Go to the settings, in the three points of the upper left area.
  • Click on Account and then on Privacy . You should have a new option for Groups . Otherwise, you will have to wait.
  • By clicking on Groups you will have three options: All , to avoid any invitation; My contacts , nobody who is not in your agenda can get you into a group; My contacts, except … to choose which contacts will not have access to add you to a WhatsApp group. With this last option you can create your blacklist.
  • If you want to cut for the sake, you can choose all contacts with the icon at the top right: once you click on the Ok you will never receive the warning that someone has added you to a WhatsApp group.

As we said, this new WhatsApp option is not active for all users , but it is a sign that the company has everything ready to expand it. You need, of course, one of the latest versions of the beta: you can download it from Apk Mirror or sign up for the Google Play Store development program .

How to put WhatsApp in dark mode on any mobile

Do you want to have the desired dark mode on your WhatsApp? We show you an effective and universal way to get it on your Android mobile.

There is no more expected feature around WhatsApp than dark mode . This mode, created with a gray interface of dark hue, is in the code of the last betas of the application, but it is impossible to activate since it is an option for internal tests. Wait … Did we say impossible? What’s up, quite the opposite.

As we highlighted recently , the dark mode of WhatsApp is almost complete. It still cannot be activated, but we have found the easiest way to use it. And the best thing is that you can also: without risks and without needing anything special on your phone. If you want to know how, keep reading.

VMOS, the virtual machine that allows you to have ROOT to activate the dark mode in WhatsApp

Cómo poner WhatsApp en modo oscuro en cualquier móvil

The only way to activate the development options within WhatsApp is to have ROOT access to manipulate the application code. But do not panic because you will not need any of that: we will explain a very simple way to skip all obstacles without losing the objective, put the dark mode in WhatsApp .

To carry out the process we will use an application that creates a virtual machine that runs another Android within your Android mobile . This app is VMOS , a secure environment that allows you to do whatever you want without putting your mobile at risk. As you have imagined, one of its advantages is to activate the ROOT with the press of a button .

Let’s see the whole process: this is what you must do to activate the dark mode in WhatsApp easily.

  • Install the VMOS application from the Google Play Store .
  • Download the WA Tweaker Apk from its website (Download universal APK) and install it (you need to accept the unknown sources).
  • Make sure you installed the latest WhatsApp beta available.
  • Open VMOS and, when it starts (it takes a while to virtualize the system), click on the yellow folder icon.
  • You will see the list of applications installed on your Android mobile, the main system. Click on « WhatsApp » and « WA Tweaker ». Then click on ” Import ” at the bottom of the screen. Both applications will be imported to VMOS virtualized Android.

Cómo activar todas las opciones ocultas de WhatsApp

  • Go to the VMOS settings (lower cogwheel) and enter ” System Setting “. You will access the Android settings.
  • Scroll down to « Phone information ».
  • Click on ” Build number ” ten times.
  • Once you have active development options, enter them and look for the ” ROOT ” options. Activate them and you will have VMOS rooted.
  • Register the VMOS WhatsApp with your phone number . In principle there is no risk of WhatsApp blocking you since the application is original and you are only modifying hidden settings, but it is not 100% safe . You can also register a second phone number here: you would have both working at the same time. Of course, always act under your responsibility .
  • Open WA Tweaker and click on “Activate dark mode”. Open your WhatsApp and the dark theme button should appear.
  • Doesn’t the button appear? Close WhatsApp completely, set the airplane mode, activate the dark mode from WA Tweaker, open WhatsApp again and remove the airplane mode. Repeat until you leave: there are times that does not happen at the first time.

Cómo poner WhatsApp en modo oscuro en cualquier móvil

This way you can put your WhastApp in dark mode. This will work correctly as long as you have the VMOS virtual machine activated, but this has a major drawback: running an Android within another Android consumes many resources, so you will spend more battery life . Use it at your own risk.

In terms of operation, the dark mode is very well implemented in the settings and options, not so much in the chats . And as you already know how to activate it, you can do it whenever you upgrade to a new beta. In this way you will follow the novelty closely and be ready for when WhatsApp introduces it definitively.

Pay to make a call from WhatsApp, the new Lebanese tax

Lebanon has approved a measure as curious as controversial to raise funds: charge for the first daily WhatsApp call of each Lebanese.

If you are one of those who have been using a smartphone for a few years, especially Android , surely remember that before you had to pay to access WhatsApp . On iOS you paid for the download, on Android for each year of use . The company ended up giving in to the pressures making the use of WhatsApp 100% free, but it seems that this will not be the case for everyone.

Lebanon, a country in the Middle East characterized by tremendous political instability, approved on Thursday a measure that has put its citizens on a war footing. The new tax created aims to tax the use of WhatsApp calls and any other application that uses VoIP . The Government has especially addressed the Facebook application as it is the most used in the country.

This controversial measure revives the old ghost of the application: pay to use it . And it is doubly controversial: first, because it intends to charge users for a use they already pay with the bill to their Internet provider; second, because WhatsApp clearly specifies in its terms of service that no one can charge or rent their services without express authorization.

Lebanon will increase collection by charging $ 0.20 for each first daily call of WhatsApp and other VoIP applications

Pagar por hacer una llamada de WhatsApp, el nuevo impuesto del Líbano

As we said, the new collection measure was approved yesterday Thursday in Beirut , as reflected in the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar . It is a measure that seeks to increase the coffers of the state by taking advantage of the majority use of applications such as WhatsApp . It is not yet clear how the government will be able to register the use made of the applications since this should be private. Experts consulted by the newspaper theorize about the option of separating WhatsApp data traffic from the rest of the rate : this would be feasible for the operators since they control the use that each user makes of the contracted data. At least as long as they don’t use a VPN.

With a daily cost of $ 0.20 for each user who makes a VoIP call, the State would pocket an average of six dollars a month per citizen or use of such communications. It is a much higher cost than WhatsApp itself charged years ago: $ 0.99 per year (or 0.89 euros).

The tax just approved by the Lebanese government goes against the rules of use of all VoIP services . According to WhatsApp conditions :

«You must not»… «sell, resell, rent or charge for our Services in an unauthorized manner»

Lebanon intends to start charging WhatsApp and other VoIP applications from January 2020 .

How to prevent them from knowing that we have heard an audio on WhatsApp

Do you want to prevent other people from receiving confirmation of listening to an audio on WhatsApp? We can get it without the double blue check.

Sending voice notes on WhatsApp has become something of the most common . Many of our conversations are full of voice memos that we send or receive from other people. In these chats, it is very easy to know when another person has heard that voice note that we have sent, since it shows a double blue tick that confirms their listening.

This is something that everyone does not like, who wish they could listen to these voice memos that are sent on WhatsApp without showing this confirmation . Therefore, many seek methods for this, and the reality is that they exist. We can listen to this audio without another person seeing the confirmation icon.

Audio Listening Confirmation

WhatsApp has the blue double tic icon, which serves as a confirmation of reading the messages . In the case of text messages, this option can be deactivated from the settings of the application itself, something that most users in the app do. This confirmation is also shown with voice memos or any audio that is sent in the application.

At the moment when the audio begins to play, this double tick will appear in blue. The other person, who has sent the audio, will be able to see it, knowing that we have heard said audio, the same case if we are the ones who have sent the audio in question. In WhatsApp settings there is no possibility to remove this confirmation that we have heard the audio.

Therefore, if we want that icon not to be displayed, that the other person does not know if we have heard the audio in question, then we are forced to look for other methods in the application, to help us with it. There is a very simple way to do it , without installing anything, within the WhatsApp itself.

Prevent them from knowing that we listen to an audio on WhatsApp

For this to be possible, we will only have to forward that message in the application . We have to forward it to ourselves, in a chat that we will create with ourselves. There are several ways to do this, which we tell you below, so that you better understand this complete process:

Create a chat with ourselves

The first step in this case is to create a chat with ourselves in the application , for which there are several different methods, of which we have already spoken to you in the past , so that you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you in this case . We can add our number to the phone book, so we will go out in the contacts in WhatsApp and we can send a message.

Another option is to create a group in the application , where you are only going to be yourself, so that you can forward those audio files to it. The process of creating such a group is the same as at all times. If you have your own number in contacts, you just have to add yourself. Otherwise, you can add someone else and then remove them immediately from the group, so that you remain alone in this group in the application.

The third option is to use your Android phone’s browser or on your computer, if you use WhatsApp Web. Where we are going to enter the following text in the address bar: and you have to write your own telephone number where you put TUNUMERO and then we accept it. We will then be sent to a new window in which to send a message and a chat will open with ourselves, where we can write now.

These three methods create this private chat in which we are only ourselves . Therefore, we can already use it to listen to these audios without the other person seeing such confirmation in them every time we listen to them.

Forward audio

WhatsApp will tell you how many times a message was forwarded and if it could be spam

When someone sends us a voice memo or an audio on WhatsApp, we will only have to forward this message to our private chat in the application. Press and hold on that audio and then click on the forward button at the top of the chat in it. We will then forward it to the chat we have with ourselves.

Once in this chat, we can play that audio normally . The other person will not see a confirmation icon at any time, nor will they know if we have heard that audio, since they do not see such confirmation. Although we must remember that for a while WhatsApp shows if a message has been forwarded, something that the person who sent this audio will be able to see. This could lead to some discussion or misunderstanding, but it is already everyone’s decision what they want to do with that audio.

Surveys by WhatsApp, this new application makes it possible

Voliz is a new application with which you can create surveys for WhatsApp easily and from your mobile phone. You will know what your friends think.

With an application like WhatsApp , in which your entire collection of friends is inserted, it is very common to use their groups to know where you will escape next weekend or what movie you have to see in the cinema of all the available billboard. The most common is to ask it openly in the group and then collect the answers, but now there is a much simpler way to gather opinions: with surveys.

WhatsApp is not an open application in which survey bots can be used, as Telegram does. Yes there are ways to achieve this functionality using applications such as Voliz : this new app allows you to create any survey that you can easily share on WhatsApp. And those who receive this survey can answer it without leaving WhatsApp itself .

Create surveys from your mobile with Voliz and share them on WhatsApp to discover the opinions

As we said, Voliz is a new application that opens the door to a simple way to gather opinions. From finding out if you order pizza or hamburger to what will be the destination of the next vacation: the Voliz app allows you to make questionnaires that are answered from WhatsApp . Also from other applications since it is enough to share the link, but it is through WhatsApp where the interaction is most used.

Encuestas por WhatsApp, esta nueva aplicación lo hace posible

Voliz does not ask for strange permissions beyond the delicate contacts and notifications: with them he identifies those who respond by WhatsApp in the surveys in order to name them by associating them with his opinion. Its operation is as follows:

  • Install the Voliz application, accept the permissions and create your first survey with the lower one.
  • Write the question and all the choices that question will have.
  • Share the survey with whomever you wish: they will receive the link to a form that includes both the question and the possible answers.
  • To answer, each contact just click on the corresponding link , load the code and send it: the Voliz application will count the opinions by associating them with the contacts.

Encuestas por WhatsApp, esta nueva aplicación lo hace posible

With Voliz you can ask any question to your WhatsApp contacts without having to install any application: they will only need to follow the link of their preferred response . The application is secure and does not retain personal data beyond the information it collects when accessing the website (IP, cookies …). It also does not save the telephone numbers of your contacts , at least as specified by its privacy policy.

Encuestas por WhatsApp, esta nueva aplicación lo hace posible

Aspect of a Voliz survey received by WhatsApp

Voliz is a free application, has no ads and, at least for now, lacks in-app purchases . You can download it from the Google Play Store. In addition, the developer has an open thread in XDA Developers .

Anyone can have your WhatsApp number blocked for life

A viral fad is making many users see their WhatsApp number blocked by a name change in a group.

If smartphones have changed the way of communicating, it has not been due to their technical performance, but because of the huge number of applications that have emerged to be able to make contact with people near and far.

Few have had the impact of WhatsApp, which has become the de facto means of contacting friends, strangers, coworkers …

This has encouraged the creation of groups of all kinds, from family to work. But this, in addition to being useful, can be dangerous for our WhatsApp account.

Mass blocking by changing a group’s name

How to activate WhatsApp fingerprint lock

Although it is not a new practice since it had been seen in other countries , in Spain it is becoming fashionable to change the name of a group to one that refers to child pornography . This is done because WhatsApp has algorithms that look for this type of groups, scan their names and contact photos, and block the accounts of all its members.

It is what has happened in some university groups in areas such as Asturias , where hundreds of students have been unable to use WhatsApp.

This is something that could happen in any group, which is why it begins to be a good idea to leave anyone we don’t have fully controlled, or use the current functions to block inclusion in groups .

WhatsApp works on some measures to avoid this

The company has made it clear that it does not intend to lower its zero tolerance policy with these groups. This makes sense since so far their algorithms have allowed the elimination of groups that actually shared pornography of this type.

But to give users a tool to avoid being joked, they are working on an advanced filter that allows us to choose which contacts we have in WhatsApp can add us to a group.

How to retrieve the WhatsApp number

Cualquiera puede hacer que bloqueen tu número de WhatsApp de por vida

The problem with this type of blocking is that WhatsApp indicates that we have breached its conditions by violating the terms of services. And, strictly speaking, it is true, since we have been in a group with a forbidden name.

The question is whether after explaining the case WhatsApp will give us back access. To request the revocation of the blockade we must write to [email protected] or using the web form , exposing our case although it seems that the users who have done so have not achieved much.

WhatsApp will add messages that self-destruct, according to WaBetaInfo

As WaBetaInfo has discovered, WhatsApp would be preparing the functionality of messages that disappear. That is, a configuration for groups in which the messages would expire after a certain time. At the moment the func …

As WaBetaInfo has discovered, WhatsApp would be preparing the functionality of messages that disappear . That is, a configuration for groups in which the messages would expire after a certain time.

At the moment the function seems to be quite green, but it allows you to configure an interval so that the messages disappear in five seconds or in one hour . If the function finally comes forward, it is most likely that other time intervals are included.

Messages that expire on WhatsApp

WhatsApp would follow the steps of Telegram including its own messages that self-destruct after a certain time. As WaBetaInfo has discovered, the function is already under development and would be integrated into groups and not personal chats, at least for now.

The operation would be simple. Administrators in a group can configure messages to self-destruct over time. Thus, the message will be deleted automatically after that time , without including any “message deleted” message, as in the delete function already present in WhatsApp.


What is not entirely clear is when the time starts to count . The normal thing in other messaging applications is that the countdown occurs since each person reads the message, which can lead to a progressive deletion in a group with several people who read the message at different times.

As we mentioned before, at the moment it is a function for groups , although nothing prevents WhatsApp from later extending it to private chats. By the way, that is not the first time that Facebook plays with the idea, because the secret conversations in Facebook Messenger already have the function of self-destructing messages.

Via | WaBetaInfo